It was the second day of the worst case they'd ever had. Some monster was kidnapping and raping Military kids Even Fornell and his team at the FBI had gotten involved. Since the dirtbag had included kidnapping in his M.O.; Gibbs had gladly accepted the help, for once in his career. The bastard had targeted girls more than boys; but staying within the ages of 9 and 12. This, of course, put this case right smack dab in the middle of Leroy Jethro Gibbs' heart. The thought of someone doing this to his beautiful Kelly, kept Gibbs tied up in knots. It was a wonder he was even functioning. Somehow, he was managing to stay on target, keep his head in the case, even if it was just barely. The pain once again felt as fresh as if she'd just been ripped from his arms yesterday.

The team was remarkably keeping the distractions to a minimum. They'd gone out of their way to stop any and all teasing and instead were consistantly going above and beyond to get this case solved. Each one of them were going the extra mile in everything they did in their effort to getting this bastard off the streets before he got ahold of one more child. They were all keenly aware of Gibbs' pain, even if they didn't feel it, they certainly felt for him and did everything they could to make his days easier to get through. There was always fresh coffee sitting on his desk. His phone never rang and he never had to get after any of them for anything.

Even more remarkably,somehow, he was getting home and back safely and soundly. The fog that overtook him nightly prevented him from noticing much of anything. The only thing he knew is that somehow he was getting through his days and nights without drowning himself in sorrow, pain and booze. He would find himself waking up on the couch; but couldn't remember putting himself there; and he damn sure didn't remember getting a blanket and a pillow for the couch. And just how was it he was waking up to fresh coffee and a fresh plate of food for breakfast, staying warm in the oven, with the oven door open enough for him to notice?

Someone was looking out for him, but by the time he'd managed to think beyond the fog and realized this, they were three weeks into this horrible case and Gibbs was still barely holding on. He'd of fallen down on his face before now, if it hadn't been for whoever was watching over him.