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All she's ever wanted is r e s p e c t.

Respect from her father, respect from her mother, and even respect from her brother. She wants them to all respect her for whom she is; not what she's supposed to be. All her subjects respect her as the princess of the Fire Nation; the one left in the shadow of her father and brother (she'll make that shadow b u r n away). And then one day, at her becoming of age, she'll be married off to a prince or king and live in his shadow too (burnbabyburn).

She wants r e c o g n i t i o n.

She trains, and trains and trains. She's barely had a lesson, but she watches and learns, and trains to become a better fire bender, a better warrior (she needs to get better and betterbetterbetter). But the (fire) spotlight always falls on Zuko (but he's so w e a k), because he's more respected than her. He'll be the future fire lord; he will be able to control everything and everyone (my power, I want power). So she'll be better than him, better than something (she'll light the fire so they can all see her).

She's not a little girl; she's a toughtough warrior that will one day rule the Fire Nation! She's burnt all her toys, piles of ash now covering her bedroom floor (her father will certainly be proud, won't he?) and her childhood story books are kindling the fire (they were only lies). Zuko's gone, and she's the best child the lord of the fire nation could ever want, but she needs to be better (but she doesn't know how to be).

At the age of fourteen, she's still Daddy's favourite (after himself); his little angel whose halo burns all around her (a circle of protection; you can't touch her). Her childhood games are now more dangerous (but ever so fun to play) but she's addicted to them, because she always wins. Her competitors are weak and mindless, and never focus on the game at hand (but what's to be expected when she's so perfect?), so she'll control them (and make them lose).

She'll roll the dice this round.

At the age of sixteen, she's recognised and respected by her father (she's fire lord now! What do you think of that, Zuko?). But her subjects are useless; they don't know how to play the game well enough. Plus, she doesn't trust them; they could run away any minute (she's too good for them), or worse, steal her power (it's what she's been trying to do since she was six). She banishes them, so she'll be protected (look at what happened to Mai and Ty Lee when she trusted them). Everything's better when she does it herself anyway.

Everything's progressing (her insanity, the battle, her destruction). The game's nearly over, but it just gets harder and harder and harder (but she won't lose she won't lose). The dice is still in her hand though, and she'll keep rolling (she will manipulate it all; the earth will bend when she waves her hand-even if it is out of fear).

Her father will certainly be victorious, as will she. It's only five more days until her coronation; five more days until all the people of the fire nation, and the world, will be able to see how powerful she is, how perfect she is. And she'll makes herself look the part (I'm not insane, I'm not insane). She lies to herself when the mirror tries to tell her otherwise; that she's not perfect (it's all wrongwrongallfuckingwrong).

Mother doesn't know best, but Azula does.

She plays the game well, the fire shoots from her hand and twists and turns majestically in the air. She knows she'll win, her eyes and (demented) smile say it all. Her only life boat is the fact that she will nevereverever be defeated

But you burned your fairy tales; you should know by now that no one gets a happy ending.

She loses.

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