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Chapter Nine: Unexpected

Erren felt something like fear – it was worse than that, but fear sounded better than heart-stopping terror – course through her body as she stared at the ground. The group had made it to OutWorld, which was a pretty scary place Erren had to admit. It wasn't as scary as the Netherrealm –if that was even its name – but it was fairly darn close.

She felt someone staring at her, and she didn't have to turn to see it was Sonya. The woman had never liked her, she was certain. Of course, Erren couldn't blame her. The teen was the exact opposite of the blonde, kick-ass army chick who could throw down a man twice her size. Honestly, Erren was jealous…

And to top it all off she was pretty. Yeah. Erren was definitely jealous. She felt bad about it, but she couldn't help it.

Erren began wondering why she had come at all. Wasn't she a liability? If she was captured, this Shang Tsung guy would have what he wanted, and it would be…bad. And Scorpion would –

Stop that! Erren felt a frown coming. She ignored it.

If she would have stayed at home, everything would have been fine. She paused, remembering how easily Shang Tsung had fooled them all into thinking that he was Raiden. Ok, maybe Sub-Zero was right; it wouldn't have been the best choice to stay. She just wanted to be home, in her bed…

Why had this happened? She was fine, at home, nothing weird going on at all until he showed up. Erren didn't feel her fists clench, her fingernails digging into her palms. If it weren't for him, none of this would have happened. She wished he was there, so she could tell him it was all his fault. It wasn't fair –

Erren stopped herself, realizing she was being completely unfair herself. Scorpion hadn't even known how he had gotten there, and here she was blaming the entire thing on him. She suddenly felt horrible. She wasn't only pathetic, but she was also bratty and selfish. The teen sighed to herself, continuing to stare at the ground. She should have been the one to be captured, not Scorpion.

Which brought up the question that had been nagging at her: Why was Scorpion taken? Wouldn't it make sense for Erren to be taken? Erren felt her head begin to throb and sighed. Nothing was making sense...

"Are you ok?" Erren looked up, already knowing who had asked.

"Yeah. I'm fine. Just…confused."

The next question was obvious. "About what?" Johnny looked just as bored as he did worried. Erren gave herself a moment to word a suitable question. She didn't want to sound like an idiot – as she usually did.

"Well, why did this…Shang Tsung take Scorpion? Why not me?" Erren noticed Raiden had turned his head ever so slightly, clearly listening in on the conversation. Maybe Raiden had figured it out? Or, someone had to have.

Johnny considered the question. Erren noticed he brushed his fingers through his hair and suddenly became aware that Johnny Cage had nicer hair than she did…

Why does that matter? Erren felt like an idiot. She was an idiot.

"Wasn't he being controlled by Shang Tsung?" That didn't answer the question, but it got Raiden completely into the conversation.

The thunder god shook his head. "That, I'm sure he wasn't." Sonya made a 'humph' sound and Erren resisted the urge to smile. Then,

"How do you know?" The blonde woman asked, her voice dripping with skepticism. Erren noticed Sub-Zero sigh, clearly frustrated. He remained silent however, something Erren was grateful for. Another fight was not what they needed. Of course, with Raiden there, would there even be a fight?

Raiden frowned. "Ever since he was first told to watch over Erren, I have been keeping an eye on him – "


"Keeping an eye on him," Raiden repeated, his tone leaving no room for anymore interruptions. "And I have seen no sign of Shang Tsung." After a moment's silence, Sonya spoke again. The woman didn't know when to give up, that was for sure. Erren usually found it an admirable trait – but now it was starting to irk her…

"How do you know he didn't just take control of him?"

Raiden glared at Sonya. "Sonya, I just know. Is that good enough?" By the look on his face he knew it wouldn't appease her, but his tone was all business. Erren looked at Sonya nervously. Surely she'd just shut up?

Sonya stared at Raiden. Hard. Finally, she sighed and turned her head away, blonde, silky strands brushing against high cheek bones. "Fine, Raiden. I trust you, but that's the only reason I'm not going any further into this."

A small smile appeared on the god's face and Erren found herself staring at it. It was odd to see him smile. "I know how difficult it is for you to go by faith, but trust me, if Scorpion was under Shang Tsung's control, I would know and would have told you so already."

"That doesn't answer Erren's question, though." Johnny said, re-entering the conversation.

There was a silence. Erren found herself somewhat frustrated…

"He was standing the closest to Erren," Sub-Zero's cool voice broke through the silence and everyone looked at him. Erren noticed he was staring off somewhere in the distance. She looked too, but didn't see anything.

"And your point being..?" Sonya asked. Erren realized she was going to have to get over Sonya getting on her nerves.

If Sonya's question bothered Sub-Zero, he didn't show it. He turned to face the group. "Perhaps he stepped in the way when he grabbed for Erren. Shang Tsung merely grabbed the wrong person."

Another silence. Erren felt her face warm, and she decided that staring at the ground was going to somehow help it cool off. As much as she wanted that to be true, it was far too…nice of an act for Scorpion to commit. Even for her. Save her life – sure. Being captured for her? That was a stretch.

Or was it? She thought back to when they were all in her room. Scorpion had seemed distracted, but that was probably because he was angry about something or other, as he usually was. But when the flash happened, Erren had seen him move, well, before she was blinded.

"Can that happen?" Johnny asked, his voice the sound of Erren's own confusion. It was a rather…amateur-ish thing to do for someone who – apparently – was so powerful.

Raiden placed a hand under his chin. "Well…"

"Oh come on," Sonya laughed. "You're actually taking that into consideration? Scorpion wouldn't do that for anyone, let alone her."

Raiden looked at Sonya, his face unreadable. "He's risked his own life to save hers before. Why would this be any different?"

Erren turned her attention to the ground again, not wanting to see everyone looking at her.

Thankfully everyone remained silent for a while…

Scorpion had forgotten how boring sitting in a cell was. Even with the pain in his middle – no thanks to Shang Tsung's stupid ass – it was still boring. It was sad. Scorpion didn't feel in danger, which was a big tip off that it was big trouble.

Perhaps Raiden and his cheery crew will stop the crazy bastard before Erren's even really involved? Scorpion gave himself a moment to think about what he was hoping for and knew he was hoping for too much. Shang Tsung had a way with producing the most hard to kill creatures.

And besides, Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage and Sub-Zero? The three wouldn't get along even if they had to. Which, they did, if Raiden had anything to do with it, and Scorpion was sure he did.

They need other fighters. Scorpion sighed and stared at the floor, wishing he was free. When had he become so…human again? Usually he'd be working for Shang Tsung, now he was his prisoner because Scorpion – in one of his not so shining moments – had took a step forward.

Is she worth it?

Scorpion growled, carefully repositioning himself to lean against the wall. That was a very good question, and one that he did not know the answer to.

So, he ignored it and went back to his former train of thought.

He wondered if Raiden would call upon anyone else to help. Scorpion would, even if he hated working with others. Shang Tsung was up to something big – he had been told so, after all, so he knew – and big things usually required a lot of fighters. Even if the old sorcerer's scheme seemed ridiculous, he would find a way to make it happen somehow.

And that would be an even bigger problem.

End of chapter nine

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