Returning Home

Chapter 1

Welcome Back


She stepped out of the cab and looked at her childhood home and sighed, she had finished college about three years ago and had been teaching high school science of all things. She had kept in touch with her parents and her sister, but had not been since her graduation, but now she was offered a job at the local high school and jumped at the chance to come home to Paradise Valley. Things had been going very well for her family since her dad had taken over Paradise Valley Chemicals and her sister Annie was head researcher for the plant. She pulled her bag out of the trunk of the cab and started heading towards the house when her parents walked out the front door to greet her.

"Mom, Dad", she said leaving her suitcase and running up to them.

"Alex", her mom said pulling her into a hug, "It's been so long."

"How have you been Alex?" her dad asked also embracing her.

"It has but I'm home now and I plan on staying for a while", Alex said returning to her bag, but instead of grabbing it she squinted and the bag rose from the ground and deposited itself on the porch several feet away.

"I see your abilities haven't faded away over time", her dad remarked.

"Actually as I've gotten older and my mind more focused they have actually gotten stronger", she replied.

"I still don't get why the antidote didn't work or why her condition is irreversible", Barbara chimed in still not liking the fact of what had happened to her daughter.

"It's like I've told you before Barb, by the time I got the antidote ready the GC-161 had already been in her system for four years, and by the time we found out the cure was only temporary Annie discovered the chemical completely rewrote her DNA making her condition irreversible", George stated in a matter of fact tone.

"And after fifteen years to even attempt to reverse the condition would be dangerous at best", a voice stated from behind Alex.

"ANNIE", Alex squealed turning around and throwing her arms around her older sisters' neck, "It's really great to see you."

"It's good to see you too Alex", Annie choked out trying to breath, "Now about these stronger powers?"

"Does everything always have to be about science?" Barbara asked, "George you run a chemical plant, Annie is a researcher, and Alex is and I still can't believe it, a science teacher."

"What's so weird about that?" Alex asked.

"Alex sweetie, you hated science in school", her mother responded.

"Well maybe if my teenage years weren't spent as a science project", Alex said jokingly sticking her tongue out at Annie," I might have discovered my liking of it earlier."

"I just can't win", Barbara said walking into the house with one arm over each daughter, "Not only has my 'normal' daughter gotten into science, but because of science has superpowers she hides from most of the world."

"Oh come on mom, it's not like I hid out in a cave", Alex said while telekinetically carrying her suitcase into the house, "I had an apartment and taught high school."

"I'm going to start dinner, you girls can entertain each other for a little while", Barbara said to her daughters.

Alex looked at Annie with a hint of mischief in her eye, "Garage?" she asked.

"Garage", Annie replied with a smile.


George Mack walked into the garage only to find Annie with a shocked look on her face and to see Alex making a large ball of electricity. "What the heck is this?" he asked clearly surprised."

"Alex is just showing me her stronger powers", Annie answered still with a hint of shock in her voice.

"And just how much more powerful was that?" George asked still reeling.

"According to my scan that ball of electricity had enough power to power every home in Paradise Valley", Annie stated.

"What", her father replied.

"For six months", she finished.

"So you're saying I can produce enough electricity to charge the power grid?" Alex asked.

"I'm saying you could take a direct lightning bolt hit and not even have your hair stand on end." Annie replied.

"And what else can you do?" their father asked still processing what he saw.

"Well tell me what you think of this", Alex said as she began to rise off the ground.

"You can fly?" Annie and her father said together and neither bothered trying to hide the utter shock.

"Yeah", Alex replied slightly embaressed, "And I can get pretty high too."

George looked at his daughter in total disbelief, "How is this possible?"

"Well Dad, if her powers are stronger it's obvious that her telekenetic abilities have evolved enough to achieve the ability to levitate", Annie answered her father.

"Try this out", Alex said floating over and grabbing Annies hand causing her to shriek as she was suddenly lifted off the ground.

" if you hold on to them another person can fly as well?" Annie asked still trying to get her balance.

Alex smiled at her sister, "Well I don't have to hold on to you but since I'm the one controlling the power it makes it easier to control your movements and keep you stable if I'm holding on."

"Ray would love this", Annie said as her and Alex lightly landed back on the floor.

Alex smiled, "Wait till it gets dark and I'll take you on a real flight."

"Sounds like fun", Annie replied exitedly.

"Tell you what", George said, "Why don't you girls head back into the house where Alex can call Ray, I'm sure he would want to welcome you home. We'll continue this later."


It was eight pm as Raymond Alvarado knocked at the door of the Mack house. He was busy thinking about how great it would be that Alex would be working at the high school with him so they would be able to relive the old days as the door opened to reveal Alex inviting him in.

"Wow", he said, "You look beautiful."

"Ray", she said embarassed.

"Sorry, Just blurted it out", he said lowering his head obviously embarassed at what he said.

"Hey, don't worry about it", she responded, "It's good to see you too."

"Ready?" Annie asked walking out of the house.

"For what?" Ray asked.

"This", Alex said taking their hands and rising off the ground with her two passengers.

"How are you doing this?" Ray aske shakily, not quite sure what to think.

"Stronger powers", Alex responded taking off towards the sky.


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