Chapter 1: Life as me

Bella POV

Beep. Beep. Beep. BEEP!!!

"Agh!!" I grabbed my alarm clock and threw it across the room. Oops, now I have to buy another one. I looked into my phone and it said that it was only 6 am. Okay, at least I didn't oversleep on my first day back to school.

I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Isabella Marie Black, or Bella. My parent's names are Charlie and Renee Black. They're divorced though. I was 5 years old when they got divorced. My mom wanted me to go with her to Arizona after the divorce, but I refused to. My dad didn't want to let go of me either. She didn't want to hear any of it so she took the issue to court. Of course my dad fought against her. He told me that he was going to do everything in his power to gain provision over me. I agreed with him. The 'court people' were going to grant me to my mom when I screamed my loudest. Yup, I screamed. Don't judge me, I was 5 at the time. It was the first thing that popped in my mind.

I told them that I wanted to stay with my dad and threatened that I would run away if I was to be put under my mom's provision. The judge had no choice but to give me to my dad, because they didn't want to risk my health. I was happy, but my mom wasn't. She was really, really sad. She hugged me and wouldn't let me go. She also kept talking about how much she was going to miss her 'little girl' and that she wanted me to visit as soon as possible. I said yes to her, because at the time, I would have agreed to do anything for her. I hated to see her crying. We said our goodbyes and I promised to visit her. It took a few years for my dad to get over my mom, but he did eventually.

I'm actually full Quileute. Both of my parents are Quileute. My mom is part albino though. She had a white skin complexion. I adapted this from her. I have chocolate brown hair and eyes, and my mom's skin color. My dad is completely different. He has russet colored skin. I guess you could say that they're complete opposites. My mom is childish and fun, while my dad is serious and not so fun. I don't even know why they hooked up in the first place.

My dad and I live in La Push. It is a small town with a population of 3,745. Almost everyone who lives here, are Quileute or part Quileute. We live in the reservation for our tribe here in La Push. My dad has a brother named Billy Black. He was married to a woman named Sarah, but she died of a car accident when I was 6 years old. He has two daughters : Rachel and Rebecca, and a son named Jacob. My cousins. I love them. They're really fun to hang out with. Rachel and Rebecca are twins who are five years older than me while Jacob is one year older.

I also have tons of friends here in the rez. My best friends are Leah, Seth, Jared, Embry, Sam, Quil, Brady, Collin, Kim, Claire, and Emily. They're the best ever! All of the girls including me are the same age. Seth, Brady, and Collin are a year younger. And the rest of the guys are a year older than me. I guess you could say that all of my friends are popular. Everyone wants to look like them. Russet skin, black hair, and intense brown eyes. I'm kind of the odd one out. There's one guy I haven't talked to you about yet though. Paul.

His name makes my stomach flutter like hell. I don't even know why. He's the most popular guy in my school. He's the school football quarterback. He's friends with mine, but we never ever talk. I guess he's one of those people who think I don't belong here. Typical. Well whatever, I don't care about what people think of me anymore. I used to, but not anymore.

About me now. Hmm… I'm a girl who doesn't care about how she looks. You know those girls who would shriek and yell if someone got them wet? If that was me, I would just stand there and ask 'What the hell?' I also love to play the guitar and piano. I have really good coordination. I love to play sports and running. Also, I'm only in middle school. I'm a 7th grader and 13 years old.

Anyways, I have school today. The alarm clock that I broke today would probably be the 4th that I've broken. They just piss me off so much. Waking me up so damn early! I should probably get up now.

I got up and went to my closet. I took out a pair of black skinny jeans, a white v-neck, and my favorite black vans shoes. I also grabbed my backpack. I skipped down the stairs to get breakfast.

"Morning Dad!" I greeted chirpily.

"Hey Bells. Ready for your first day of school, again?" he asked.

"Yeah, I guess so. But, umm…. I broke another alarm clock," I mumbled.

"Again?" he asked in amazement.

"Hey! Not my fault. It woke me up," I defended.

"That's what it's for," my dad said in a tone that seemed like he's talking to a 5 year old.

"I know," I muttered. He just laughed at me.

"Is it alright if I walked to school? I wanna meet up with Leah," I asked.

"Sure," he said while drinking a sip of his coffee.

I looked at the kitchen clock and it said 7:00 am. Crap.

"Dad, I gotta go. Leah's gonna get mad at me for being late," I said.

"See you later!" he shouted after me because I had already left the house.

I walked in the direction of Leah's house. After a few minutes I reached her house, and I saw her sitting on her front porch with a smile plastered on her face.

"Leah!" I greeted with a wave.

"Bells!" she greeted back.

"What up with the smile?" I teased.

"Just excited!! Come on let's go pick up Emily, Kim, and Claire!" she exclaimed. We always did this. I would walk to her house and then we would go grab the rest of the girls and we all walked to school together.

"Ok," I chuckled at her cheerfulness.

"Do you think Jacob would finally notice me this year?" she asked.

"Are you still hung up over my cousin? Damn Leah, it's been two years now," I said.

"But he's so cute," she whined.

"Eww, he's my cousin. And he does notice you. You are friends," I added.

"Yeah, friends," she grumbled.

"Look, maybe I could talk to him about you. Get some information," I suggested.

"That would be great! Thanks Bells you're the best!" she shrieked.

We walked a bit more until we finally reached Emily's house.

"Hey guys!" Emily greeted.

"Come on Em. We gotta go," I said.

We kept walking, now with Emily, and were able to pick up Kim then Claire.

"How is this year going to be for us girls?" Kim asked.

"Eh, it's middle school. High school will be the real deal," Claire fantasized.

"Two more years Claire," we all said.

"Gosh, no need to be snappy," she stuck her tongue out at us.

We eventually got to school. We sat at our normal spot. We all sat under the tree in the quad of our school. I saw Paul walking with a new girl at his side. Bastard. I sighed unhappily.

"What's wrong Bella?" Emily asked.

"Nothing," I replied.

She looked in the direction of my gaze and frowned.

"Don't waste your time with him, he's just not worth it," she suggested.

"I don't even like him," I mumbled.

The girls raised their eyebrows at me.

"What?" I asked.

"Liar," Leah said.

"You're totally lying," Kim added.

"You like him?!" Claire asked.

"Did you not hear what I just said?" I asked in frustration.

"Yeah I did, but all I could hear is 'I like him!!'" Claire said.

"Forget it guys. He's a bastard," I finally said defeated.

"Damn right," Emily commented. We all had to laugh at that.

After a few minutes, the rest of the guys started arriving.

"Wazzup cuz!" Jake shouted.

"Sup Jake!" I greeted.

"Hey girls," he greeted.

He received a few 'Hey Jakes.' The rest of the guys finally arrived and we still had 45 minutes before school started. Paul then started to make his way towards us. Oh right, they're friends with him.

"Hey Paul," the guys greeted.

"Hey guys," he said back.

"Girls," he added.

"Paul," the girls, including me, replied with no emotion in our voice. He just completely ignored us. The guys then started talking about football and sports. Stuff that normally I would care about, but not when he was here.

"Leah, what now?" I whispered in her ear.

"I don't know. When are you going to talk to Jake?" she asked.

"Talk to me about what?" Jake then asked. Fuck. He heard.

"Uhh, nothing," I said.

"It sure didn't sound like nothing," he challenged.

"How did you even hear us talking?" I suddenly asked.

His cheeks were suddenly tinted with a hint of pink.

"Shit, Jake. You're blushing. That's so cute," I started pinching his cheeks. The guys immediately stopped their conversation to laugh at Jake.

"Bells, you're embarrassing me," he whined.

"Are you gonna tell me how the hell you heard what Leah and I were talking about?" I asked.

"Umm, I was kind of staring at Leah," he whispered in my ear. He blushed even harder.

"Even better! I thought you were just eavesdropping. But that just totally made my day!" I exclaimed.

"What did he say?" Embry asked.

"That's for me to know, and you guys to never find out," I stuck my tongue out at him. He returned the gesture.

"You can tell me right?" Paul suddenly asked with a dazzling smile. I was almost dazzled by it. Almost.

"Nope," his face turned into a frown. Then I realized something. That's the first time he's ever said a complete sentence to me ever since I've known him.

"Leah's gonna love this!" I suddenly shrieked.

"Don't tell her," Jake pleaded.

"Fine, but we need to talk," I gave him a look that meant that I was serious. He nodded.

"Bella?" Leah asked.

"Tell ya later," I mouthed. She smiled back.

The bell then rang.

"See you guys later!" I said.

"Bye Bells," the guys replied.

"Come on girls, time for home room," I said as we linked arms together. We all had home room together.

We all walked into homeroom and took our seats.

"So Bella what did he say?" Leah asked.

"He said that he was staring at you," I replied.

"Really?" she asked. I nodded my head excitedly along with her.

"EEEEEPPP!!" she shrieked.

"Miss Clearwater, is there a problem?" our supervisor asked.

"Sorry," she apologized.

"I'll tell you more after I talk to him," I assured her.

"BRRRIIIINNNNG!" the bell rang.

"See you guys later," I waved goodbye.

I looked at my schedule and it said that my first period is Math. I mentally groaned. I hate math. All those numbers just make me want to strangle somebody. I walked to my math class and saw that Kim is in it too. I smiled.

"Hey Kim," I greeted.

"Hey Bells," she greeted back.

Class then started. I didn't really pay attention. Our teacher was only explaining her rules. Kim and I kept passing notes with each other. Most of it was about Kim getting the guts up to tell Jared that she likes him. I told her that if she didn't do it anytime soon, I'd do it for her. She agreed. Damn, I should really stop suggesting things unless I know that they aren't going to agree with me. Now I have to hook up Leah with Jake and Kim with Jared. Who the hell do they think I am?! A matchmaker?!

The bell for passing period rang.

"Later Bella," Kim said.

"Laters," I replied.

I walked to my second period class, which is PE. Good thing my gym clothes from last year still fit. I went to the girls' locker room and noticed that none of my girls were here. I sighed. Maybe some of the guys will be in this class too. I put my shirt over my head and put my shorts on. I walked outside to the area of my PE teacher this year.

My PE teacher started talking about his expectations and blah blah blah. Who cares anyways? I always pass PE. It's like my favorite subject. If it's even a subject. I started to look around the other PE teachers' classes and noticed that none of them had my friends in it. Great, I guess I'm alone. Or not. I turned around to look at the class behind me and noticed that Paul is in it. Grr. Why me??

"Today is a free day. You kids are dismissed," our PE teacher finally announced.

Hmm, what to do? Football!! I ran to the football field and noticed that there were already a few people there. I stood next to a guy. Mike, I think? Whatever.

"So who are the captains?" I asked.

"Me and Paul," Jesse said. Jesse is a pretty good friend of mine. We talk pretty often.

I look around and noticed that I was the only girl playing, again. Well that's what I'm here for! Someone's gotta represent the girls.

"You're kidding right? You're going to let a girl play?" Paul asked Jesse in disbelief. Jesse just shrugged.

"Ok heads or tails?" Jesse asked Paul.

"Heads," Paul replied.

Jesse flipped a coin and it landed on tails. Ha!

"Ok pick first," Paul commanded.

"Bella," he smiled at me. I walked over to his side.

"Stupid," I heard Paul mutter with a smirk on his face. I could say the same to you oh Pauley. I could beat his ass any day. I would have tried out for the football but they probably wouldn't accept me anyways, because I'm a girl. I'm like 10 times better than Paul. He just doesn't know it cuz he's never seen me play, ever. Well, better late than never. I mentally smirked.

"He doesn't know what he's against," Jesse whispered in my ear.

"Got that right," I whispered back. We gave each other a high five.

They kept picking more people until they were finally done.

"Who's kicking the ball?" Paul asked.

"We are," Jesse replied. Paul nodded.

Jesse gave me a knowing look. Time to show my skills. Both teams went to different sides of the field. Jesse was holding the ball to the ground. I backed up. I could see Paul say something to his teammate and then they both laughed. Hmm. I ran forward and kicked the ball. It spiraled perfectly towards Paul's team. Paul stood there with a shocked look on his face. Serves him right.

Our team charged forward. Paul caught the ball and was running for a touchdown. I ran after him. He's a fast runner. But I'm faster. I was able to catch up to him and tackled him to the floor.

"Gotcha," I whispered in his ear. I got off of him and skipped back to my team. I gave Jesse another high five.

We lined back up. I guess Paul's playing quarterback for this game too.

"HIKE!" he yelled.

I ran across the field. I noticed the gaze he was giving that Mike guy, so I ran in his direction. Paul threw the football. My guess was right, it is headed towards Mike. I ran to Mike and was able to catch the ball before him. I then ran towards our touchdown. Paul tried to tackle me, but I was able to spin around and avoid him. He landed with his face flat on the floor. I ran a bit more and was able to make a touchdown.

"TOUCHDOWN!!" Jesse yelled. Our team cheered while Paul's team groaned.

We did a few more plays. My team won 21-0. Their team never made a score. Either I would intercept the ball or I would tackle the person with the football. In simple words, they sucked. Against me that is.

Then the dressing bell rang. I walked over to Paul and roughly tucked the football in his stomach.

"Next time don't think so highly of yourself unless you know what you're against," I hissed then walked away with a satisfied smirk on my face. I got dressed and went to nutrition.

"Hey guys!" I greeted.

"Hey Bells," Jared greeted back.

"Yo," Sam said.

"Sup," Quil added.

"Hey," Seth said.

"We need to talk," Jake pulled me aside.

"So you like Leah huh?" I teased.

"Uh, yeah," he said while running his hands through his hair.

"That makes it so much easier!" I exclaimed.

"Make what easier?" he asked confused.

"That girl has been hung up on you since 5th grade Jake! You seriously haven't noticed?" I asked.

"No, should've I?" he asked.


"I guess I'm just slow"

"Well, why don't you ask her out stupid?" I asked suddenly serious.

"Now?" he sounded unsure.

"Yes now, she's over there," I pointed to where Leah is sitting alone.


He walked over to her slowly.

"HURRY UP!" I shouted after him.

He picked up an even faster pace. He finally stood up in front of her and he was scratching the back of his neck. Suddenly, Leah stood up and hugged him. He faced me with a smile. I gave him a thumbs up. He mouthed a 'thanks.' The bell for 3rd period then rang.

"Bye guys, good luck!" I said.

I walked to my 3rd period, which turns out to be music. I walked in and took a seat. The bell for class to start already rang. Suddenly someone walked in through the door.

"Well, nice of you to join us," Ms. Michelle said.

"Sorry for being late"

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