Chapter 10

Bells and Whistles

(Three months later)

Alex smiled as she smoothed out the front of her gown. For the last several months she practically giggled every time she thought about this day, and now it was here. She wore a long, white, and shiny strapless gown with a silver tiara and laced veil. She lout on her earrings and carefully slid the wedding garter onto her leg before slipping her beautiful white shoes on. She was trying to reach the zipper on the back of the dress when she heard a knock on her dressing room door. Without thinking she flicked her wrist causing the door to open revealing her mother and sister.

"Hi", she said in a slightly frustrated tone still trying to zip up her dress.

"Why don't you just?" Annie asked while running her finger up in the air, imitating Alex.

"Because it's my special day, and I want to get ready without powers", she replied.

"We're so happy for you sweetheart", Barbara said trying to hold back a few tears.

"It's time", Nicole and Robin said peeking their heads in the door.

Annie straightened her gown, grabbed Alex bouquet, and handed it to her, "Alright little sister, let's go get you married."

Ray buttoned his shirt and straightened the front before slipping his vest on over it. He had spent the last several days preparing his vows, and since Alex had stayed with her parents so Ray would have something to look forward to on their wedding day, he had plenty of time to work on them. Over the last several months he had gone through many changes, none the least were that he now possessed the same albeit less powerful abilities as Alex, but she said they would get stronger with time. He was thankful that he would be surrounded by people who knew what they were doing, and Alex would help him so as to avoid some of her accidents with learning to control them. The door to his dressing room opened and his dad and George Mack entered the room. Giving up on his tie, he telekinetically tied it as he faced the two men.

"I'm proud of you son", his dad said. He had been informed of everything that had gone on, and he beamed with pride to hear how big a hero his son was.

"I've said for years that you were family", George said, "Now I get to give you the official welcome." George pulled him into a hug and patted him on the back, "Now you treat my daughter right."

"I would never consider doing otherwise", he said returning the hug.

"Alright son", his dad said, "Now let's go get you married"

The wedding chapel was brightly lit and beautifully decorated. Barbara had gone through a lot of trouble to make the place perfect, and since it was such a small ceremony most people thought she slightly overdid it. Ray and Alex had decided to have a small wedding consisting of only close friends and family, but George still had the police on hand to deal with all the reporters that showed up. For some reason the daughter of the plants CEO getting married was a big deal to them.

Ray stood stiff as a board at the front of the chapel, partly because he was nervous but mostly because he couldn't wait to see Alex come in wearing her gown. He stiffened as the organ began playing music and the small bridal procession started its way up to the front. His best man Louis Driscoll walked up arm and arm with Alex's maid of honor Annie. They were of course followed by Alex and her father, coming slowly up the aisle. Ray was absolutely stunned to see Alex and immediately forced himself to relax. Once she got to the altar the minister motioned for everyone to sit, and stepped over to the happy couple.

"Dearly beloved", he began, "We are gathered here today to witness the union between this man, and this woman. Any who think these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your piece." He looked around and when nobody spoke up continued, Raymond Alvarado and Alexandra Mack have decided to make their love official by standing here and declaring it for their peers. They have each prepared their own vows and will now claim their intentions to be together for all time." The minister stepped back and motioned for Ray to begin.

"Alex", he said, "I have known you forever. We grew up together, and have had many adventures. When you left for school, and then took a job in L.A. I felt incomplete. I thought it was because I was missing my best friend, but it turned out that I was missing a part of my soul, a part that has always and will always belong to you. I knew when you returned home that I had to have you, I had to make you mine and never let go because you complete me. I love you more than anything else, and I stand here today to tell you that I will devote myself to you forever." He took her ring off the pillow that had been setup beside them and slid it onto her finger, "I will treasure every moment with you, and look forward to a wonderful future that we will share."

Alex smiled as a tear escaped her eye. She knew that he loved her, but had never heard him say something as beautiful as that. She saw the minister nod to her and knew it was her turn.

"I love you", she said, "I always will, and I will dedicate my life to you. You have helped me through so much over our lives that I can't even fathom being with anybody but you, ever. Your kindness make me feel better when I was hurt or down, your ability to make me laugh is one of my greatest treasures, and the fact that you are willing to sacrifice so much for me melts my heart. I'm not going to promise that we'll be together forever, because when something's so obvious it goes without being said. I will promise however to make you as happy as I can, and look forward to spending the rest of our lives together." She took the ring from the pillow and placed it on his finger, "I will be yours forever and you will be mine, we know this and I feel that we are going to have a wonderful family, grow old, and enjoy our golden years together. I love you and I always will."

The minister stepped forward and place a hand on each of their shoulders, "By the power vested in my, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

Ray lifted the veil from Alex's face and leaned in carefully touching his lips to hers.

The minister reached his arms out to them and faced the congregation, "I present to you for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Alvarado."

The organ music started back up as Ray and Alex linked arms and started heading back down the aisle. Alex looked at her new husband and looked forward to many years as Mrs, or well at least Dr. Alex Alvarado.

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