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THIS FICTION IS RATED M FOR MATURE! There is course language barred by the FCC, explicit sexual situations and there will be violence (later). For those who have read my other works, this is not tame.

For those who waited for my Harry/Harem fic...


This story begins just after the Battle at the Department of Mysteries in OoTP. It is very AU from that point. It is MOSTLY Canon before, but not entirely. This is or will be Harry/Multi. Hermione will be a player.

Hermione might seem a little OOC, as this Hermione has a really dirty mind…and finally a way to express it. Then again, we really never knew what she was thinking, did we?

This is a "partial" response to the "Slave Challenge" posted by Ranger Dragan (I think) some time ago. It has been mentioned in my profile and as I hit a bit of writer's block on my ongoing other fic (30 Minutes) I decided to get this one going.

The Challenge bits I accept are that Harry finds himself with "slaves." They all have to be girls, and there have to be two from each house at Hogwarts. Done, and done beyond. Dumbledore has to be a right bastard. Done. Weasley bashing. Sorry, can't bash them all, but some are Done. Harry finds himself in these circumstances thanks to Sirius. Done. He's allowed to brutalize his "slaves." Okay, here's were I depart. I have no problem with Harry going medieval on someone (and he will), but not on someone who's loyal to him. (Otherwise he's just Voldie Jr.) So no beatings of his girls, sorry. Copious amounts of sex? Yes. But no beatings.

His magic must be bound. Done. He must have been defrauded out of his inheritance up to now. Done. He inherits and island floating around in the Atlantic - kind of done.

Some scenes might be considered "fem slash," but they are explained.

My notion of Harry having a sibling does appear. This Clarice is a minor character used more to show just how vicious certain people are.

This fic assumes a world that is grossly male dominated and oriented, where women (witches) are considered chattel. There was a time when this would have been close to reality in history, but the degree here is beyond even the historic perspective and I happen to find it offensive in the extreme, but it is a plot point so I'm stuck with it.

Now the challenge suggested Harry should be a right bastard himself. Guess I fail on that count.

The next bit will save you from having to read 30 or more chapters to figure this out:


Magical Guardian. Always a wizard. A magical guardian controls the life of his wards. A boy is subjected to such guardianship until age 17. A girl is subject to it until she is bonded to a wizard in any manner (or becomes a Consort). The magical guardian can bind his wards into marriage contracts or sell his witches as concubines. It is the father, if the father is a wizard. If a child has no wizard father, it can be decided by Will. Otherwise, it vests in the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot.

Marriage. Any legal or magical reciprocal bonding between a man and a woman intended to be permanent and created either for love or family. This is a form of contractual relationship differentiated only by the nature of the contract.

Marriage at Law. This is not a magical bond. It is analogous to non-magical marriages. The magical elites favor this over magical bond because magical bond are seen to inhibit the Wizard. In an at law marriage, his wife cannot have control over him, whereas under a magical bond, they are truly one. It is also used by lower classes, since the conditions for formation of a magical bond are rather severe and, particularly among Muggle Borns, the rite is - unnerving. Like us, this is a union that can end in divorce or annulment.

Consort Bond. A magical bond between a witch and a man. It is predicated upon love and it is mutual. This bond is always initiated by the witch and must be openly accepted by the man to take hold. They must love each other and be willing to subordinate themselves to the other. The bonding is a sexual ritual (hence Muggle Born reluctance). The result is a union that has never broken. This is a bond that if entered into voids all unexecuted contracts for marriage or concubines. The bond suppresses certain aspects of free will in both parties, namely their desire for sex outside of their bond. A wizard can have more than one woman, but not without his Consort's knowledge or consent. (He won't even be attracted to them otherwise.) In this regard, the wizard does have more freedom (provided she gives him that) as the witch will never desire or accept another mate. This bond truly is for life and cannot be (nor has it ever been) broken.

Concubine Bond. The magical guardian of a young witch can sell her off as a concubine. For all practical purposes, this is a slave. She is bound involuntarily to a wizard and short of harming herself, will do whatever her "Master" wants. This bond came into being because there were far more witches than wizards and while it might be possible in such a "target rich" dating environment for the wizard to find his life mate, the witches were not so lucky. This bond was to make sure a witch did not need to get hitched to a Muggle (and risk being burned or worse) as she could be bound to a wizard as a member of his family. The bond became perverted with the rise of Pureblood ideals and was turned into a means for subjugating Muggle Borns and for the baser pleasures of Pureblood Masters. (In other words, the concubines became the magical sex trade and were the working women of the brothels.)

The bonding is, for lack of a better word, a form of ritualized rape as in most cases the witch is not consenting to the bond.

However, the bond is what the wizard makes it and can become a reciprocal, love based bond if they both desire it, in which case it is almost legally and magically indistinguishable from marriage (and should it take that form, the wizard will not be inclined to share his witch for profit or otherwise).

The Bond is permanent. The witch will always be a concubine. Her bond cannot be broken, only transferred to another wizard.

In the best cases, it really doesn't matter. In the worst (and most cases are) it's just sick.

LOVE BOND. A rite between a concubine and a wizard that transforms their bond into a bond similar to that of a Consort. Where the bond is performed, the Concubine becomes the wife and her Master becomes her Husband. She must love him and he must love her in order for the bond to form.


That being said, Harry will have both Concubines and Consorts. What he does with them … read on.

At the end of each chapter there will be a note of the current Harem(s) so you can keep track. Each chapter will also have a note at the beginning if they are individually rated M as to why. So again, THIS FIC IS RATED M. If you're not old enough, STOP NOW.