Ain't too Proud to Beg........

This story has nothing to do with the song Ain't too Proud to Beg.

This story has nothing to do with the Temptations.

This story has everything to do with THE temptation...

The naughty kind....



Somewhere down the road.....


Time frame:

This story is a bit like one of Hart's tales....

I mean do we ever really know just how much actual time passes in each episode?



I know they solve murders left right and centre in that lab

...just not this week!



I have never, do not and will never own these characters.....

.....Darn it.....


She was a renowned Forensic Anthropologist.

She was a genius.

She was the best in her field.

She was a bestselling author.

She had numerous #1 novels to her name.

She was wealthy.

She would never have to fly economy again.

She was a beautiful, strong and confident woman.

Dr Temperance Brennan was not the sort of woman to beg....

...until now.....