Hey guys! I'm back with a new story. I couldn't stay away from writing I suppose. I'm still in the beginning of this story. I'm still thinking… Well.. Read and tell me what you think.

Chapter 1

I'm here again. In this place I called home not so many years ago. I'm back to Forks to live with Charlie. Who is Charlie? My "dad". I haven't called him like that since Renee left him and took me with her. Charlie is a nice man but I can't see him as my dad. He is a stranger to me and now I have to live with a stranger. Nice. But what could I do? Ha? Renee married someone and I was an obstacle to her married life. She sent me here to this shit hole place. At least next year I will be 18 and I can leave. For now I have to have patience. It's a year. It will pass. I hope so.

"Bella?" shit. I hear him walk the stairs. He is knocking on my door


"Are you awake?" Now I am. Thank God he is not coming in.


"Will you have breakfast before you go to school?"

"I'll be down in a minute"


I have to go at school. I don't know anyone there. The only one I remember is a friend of mine when we were kids. Jacob or Jake. I shorten his name where we were kids. But he isn't a "white face" as me and he doesn't go to school here. I hope he is still here. I could have a friend.

I took an apple and left the house. Charlie gave me an old truck so I can go to and come from there or for any other needs I may have. I don't feel going at school today though.

Charlie.. what you don't know it's not that bad

When I was living here I always liked the forest. It was quiet and I could lie on the grass. What I most liked though was the fog. Strange ha? The tall trees, the fog, the flora. It was like I was living in a fairy tale. It was my fairy tale. Now I want to go that fairy tale of mine. It's not that bad. I skipped school. If Charlie finds out I could tell that it was the truck. Sorry Charlie.. The truck broke

I walked in the forest. I feel so calm inside. It's like all my thoughts are vanishing. As I walked, lost in my head I heard some noises from deep in the forest. "Maybe it's an animal." I said to myself. The noise is getting closer and closer. My inter instincts tell me to leave. Run. And I ran. As much as I could. When I looked behind me I saw something strange. It's not an animal. I'm not staying to find out. I run again. But as clumsy as I am I fell on my knees. This time I can see what is that that is hunting me. Bad day for a walk Bella . She is a girl, with golden long hair, with leather black pant and leather red long coat. She hasn't a human beauty. She is beautiful but not in human standards. And she is on top of me. And I can see her teeth. She growls. What is she? And I close my eyes. Before I can do this I hear something else. Another growl. I can see 3 other people behind the woman that she was almost near to attack me. I feel dizzy and I can't make out their faces. I see the four of them fighting with each other. Now it's more clear to me. It's two women and two guys. The three of them attacking her. The odds it's not with her. Three against one? And then I close my eyes. But I hear some voices.

"Who was that?"

"I don't know"

"I should have seen her coming here. I don't know why I couldn't"

"What we'll do with the girl?"

"Take her to the hospital. Carlisle will be there"

And by that I was out. Who were they? And they saved me from her.


Did you like it? I hope you did. You know me. I post one or two chapters a day. For now I have to think what my second chapter will be.