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I sighed, sitting down at my seat next to Hel's. Watari sat a few rows behind us. I can't believe he let her come. She wouldn't be able to handle the stress of the case! I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I turned to see Watari. He pointed to Hellie, who was already asleep in her chair.

"L..don't worry about her. She's fine." Watari said, patting the small girl on the head. I sighed, leaning further back into the semi-comfortable chair and looked at Hel.

She's..quite beautiful when she sleeps.


Nothing between L and I has changed. Soon after the first case we did together, we picked up a poor, beaten Matt up off the street. A couple years after that we found Near somewhere in Alaska. Go figure, and albino in Alaska.

Soon after, A just...I don't know what happened. I...We..L and I we were just never home..and so busy with cases. We just..didn't notice him becoming depressed. I went into a depression after A..took his own life, and it took me months to make me feel like it wasn't my fault that he died. Beyond...just went up and left a few weeks after A committed suicide. I think he blames L for it, for setting such high standards for all of us.

Mello, poor, sweet Mello. He always wanted to be the smartest, but Near always beat him. Matt and Mello were stuck and conjoined at the hip, always happy together. A few more children came to Wammy's house after that..but I just..I couldn't. I didn't get close to them, the only people knowing of my existence in the whaled wild world were: Wammy, A, B, L, Matt, Mello and Near. To everyone else, I was a nameless shadow.

L and I still fought, but usually he lets me win, with the puppy dog eyes. He's a very good fiance.

Oh..I didn't mention that, did I?

Yeah, right when we were arrouundd..18?

Well, he was 18 at least. Close enough right?

We're heading for Japan right now. L says something about a killer named Kira. I don't know why..but I have this horrible feeling in my gut. And its only doubled since I read the actual case report. L didn't want me to come, because of umh..ahem..certain bodily circumstances. But as always, I'm puppy dogging my way into the case.

"Hel. Stay up on the top floor..." L said, rubbing my enlarged stomach as we headed for the hotel's elevator, with our room, aka the suite on the top floor. I rolled my eyes, running my fingers and massacreing L's already war-zoned mass of hair. He smiled, looking down at me as he pressed the button for the elevator. He bent down, pressing his lips to mine slowly.

"Don't have to much fun without me."

"Do I ever?"