Guess what everyone? The revision for Best Friends, or not is finally up and running!

I know I promised that it would take no longer than June 7th, but my internet was down yesterday and there was no other way for me to go on a computer. I'm so sorry! I just barely posted it up right now, so it might take a while to actually show up. If you haven't already put me on story alert, you should go do it now so you could be one of the firsts to read my revision: My Savior! Here is a short excerpt of chapter 1, enjoy :)

Paul's POV

I swear to god Jared, if you don't shut up I'll kill you too. I threatened.

Okay, so who wants to help Bella get back home?

No one answered. We were all standing in a straight line when everyone else took a step back. I realized that I was standing on my four paws alone.

Great Paul! Thanks for volunteering! Embry exclaimed.

Aw fuck no! You assholes, I did not volunteer! I shouted at them.

Sorry Paul, but I guess you're going to have to follow her. Sam said.

No. I said firmly.

Paul. I'm ordering you to follow her and bring her back home. He commanded.

What an asshole you are Sam. I grunted.

Hypocrite. Embry muttered. I could tell that everyone was trying to hold back their laughs.

Fine damn it. I grumbled.

I stalked off away from them and started following Bella's scent. I immediately picked up on her scent and found her seconds later. As assumed, she was walking around, surely not knowing which way to go. I walked over to her and nudged her back. She gasped then turned around to face me. "Oh it's you!" she exclaimed. I could hear the relief in her voice. Forgetting that I was still a wolf, I asked her if she was lost, but it came out as a bark.

She seemed to have understood me because she answered. "I know, I know. I'm lost okay? If you hadn't noticed, I do have the worst sense of direction," she laughed lightly. I nudged my muzzle towards the direction of her house and gestured for her to follow me. "Are you trying to lead me somewhere?" she asked. I nodded my head and her eyes lit up with excitement. "You can understand me, can't you?" I nodded my head once again. She smiled and began following me as I slowly walked, trying to match her pace.

"My name's Bella, what's yours?" she suddenly asked. Geez. This girl has no sense of self preservation. "Okay….. would you like me to guess?" I gave her a bark of approval. "Is it Andrew? Max? Milo? Fido?" she asked. I shook my head at all of them. "Princess?" I growled at that a bit. "Chill out, I was just kidding," she grinned. I rolled my eyes. "Did you just roll your eyes at me?" she asked in amusement. I nodded. "This is so cool!" she exclaimed.

We continued to walk further until we finally reached her house. I nudged her again and pointed at her house. "We're here," she stated. Duh. Good, at least I still haven't lost my sarcastic self. "Thank you again," she said with grateful tone. She started walking into her house and just as I was about to walk away, she turned back around. "Hey," she said softly. I gave her questioning eyes. "Can I call you wolfy?" she asked with a light smile. I was hesitant about it but nodded my head anyways. "Bye wolfy! Hope that I can see you again soon!" she waved goodbye then completely walked into her house.

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