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Pairing: Slade/Robin.

Warning: Rated M. This is a romance, no angst, only maybe a few sad bunnies here.

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On with the story.

Chapter 1: Miami

Four sets of eyes stared at the two suitcases standing by the elevator, leading down to the garage, and then back up. Robin stood up straight, after placing said suitcases on the ground, with a stern look on his features.

"I'm leaving."

"What?" Beast Boy asked, not too sure what was going on.

"I'm leaving."

"What do you mean leaving?" Cyborg tried next, confusion flashing over his features.

"Please Robin, have we done something to upset you?" Starfire questioned, her eyes beginning to water, hands pressed together against her chest.

"What?" Robin asked wide-eyed, before he burst into laughter. "No! No, guys, I'm not leaving the team, I'm going on vacation!"

There were collective 'ohs' from each member, not including Raven of course, she just nodded her head. But you could see the relief in her eyes.

"Vacation?" Beast Boy exclaimed, suddenly excited.

"Yes, a vacation." Robin began to explain. "I haven't gone on vacation in years and I figured this year was as good as any."

"But what about miss of Chris?" Starfire inquired, a small smile on her features. Although, she was sad that their leader was leaving them, at least it wasn't for good.

"You mean Christmas, Star." Robin grinned. The other's just glanced at each other. No one knew how Robin always was able to figure out what Starfire was talking about. "I'll be gone then too, it's in about two weeks, but I got you all presents, so don't worry. I just…need some time for myself."

Suddenly everyone understood. Their leader usually worked himself silly, but when there was something wrong personally, or on his mind, he would pack up his things and head out somewhere. It wasn't too often and never as long, but they were sure, Robin had something on the brain. In these types of situations, it was better that the teen deal with them himself. The hero was just a little too complicated to understand sometimes. So, it was just better to leave him be, besides, he usually worked everything out for himself.

"Is everything alright?" Raven said quietly.

"I want to think some things through, Rae." Robin smiled softly at his team, trying to reassure them that everything was alright. "It has nothing to do with you guys, so don't worry. I'll be back January second, right after New Years. We'll have a party or something, how does that sound?"

"'Kay man"

"Sounds good dude."


Raven hummed and watched the hero leave, before silently gliding after him, wanting a few answers of her own. She usually was able to figure the teen out, but she was getting mixed signals on this occasion.

"Your sure everything is alright?" The Goth asked once she had been allowed entrance to Robin's room. She inspected the place and, as always, nothing was out of order. The hero was a neat-freak when it came to his personal living space…however, if you saw his work room, you'd think a tornado had chosen it for it's person playground, it was so messy.

"I'm fine. I just have some things I need to take care of."

"Robin." Raven said, laying her hand on his shoulder. "This is just like that time two years ago, remember? When you ran off for two weeks to the Caribbean, and then came back and told us you were gay. I'm worried."

Robin smiled remembering, back when he was sixteen. "I promise it's nothing that will change anything more than normal."

"Well, if your sure."

"I am, don't worry."

Raven had a funny feeling about all of this.

Robin had decided to fly through an airline, since he didn't want to be recognized, although that wasn't possible. He hadn't donned his mask, and didn't plan to for the entire trip. For the next three weeks, Robin was Richard Grayson, adopted son of the billionaire Bruce Wayne. He wanted to have some fun after all.

"Good morning, Mr. Grayson." A friendly looking woman smiled at him and Robin couldn't help but smile back at her, he was in an extremely good mood.

"Hello Miss."

"Oh, no need, my name is Helena, I'll be your stewardess for the duration of the flight. Don't hesitate to buzz me if there is anything you need."

Robin nodded his head and grabbed the woman's hand and kissed the top of it. "I'll keep that in mind."

As the teen made his way to the first class section, the woman was left hyperventilating in glee. Robin was quite the charmer when he threw away his Robin persona.

The section that he was seated in had only a few passengers. Which worked wonders for Robin's mood, considering he didn't want to have to deal with some brat kicking the back of his seat for the entire flight. He might have to do something un-hero like and strangle said kid dead.

"Can I get you anything?" Helena seemed to appear out of thin air, a small blush on her face.

"I'd love a Pepsi, if you have any." Robin said, his eyes hooded.

The woman seemed to melt, and the teen grinned to himself. Woman and occasionally men were easy to tease. Especially when he had looks to die for.

"Right away!"

A few minutes later, she reappeared, holding a can of his requested soda, and eagerly handed it to him.

"When is departure?" Robin asked lazily, opening his soda, glancing out the window.

"In about five minutes, the Capitan's are just making sure everything is secure before take off."

"Thank you." The teen said, giving the woman a dazzling smile.

She hurried away.

"We have now reached cruising altitude, you may unfasten your seatbelts, and enjoy the flight. We will arrive in Miami Florida in five hours."

Robin grinned to himself and watching as the city below him disappeared. It would be nice to get-away from everyone. He had needed a vacation for a while now, and it just so happened that now was the perfect time to go, he'd gotten a great discount on the ticket and the place that he was staying. Although, it probably hadn't helped that he had told them he was Richard Grayson…but, what did it matter? He had wanted some good old fashioned R&R. So, why not splurge a little bit, he deserved it.

Robin glanced at himself in the window, at his reflection and was glad to see that his appearance looked perfect. The teen hadn't slicked his hair back like usual, but rather spiked the bangs up top (after getting a haircut) leaving the rest dry, giving for a rather attractive look, which kind of reminded him of that Jacob Black person…from that movie…uh…New Moon? Well, he couldn't remember it, but Star had said it was good. He looked especially attractive when he placed it with a white button up shirt with the top buttons undone and the long sleeves rolled up to the sides and beige cargo shorts, and flip-flops.

He looked to the side and noticed that a magazine called Teen's Illustrated had been laid across the empty seat for him. The hero calmly looked at it and grinned to himself slightly. That woman was smitten with him, as most were when they met Richard. Well, he had nothing else to do, besides read the thing. Although he frowned when he noticed that the first page had a picture of him and the Titan's, smiles on their faces, and a blurb that talked about which hero's were single and what ones were most popular.

Robin sighed and rolled his eyes, noticing that there was a resent poll at the bottom, the caption said 'Which teen hero would you date?' and of course, Robin and Starfire had the most votes with a smashing 91% for the Titan leader and a 83% for Star. The hero growled and turned the page, not wanting to read about their bullshit. That's all it was anyways, besides, no one wants to know what kind of soda Robin drinks…people are crazy…

"Don't like the Titan's?" Drawled a smooth, masculine voice from beside him. Robin tensed slightly, before sighing and looking up at the man, who looked amused.

"Not particularly." Robin said, noticing how the man's mouth twitched, his white goatee then moved as he asked another question.

"They are commendable heroes, who wouldn't like them?"

"Me, obviously." The hero said, rolling his eyes, staring at the man with a bored look. It wasn't until he looked up fully, to the man who was probably about six-foot-five, that he gasped out.

Holy mother of god, this man is absolutely gorgeous, Robin thought.

"Perhaps." The man grinned when he noticed the teen gasp, and the hero thought he would nose-bleed and pass out. Especially when he sat himself down next to him and grabbed the magazine from him. "I like this one."

The teen's eyes widened when he noticed that the man was pointing to his picture, well, Robin's picture.

"Really?" The hero asked, his tone bored again as he scanned the page in the man's hands.


"Oh look here, it says his favourite soda is Root Beer." Robin said dryly, looking up at the man who was watching him curiously. "Such an important fact…these idiotic reporters…who the hell cares what soda he drinks, or whom he isn't dating? If he's such a commendable hero, why aren't they doing articles on that aspect? Instead of this garbage huh?"

"It's not." The man smiled at him, scanning the page for himself.

"What?" Robin said sharply.

"His favourite soda is not, in fact, Root Beer, but Orange Crush."

The teen stared at the man as if he'd grown fifteen heads and started singing opera. How the fuck, had the dude known that? That wasn't something that Robin told people, well, he would if it ever came up, but…it never did.

"Great, a stalker." Robin mumbled, turning his head.

"What was that?" The man grinned, looking up from the paper and at the teen who looked utterly unimpressed.

"Nothing. Can I have my magazine back now?"


"Perhaps nothing, can you fuck off?" Robin glared at the man, now in a bad mood. Something about this guy just rubbed him the wrong way, no pun intended. Besides, he seemed really familiar, and when the hero didn't know something, it bothered him. Besides, who the hell dyed their hair white? What an utter idiot. Was he trying to be hip? Like those weird old men that tried to speak and look like young people? Making total fools of themselves? The man looked at least thirty-five.

"I'll give the magazine back, if you answer me a simple question."

"What is it?" Robin glared, but blushed softly when the man moved in closer.

"What is your name?"

"It's Steve." The hero said, looking absolutely serious.

He didn't expect the man to burst into laughter. But, the sound was music to the teen ears. It was a deep, but cheerful laugh. Robin was ashamed to say that it might have turned him on a tad…just a tad!

"That is ridiculous." The white-haired man chuckled. Robin stared at him while he seemed to get comfortable in the chair, and began to read the magazine like he belonged there. Which he didn't! "Perhaps you should tell me your real name."

"What's your name, then?" Robin bit back, his eyes narrowed, arms crossed over his chest.

The taller of the two looked up, his expression hooded, a smirk on his face. It sent another rush of red to Richard's face. The hero promptly looked away. "My name is Wilson."

Robin stared at the man's only grey visible eye, since the other one was covered by an eye patch. He saw the honesty there, but the man didn't look like a Wilson…

"Wilson." The teen tried the name on his lips with distaste, but it only seemed to make Wilson's smirk widen.

The hero watched the man glance back at the magazine and turn the page, continuing to read it.

"Aren't you going to leave?"

"You have yet to answer my question." Wilson said, not looking up from the page.

Richard huffed angrily, looking out the window. "It's Richard, ok?"

"I know." Wilson mused.

"You knew?" Robin said turning beat red in anger. "But then, why did you…"

Wilson shrugged his shoulders, still not looking at the teenager next to him.

Robin narrowed his blue orbs. "Well, then leave, you got your answer."

"I only said I would return the magazine, should you tell me your name." The man said, returning said item, before putting his arms behind his head, smirking at the teen. "I never said I would leave, you only assumed."

The hero really felt like punching Wilson. Just one punch to the head, knocking him out. It would be quick and easy… over before he even knew it. The bastard was just too damn cocky for his own good.

"Leave." Robin said angrily instead. "Before I have to make you."

The man only closed his eyes, ignoring him.

Three hours into the flight, Robin wanted to jump out of the plane. Not only had the man refused to leave, but for the last two hours, he had been asking numerous questions, commenting on everything he did, like when he ate, gazed out the window, turned red from being angry, turned red from blushing when Wilson would say something suggestive. But, he had to use the bathroom and Wilson was so large (seriously…no bad thoughts!) that he couldn't just walk out into the aisle, he'd have to physically touch the man, almost climbing over him, to get out.

"Fuck my life." Robin sighed out, throwing the empty can of Pepsi at the seat in front of him.

"It's not polite to litter or use bad language." Said the most annoying voice he'd ever heard, even if it sounded like sex.

"Yeah!" Robin said, really annoyed. "Well, it's not polite to just waltz into someone's personal space, sit down, and bug the hell outta him! You're acting like a silly old man."

"You act like a pre-pubescent boy, rather a shame."

The can ended up hitting Wilson in the forehead, before Robin kicked him roughly in the knee and made his way to the bathroom.

"Ow." Wilson frowned once the teen was gone and picked up the soda can.

Five minutes later, after Robin had relieved himself in the small bathroom, and splashed cold water on his face, did he return. He had a few chosen words on his lips, and was about to shout them, rather rudely, to his unwelcome company, when he noticed that the man was no where to be seen.

The teen frowned slightly, plopping down in his seat, wondering where Wilson had gone to.

What do I care, he's gone. Robin mused mentally, laying his head against the small window, and falling asleep a few minutes later.

Robin awoke when he heard a voice over the intercom, explaining that they had arrived at Miami International Airport.

The teen grinned to himself and stood up, stretching as he did so. Falling asleep against a window, wasn't exactly comfortable, and he had a kink in his neck. Robin quickly looked around, wondering if he would see Wilson, and smiled to himself when he didn't.

What kind of person does that, anyways? Honestly. Well, it didn't matter, Robin would never see him again, better not to think about it. There were weirdo's out there…although, weirdo's never usually had looks to die for.

The hero had made reservations to Miami Beach Resort. It had an amazing looking ocean surrounding the area, one of the reasons the teen had chosen the place. He loved swimming. He hadn't had a chance to do it for a while, so he wanted to be sure he did here. Besides, the place had a spa too, and he had always wanted to try one. He heard they were great for relaxing.

He was ushered into the resort by a hired guide, that also acted as a driver, should he need to go anywhere. He didn't intend on leaving, however, and even if he did, he was old enough to drive a car, he just had to rent one.

Robin smiled at the man who took his luggage and quickly made his way into an elevator and to a room that the teen had been assigned to. He made sure he had gotten a small room, since he had no use for a larger one. The attendant at the front desk smiled brightly once she realized who she was severing and quickly explained the different activates that he could engage in, the three fabulous restaurants he could dine at, and apparently they had an enormous golf course. He'd never gone golfing before, he'd have to try it out.

"Everything checks out great, sir." The woman at the counter said. She then pointed to Robin's hired guide, while passing the teen some pamphlets and papers "We'll have Dylan here, show you to your room."

The hero smiled a dazzlingly smile and headed towards the elevator.

"Here you are sir, now, the telephone over there has a few functions. Everything is written on the paper beside it, but if you need room service, just hit 0 then 1 and you'll get put directly to our head chef. 0 then 2 explains the many activities that we do each day, there is always something different going on, but we have all the basics, like golfing, surfing, scuba diving, well, I don't need to tell you, it's all written on the list. But, every day of the week there is something special going on, so it helps to be informed, should you want to partake in anything. Other than that, 0 then 3 will call for me, I'm available twenty-four-seven, so don't hesitate to call me."

"Well, I like to sleep, so don't expect any calls during the morning." Robin grinned at the man, and Dylan grinned back.

"Very well sir, any questions?"

"Nope, I'll call you if I think of any though, have a good day."

"Thank you sir."

Then Robin was left alone.

The room they had placed the hero in, was absolutely breathtaking.

There was a king sized beg sitting just a few feet away from the front door, covered in what looked like, a quilted light cover that was blue, white and yellow chequered, since it was hot out, a comforter would have been pointless. It was followed by a mountain of pillows that looked so comfy. There was a panoramic window sitting to the right of the bed, showing Robin an amazing view of the ocean. It practically sparkled with the sun beating off of it. On the left side of the bed there was a small, white nightstand, with a lamp and telephone sitting on top. There were small pull out drawers as well, looking big enough to fit two phone books, side-by-side inside. In front of the bed, about nine feet, blocking part of another, smaller window, was a large white dresser, with four pull-out drawers, his suitcases were sitting in front of it. The carpet was a plush navy blue-grey, the walls blue, and the curtains that graced the windows were blue as well.

The teen smiled in glee, resisting the urge to jump on the bed that looked perfectly made. Robin made his way around the corner, and noticed two doors, both white. The first door, closest to the bed, the hero found a collection of white towels, linen, and washcloths, all stacked and ready to go.

The next door, was what sold Robin on the place. The bathroom.

The entire thing was made in marble, the floors, the sink, but especially the enormous bath tub, that was sitting in the middle of the floor, looking to be about the same size as the bed. The toilet, however, was a simple porcelain, not that it took away from the imagen whatsoever. Robin took a closer look and noticed ten jets, strategically placed around the tub, to hit the hero's entire body, once inside. There were a few settings on the side of the tub as well, like a hot tub function, bubble bath, and massage. The teen didn't know what the massage button was for, but he knew he'd have fun trying it out.

Behind the tub, there was a smaller, but no less magnificent shower, that had four nozzles placed around it, the door being see-through.

Robin stared around the room, his eyes absolutely shinning in glee, before making his way back out of the room, and towards the first window, that had opening doors, and to the deck that linked to the room, allowing the teen outside.

The hero resisted the urge to giggle.

This was going to be one good vacation. He just knew it.

A/N: I know…information, details overload, but it was necessary, because I want you all to get the full effect. I did a little research, this is an actual hotel in Miami! I promise, there won't be as many details in the next chapter! Also, the Titan's will basically not be in the story, maybe a phone call or two, and the last chapter, of course, when Robin comes home. But, other than that, nadda.

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