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Chapter 8- Oh, No!

Title- The mystery and the girl

Author- Little. Pixie. 95

Bella's P.O.V-

My life just couldn't get any better. My boyfriend was amazing, I have amazing friends. All of which are vampires. School was almost over and I think I was in love, but something was wrong. I didn't know what it was. But I could feel it. I knew a change was coming. And I knew it was going to be life changing. I didn't dare hope, or even think that... what I wanted the most was what it was... No it wasn't I was only dreaming.

I was over at the Cullen's a lot more. I was always there. Going out, or playing 'Barbie Bella.' Alice's favorite activity.

Or Emmett's make Bella blush game. Emmett just loved that... In fact everyone did. And I finally got to meet, Edward's parents. Carlisle and Esme. They were perfect. The best parents anyone could ask for. I remember the first time I met them.

"Are you sure they're not going to care that I'm well, human?" I asked Edward for the hundredth time. I was really nerves. Who could blame me I was going to meet my vampire boyfriend's vampire parents.

"I promise. They don't care, Esme's trilled and Carlisle, couldn't be happier. Besides they don't bite. Hard." I gulped. Dang you Edward..

He laughed. I glared. He laughed some more. I decided to play a game. I jumped down from the car, and slid up on him. I stopped laughing immediately. I grinned. "I suggest that you don't mess with me." i purred and ran my hands up his chest. He gulped. I laughed and put my hands on his shoulders, and very slowly slid myself till just the top of my lip was toughing his and I ran into his house...

"Hey wait a second. That's not fair." He yelled. I laughed and ran into a brick. Something caught me before I fell. I looked up and saw they second most beautiful man I've ever seen. "You must be Bella." The man said. "Umm... Yes, sir." He laughed. "Don't call me sir, I'm not that old. Well maybe I am... I'm Carlisle." A women appeared next to him. "and I'm Esme."

I loved themboth. But that was the night Edward started acting funny... It scared me. He was acting distant and careful. Not kissing me, nor was he talking to me. All of the Cullen's were. I thought it might be some I don't know, a vamp thing. But Maybe not...

It all happened so suddenly, one second I was happy and laughing and the next I was depressed and crying. I never expected him to do what he did. I never thought he would. I never thought that he would purposely destroy me. But he did, by leaving me.

It all happened last night. The last night of my life.

We were coming back for the Cullen's. We had only been there for a few hours no one was happy. Everyone was sad. I guess, it was because everyone knew what Edward was about to do...

Edward's P.O.V-

OH GOD NO, Bella. You are going to hate me for this. But it's for your own good. One day you will understand, why I'm ripping up both of our hearts. Why I'm leaving. NOOO! I can't do this. Edward, you have to... No please, please, please. I would rather die then have to do this. Oh god, Save me.

Bella's P.O.V

We had just pulled into my driveway. No body was home, Charlie must still be over at Billy's. Edward turned to me. There was something in his eyes that I just couldn't read, but it was something. A mixture of something.

Edward's P.O.V.-


Bella's P.O.V.-

"Bella, you know I love you, right." "Of course I do" Oh no. Edward don't. He took in a deep breath. I held mine. "I'm leaving." NO! "W...wh...y..." deep breath. "Why?" "because it's time for us to move on. Carlisle is suppose to be fifteen years older than he looks. People are going to start wondering about us." "Okay, so I'll go with..." It was then I knew. "You don't want me to go, do you?" I could feel the tears fill in my eyes. I tried to hide them. I turned my face away. Edward just wasn't going to have that.

He pulled my face close to mine. "You know that you are my world, and I'm doing this for your good. You will understand one day. You don't want this. You don't need this. You need normal. I'm not normal, nor am I safe and you need safe. You need some one human."53

"No Edward. I don't. The only thing I need is you. You are my world, my life, without you I am nothing. I am useless. I am hopeless. I can't go on with out you. Baby, please, please don't leave me. Don't leave me behind."

"Bella, I have too. I love you baby. I always have and always will. Baby don't do anything you shouldn't. Promise me that. Baby. Keep me here and one day, you might see me again. I love you. Don't look for us."

NO Edward. He couldn't do this to me. No he wasn't leaving me. They weren't leaving me.

"No. Edward." My voice sounded weak and strangled. "You can't leave me." My voice growing to hysterical. "NO BABY NO!" "I'm sorry. My love, far well." "No Edward, Come back." But he was gone.

He had jumped out of the car and he disappeared. I remembered 'don't look for us.' They were all leaving me. Everyone of them. Even Alice. Alice, how could she? I thought she cared. I guess not.

I jumped out of the car and looked off to were Edward disappeared. I LOVE YOU EDWARD I thought hoping his gift would let him hear me.

I climbed into the house and up the stairs. I had even closed the door before the tears came, and they came and came. They didn't stop for days. Charlie had no idea what was going on with me, He kept trying to call the Cullen's and find out what was wrong, but the phone had been disconnected. All I could think about was that he didn't want me enough to keep me. To take me with him. He didn't love me like I thought he did. He never had.

How could I have been so stupid?

This was so hard to write. Stupid Edward. Wonder what his reason for leaving was. Hope you enjoyed this chapter! Plz Plz Plz Plz review!


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