Title: The Mystery and A Girl

Author: .95

Summery: Bella is the shy quiet girl in the corner, and Edward is the Football Captain, The Baseball. Captain, the Basketball Captain, and to top it off he was the hottest guy in school, what with his topaz eyes, and his unruly Bronze colored hair. There is something mysterious behind this boy, and Bella wants to know what... But will she accept the truth and the consequences that follow?

Pairings: Normal EdwardXBella, AliceXJasper, RoseXEmmett

Chapter One- Confusion.

I was sitting alone in the library of my school, Forks High School. My Friends were all at lunch normally I would be there to. But today I just wanted to be alone. "Bella, what are you doing?" I groaned of course I had forgotten to tell him I wasn't coming. I looked up and saw my friend Mike Newton walking towards me. Great looks like I'm going to lunch.

"Nothing, I'm coming." I sighed. I guess Angela and Jess hadn't caught up with him to tell him to leave me alone. This past week I've been very depressed. I didn't know why. Was it because me mother was getting remarried to a man nine years younger than her? Maybe. Was it because my Father, Charlie and Sue Clearwater were becoming closer, as into the point of dating? Again another maybe. Or maybe because I was becoming a third wheel to everyone. My mom. My dad, and my best friends, Mike and Jess were dating and Tyler and Lauren were dating. Not that Lauren was a friend or anything. And Ben and Angela were dating. I was the only one alone.

And it bothered me.

Why? I'm not sure. Maybe because I was a girl and it was natural for us to want a guy...

Mike was unusually quiet on our walk to the cafeteria. He normally couldn't shut up, but I was glad that this time he had, I wanted to be alone in my thoughts. When we walked in the room, people yelled 'hey guys.' and hey's at us when we walked in. I just smiled at people. When Jess and Ang saw me they mouthed "sorry" at me.

"It's okay." I mouthed back. I sat down in between Angela and Jessica. I looked around the room and my eyes met with golden eyes. I knew those eyes, those eyes belonged to The fabulous Edward Cullen.

Edward was the Football, Baseball, and Basketball Captain. He was the hottest guy in school. I must admit he looks really good. What with his golden eyes, and beautiful bronze colored hair. His skin was pale, and he had dark bags under his eyes, but his face was flawless, and beautiful. I kind of liked him but of course he wouldn't like me, the boring plain Isabella Swan. This entire time, We had been looking at each other. He smiled at me. I turned away from him blushing.

Edwards P.O.V

I Finally saw Bella walk into the door... with none other then that horded Mike Newton. I resisted the urge to go over than and punch him threw a wall. The thoughts he thought about Bella were so nasty. Poor girl. If only see knew what the boy next to her was thinking, and top it all off he has a GIRLFRIEND. What a sick boy. He was going to turn into a cheater I'd bet money on that.

I focused on Bella, hoping that I would finally be able to hear her thoughts. And just like every single day, nothing, did the girl not think at all? No of course she did.

You could tell when she was thinking about something. I line would form on her forehead. I always wondered what she was thinking about. This beautiful girl fascinated me... Unlike any human had very before. And that was very dangerous for her of course. Every little could hurt me.

I watched as she sat down between Angela and Jessica. Angela was a good friend, very sweet. But Jessica oh I wanted to push her threw the wall with her boyfriend. I watched as Bella slowly looked around the room. She didn't look happy. She looked depressed.

I made a mental note to ask her about it in Bio. Which is the class I had next, the poor girl set next to me, she was very shy. Finally her eyes met mine, and I looked into them. Lost in there depth. Mesmerized. She was thinking about something hard.

I so wanted to walk over to her and ask her what she was thinking about. But I didn't. I stayed there and looked at her. Then very suddenly she looked away. I saw a pool of red coat her checks. She was blushing over me? Hmm. What was that about?

Another note 'Ask Bella bout blush.' I chuckled to myself.

"What's so funny?" My sister Alice ask in her head. She looked over to where I was looking.

"Ah so the famous and wonderful Miss. Swan again. Hurry up already and talk to her. I want my best friend. If you don't do It soon. I WILL!" She treated.

I growled "You will do no such thing." I told her.

"You wanna bet?" I chuckled.

Great... I knew only one thing for sure when I headed to Bio. That I was going to have to talk to Bella Swan, or Alice was going to barge in. And I knew that I would never get her away from Alice...


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