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Third person POV

Emmett strode over to the fridge with Jasper hot on his heels, the only reason they keep it stocked was because of Jacob and Nessie, otherwise it would be empty what being a house full of vampires and all.

Emmett opened the fridge and pulled out the orange juice taking a large mouth full and making a face afterwards "Your turn bro" he said handing the orange juice to Jasper, Jasper took a mouth full and gagged, Emmett chuckled and set the juice aside, next Jasper pulled out some eggnog "When was the last time we had eggnog?" Emmett asked,

"About 3 years ago" Jasper said, grinned and took a gulp, his hand flew to his throat, but he kept it down, "here" Jasper said pushing the eggnog to Emmett who scrunched up his nose but took a gulp, "Argh! That's fowl!" he said setting that aside.

Next Jasper took out some yogurt "Oh you don't have the guts" Emmett said, "Watch me" Jasper grabbed a spoon from the draw and took a large mouthful and swallowed, Emmett clapped "Yo that was awesome!" Emmett boomed Bella walked in then and looked at them and raised a single eyebrow, "This game never has a winner" Emmet said grinning as Bella came over and jugged down half the container of yogurt, "and it never ends" Jasper finished,