Chapter 17: Starting Over

Batman stalks the halls of the Headquarters of the Justice League. He is on his way to have that private meeting with Superboy he has been looking forward to and he wants to have it before they, the League as a whole, decide his fate tomorrow. It had been several days since he had first wanted this little talk with Superman's erstwhile clone but Superboy's wounds had been slow to heal and J'onn had been very insistent that he not be put under any undue stress i.e. a talk with the Batman. Bruce suspects Clark had something to do with J'onn's unusual belligerence. Anyway at long last the time is here. Bruce has had to work unusually hard to be mentally prepared for his meeting as his usual mood had been lightened up by the fact he and Selina were now engaged. He had bought her a ring and they 'celebrated' it leaving him in a much cheerier mood than he would usually be in.

However right now he is completely, totally focussed on his task. He enters the room where Superboy is to empty bed.

A scowl instantly comes to his features. He is about to sound an alarm when he spots a note that has been left on the bedside table. He moves over, picks it up and unfolds it.

Dear Bruce,

If you are reading this then you have no doubt found that Superboy is no longer here. Before you go rushing off and sound Def-Con 1 be assured he hasn't run off. I am simply taking him some place where he can start over and through his subsequent actions regain everyone's trust.

To let you know as of yesterday Superboy has officially handed in his resignation from Young Justice so he no longer falls under our direct jurisdiction. I have already informed and discussed this with everyone and got their backing for that as long as Connor does not break any laws they will give him a chance to prove himself. It is my hope that you will do the same.

I am certain you will look me up to ask why I am doing this and I will be only too happy to have that discussion with you. In the meantime I will simply say that it is my belief that at his heart Connor is a decent caring person who deserves a second chance.


PS: By the way in case you haven't worked it out that means that tomorrow's meeting is cancelled.

PPS: Also try not to blow a gasket or have a stroke. I'm sure Selina would not be happy about her upcoming nuptials being ruined by you either dying or being laid up in hospital.

Bruce growls as he crumples up the bit of paper in his hand. "Damn Kent!"

Meanwhile in San Francisco at the HQ of Young Justice Wonder Girl is simply walking to her room to get a quick shower and a change of clothes after her latest rescue. Since quite a few of her team-mates were still laid up after the ambushes sprung on them it meant Cassie, along with the others who were able, were carrying more of the load, and were quite busy but they were coping. It is as she is walking along the corridor that she spots the door to Connor's room open ajar. Curious she pushes the door open to find that his room has been cleared out apart from a bag on the bed with a note attached. Cassie decides to read the note first.

Dearest Cassie,

By the time you read this I will have been to collect my belongings and begone. It probably sounds cowardly but I just didn't want to face you or anyone else and see the anger, hurt and sense of betrayal in their eyes. Besides my appearance will probably only end up causing trouble and I am certain you are busy enough without me adding to it. Please inform the others though that I do promise them as I promised you that one day I will re-earn that trust I lost and that if my words mean anything then please tell them I am sorry. In the meantime don't be too concerned for my well-being as Superman has given me a place to stay and to start over from.

I repeat to you in this note what I said to you before. I love you Cassandra Sandsmark and I hope that one day you can forgive me and we can be together again.

Connor Kent.

PS: In the bag is something Superman asked me to leave you. He says it is a gift from Queen Hippolyta. Something you have earned.

Cassie wonders what exactly Connor means by starting over. She lets out a sigh. Her emotions are still a tangled mess but she thinks that one day she will get over her hurt and be able to forgive Connor. It is simply not today. Then still there is the whole issue with feelings she may or may not have for Tim. Another issue she is no closer to resolving yet. Gods what a mess.

Knowing she is not resolving this tangled web any time soon Cassie moves on to what is in the bag. She opens the bag and she has to gasp at the sight. Inside the bag is a golden lasso like Diana has. She takes it out and examines it, tests its strength. Unbreakable. She can't believe it. Cassie attaches it to her hip, goes over to the mirror in the room and takes in her appearance. Oh yeah. This rocks!

Her brow then furrows as she suddenly realises there was something odd about that note Connor left. She goes back to it and re-reads it. It is the way he signed it.

Connor Kent.

"Cousin?" Connor queries as he flies beside Superman after leaving San Francisco. This whole thing had started when Clark had come to visit Connor while he was still laid up as his wounds were slower to heal than Clark's had been. Clark had repeated what he said when they were almost dead about Connor never having a normal life and that he proposed a way that he could and at the same time it would be a place Connor could start over from. On top of that Clark had made some mention about his mother living on her own and Clark worrying about her due to her advancing years and that if Connor agreed to go live on the farm that he would feel better that someone was with her more often than he could be. So anyway once Connor was sufficiently healed up Clark sneaked him out of JLHQ, telling Connor not to worry about the others because he would deal with them. From there they flew to the Young Justice HQ in San Francisco so Connor could collect his belongings and that brings them back to the here and now where Clark had been explaining how they will explain Connor's sudden appearance in Smallville.

"Yes," Clark answers on how they will explain who Connor is to everyone who meets him. "Long lost brother would probably be pushing credibility to its limit. Distant, rarely seen cousin is more believably because my father does actually have some distant rarely seen cousins."

"How did you get me a birth certificate and everything?" Connor has to ask. Somehow Clark had managed to arrange it so that Connor is now a real life citizen of the United States with birth certificate, social security number and everything.

Clark smiles knowing how peeved off Bruce probably is right about now. To keep it secret from Bruce what he was up to had meant he now owed Barbara a favour although secretly Clark thinks she loved the idea of doing this behind Bruce's back knowing what his reaction would be. "Oh well Batman isn't the only person I know who can do that sort of thing," he says with a mysterious air in answer to Connor and Connor decides to just leave it there.

"Are you really sure about this Clark?" Connor asks him. "I mean trusting me enough to stay with your mother." Clark had explained to him she was his adopted human mother.

"Yes Connor. Besides I gave my mother the option of saying no and she said yes. She agrees with me about you needing some grounding, a normal life, and trust me you can't get much more grounded than Smallville, Kansas." Clark can't resist a moment of teasing. "Of course my mother could have agreed on the grounds that she can think of many ways to put a strapping young man like yourself to use."

Connor's eyes widen in horror. He gets the implication. Clark laughs seeing that he managed to sucker Connor in.

"That isn't funny Clark!" Connor complains.

"Yes it is." Clark then accelerates with Connor trailing behind him.

Soon enough the two Kryptonians land at the farm. His mother there to greet them.

"Connor this is my mother Martha Kent. Mom this is Connor," Clark says introducing them.

"It is very nice to meet you, um, ma'am," Connor says politely.

Martha takes a moment to appraise Connor. She had never seen him in person. When Clark explained what he wanted to do to help Connor Martha had agreed entirely with his reasoning. The poor boy. Grown simply to be used by Lex Luthor and never having anything approaching a normal life like almost everyone else takes for granted. Clark has said that he wanted a place where Connor could start over and that he thought the farm and Smallville would be the best place. Martha had agreed with that too and frankly she is lonely she will admit and having a new person here, a new person for her to guide is precisely what she needs right now. "He looks just like you did Clark," she just has to comment after comparing Connor to her memory of Clark at that age.

"Yeah. Yeah. I know," Clark says like he has heard it a hundred times because he has.

Connor stands there rather nervously under this elderly lady's gaze.

"He probably doesn't eat enough like you too."

Clark rolls his eyes. Here we go.

"Well now lets get you inside and unpacked," Martha suggests to Connor as she loops her arm around his and Connor allows her to pull him along with Clark following on behind. "By the way you can call me Martha or Ma if you like," she tells Connor.

"Um, ok, Ma," Connor says caught by how strange that word sounds coming from his mouth yet at the same time how nice it feels for him to have another person who is prepared to treat him like family.

Once inside the house Clark shows Connor to his room. "This alright?" Clark inquires of his clone.

"Yeah. This is fine," Connor replies and it is. It is probably better than he deserves after everything he did.

Clark snaps his fingers. "I have something for you," he says suddenly remembering it.

In a gust of wind Clark vanishes then reappears with something wrapped in brown paper. "This is for you when you decide you're ready to go back to being a hero."

Connor unwraps it and holds up an item of clothing, a new shirt. "Clark I don't deserve to wear this," he says feeling unworthy of the gift Clark is giving him.

"Connor it is the symbol of my family. Anyone who is a member of my family can wear it and you are a member of my family." Clark takes it from Connor and folds it back up. He puts it away in a drawer. "Like I said though. That is for when you are ready."

Connor nods in agreement. "I do have a question though."


"How do I have a normal life when everyone knows what I look like?" he asks having been a visible hero for months.

Clark smiles and places his arm across Connor's shoulders. "Let me tell you all about what a pair of glasses can do."

A little later Clark is showing Connor the barn as he explains a little about growing up here and how the loft was his little get away. Connor noted the new couch. They are interrupted by footsteps drawing near. Both turn to the entrance of the barn and standing there, her arms folded across her chest is Diana. She had taken the twins for a walk when Clark and Connor had arrived and is obviously just back. Connor audibly gulps at the sight.

"What?" Clark asks him having heard the gulp.

"Um remember what you said about Diana breaking me in half if I hurt Cassie?" he asks Clark.


"I hurt Cassie."

Clark looks at his wife's stern expression then back at Connor's expression of fear and dread and can't help a small laugh. "It's alright Connor. She promised not to hurt you. Well not in any way that is permanent at least."

"Somehow that doesn't make me feel better Clark," Connor points out as his mind works through all the things Diana could do to him that wouldn't be permanent but still really, really hurt.

Clark chuckles at Connor's expression. "Could be worse," he points out and then gives an example from his own experience. "Shortly after Diana and I started dating I ended up having to fight all her Amazon sisters to prove my worthiness to date their princess."

Clark never wanted to fight anyone of course but they are a warrior culture and it was the only way he could earn their respect and acceptance so he fought them while trying at the same time not to hurt anyone...too badly. He did win evidenced by the fact that he and Diana are married. In fact they ended up being married twice. One ceremony on the farm so his mother and their friends could attend and a second time on Themyscira under a traditional Amazon bonding ceremony where they pledged themselves to each other. Clark swearing to do so in the name of Diana's Gods as she had been willing to do in the name of God at the ceremony on the farm. Clark may not like or have all that much patience for many of the Gods Diana worshipped but he respected her beliefs and her culture so was perfectly willing to be bonded to her in the ways of her people just as she had been willing to be married to him by a priest in what were more his mother's Christian beliefs than his own. Clark had never been a particularly religious person.

"Daddy!!??" twins voices loudly query in stereo as they are looking for their father. They blur into the barn but slide to a halt at seeing the strange young man standing next to their father.

"It's alright," he assures them. He signals them to come to him. "Jon, Lara come and say hello to Connor. He is...your new uncle."

Connor look at Clark with some surprise. Uncle?

Jon and Lara make their way over to their father as he bends down to their level. "Say hello Connor," Clark prompts his clone.

Connor bends down a little unsure of himself. "Um hi," he says with his voice a little bit squeaky.

"Kids say 'Hello Uncle Connor'," Clark prompts them wanting to try and make Connor as much a part of his family as he can.

"Hello Uncle Connor," Jon and Lara say together.

A nice warm feeling forms in Connor's stomach. After all he did now have both a niece and a nephew. He has an actual family with which he can belong.

That night before Clark and Diana leave to go back to Metropolis, the house was patched up enough to be liveable again, Connor is saying his farewells when Lara comes to him and tugs on his hand. Connor bends down and she kisses him on the cheek which makes Connor smile in a way he doesn't think he has ever smiled. It had been a great day he has to say. New home. New family. Even Diana was...well polite to him although he could hear some perfectly understandable anger lacing her voice occasionally. He deserves that he knows but at least she didn't break him in half and seemed willing to give him a chance to redeem himself.

After they leave Connor happily washes the dishes that Ma had insisted he do. Clark had mentioned during the course of the day that chores were an obligation of living under his mother's roof. Connor didn't mind. He felt he needed to earn his keep.

Dishes done he decides to head outside to the barn. Clark had shown him it earlier and explained about it being a place where one could be alone with their thoughts and right now he felt like doing that. On his way out Mrs Kent shouts after him "Don't stay up too late!"

"I won't!" Connor shouts back as a promise.

"Just remember that tomorrow is your first day of school!"

Connor stops dead in his tracks. His heart pounds furiously in his chest while it feels like his blood freezes in his veins in horror. "School??!!" he splutters out in shock. Clark had not mentioned anything about that!!!

As Connor is getting over the whole going to school revelation part of starting his life over another man is also seeing about starting over. This man's name is General Ealing and he has been given the job of trying to see what can be salvaged from the wreckage of Cadmus. So far not much had been as Lex Luthor has done an excellent job of stripping Cadmus bare.

Right now General Ealing is walking through one of Cadmus' abandoned facilities. One of the salvage crews had found something; one of their less than successful attempts to clone Superman. He marches up next to the scientist he had assigned to assess it who is currently standing in front of the liquid filled tube the failed duplicate floats in. "Report," he barks out.

The scientist, Dr Milo, looks up at him from some notes he was reading over. "There is nothing much to report General. This clone suffered from the same genetic degradation all the others did. It had been scheduled for disposal the day after Lex Luthor's attack. Obviously as a result of Luthor's actions that procedure was never carried out and because it wasn't destroyed the chamber did as it was programmed to and continued to mature the clone to full adulthood."

General Ealing appraises the flawed copy. "How did Luthor manage to create a perfect clone and we can't?" he has to know.

Dr Milo shakes his head. "Unknown and considering Luthor's current state it is safe to say the secret is lost to us forever."

General Ealing suppresses the feelings of frustration. Damn Luthor. He had all but destroyed nearly a decade's worth of work. "Transfer this...thing to the new facility," he decides. "Maybe we can salvage something from it."

"As you wish General," Dr Milo says obediently.

General Ealing departs having much work to do to get the new facility, that will try and continue Cadmus' work, up and running. That leaves Dr Milo alone with the degraded clone. He isn't all that hopeful they can salvage anything of much use from it but he will do as he is instructed. From a scientific point of view this clone is quite interesting. None of the others had been allowed to reach full maturity having been destroyed as soon as evidence of genetic degradation was spotted. The result had left this clone mutated; the facial features deformed and the skin a metallic-white colour. A word comes to Dr. Milo that describes it perfectly he thinks.


A few weeks after Lex and Doomsday Clark, Diana and the twins arrive at Wayne Manor for Bruce and Selina's engagement party. Since it was the weekend they had decided to turn it to a big get together for as many League members as could be spared from doing duties. Thinking of Lex for a moment he was still in his coma and showing no signs of waking up soon. The word vegetable had been thrown about as to the state Lex now found himself in. Clark couldn't stop a part of him thinking that maybe it was what Lex deserved and Clark normally isn't a vengeful person who gets delight out of another's suffering. Of course another part of him was still saddened that this was how it all ended up considering where he and Lex started.

On another topic Bruce and Clark had had a talk about Connor and reached an arrangement about letting him try and prove himself although Bruce made it clear in no uncertain terms that he would be closely watching him. Clark would have been more surprised if he hadn't. In fact Clark is pretty certain Bruce somehow manages to keep a close eye on all of them. His paranoid, control-freak tendencies hadn't been all that lessened by the passage of time.

The door opens and they are greeted by an ever increasingly elderly looking Alfred who despite his advancing years was still determined to serve the Wayne family for as long as he was able. Although these days he needed a walking stick to get around so some members of Young Justice had been persuaded, or bribed depending on your definition, into helping out.

"Mr Kent. Mrs Kent," Alfred addresses them.

At the Mrs Kent bit a small smile comes to Diana's face. She still loves the way that sounds. They enter the house carrying a twin each and making their way through the house, led by Alfred, until they find Bruce not outside celebrating as he should be but in his office hunched over a desk looking over plans.

"Don't you ever take a day off Bruce," Clark wryly observes.

"Crime doesn't," is Bruce's simple reply.

Clark shakes his head with a roll of his eyes for good measure before he looks at what Bruce is looking at. "Is that the plans for the Watchtower?" Clark asks.

Bruce nods in response. The Watchtower was basically an observation satellite placed in orbit that would allow the League to monitor the Earth more effectively. It would be manned round the clock in shifts. To make that possible it would encompass alien tech. Clark had allowed Bruce to study Kryptonian technology or at least the parts of it that could be replicated. Most of it was so far beyond current human technology that it was impossible to replicate. J'onn had added some of his Martian technological knowledge to the project as well as a few other bits and pieces of alien tech they had picked up over the years. They had been discussing building it for years but had never got around to building it. Lex's near destruction of them had been the impetus to them finally agreeing to get on and build the thing.

Bruce finally looks up to see Clark and Diana each holding one of their children. He had been very glad that they had all survived especially since somehow Diana roped him into being a Godfather to the twins. Bruce still hasn't worked out how she did it.

"So how long until it is built?" Diana asks Bruce.

"Construction has already started," Bruce informs her. "A few months should do it."

"That seems fast," Diana comments.

"It is because it can be constructed on the ground and then using the League members who can survive in space it can simply be lifted into orbit. That saves using rockets and time taken to piece it together in orbit."

"Well I am so glad my ability to survive a vacuum is useful to you Bruce," Clark says sarcastically knowing he will be one of the ones to place it in orbit. "Maybe I should hire myself out as a satellite delivery service."

Bruce nods and replies very seriously "That would be a very profitable enterprise."

"Wow that was another joke. Two in a month. Selina is good for you," Clark jokes and the twins actually giggle at the tone of their father's voice.

"Well I'm glad someone finally realised it!" All heads turn to find Selina, hands on hips looking mildly unhappy at the fact Bruce is working on the day they are suppose to be celebrating their engagement. She strides up next to her fiancé. "Although I would prefer it if my husband-to-be had been the one to realise it," she needles at him. Selina turns her attentions to Clark and Diana. "Anyway I'm glad you could make it." Also can she just take a moment to mentally note that Clark and Diana have managed to produce like the two cutest children ever.

"No problem," Clark assures her. "It's nice having these get togethers every once in a while. By the way your ring is lovely."

Selina raises her hand and admires the sparkling diamond ring. "Isn't it." She turns her gaze to find Bruce back looking at the plans. "Bruce!"

Bruce jerks up straight. "What?"

"No more work. It is our day to celebrate and hang out with our friends which you can't do in here."

"But Selina..." Bruce stops at the near murderous glare Selina is giving him. "Um, er, sure lets go outside. I'm done."

Selina gives a little nod of satisfaction at the fact her work for today is done. Selina takes Bruce by the hand and drags him out while Clark and Diana have to do all they can not to burst out laughing at the sight of a hen-pecked Batman. In fact they are not the only ones as it is clear that Alfred too is finding the whole thing amusing. Oh his face doesn't show it. He is too well trained but the glint of amusement in his eyes is all too evident.

"Come on," Clark says to his family. "Lets go and see who is here."

They make their way out to the back where the twins are soon off to go play with the other League children like Oliver and Dinah's daughter, Olivia, and Zatanna's son, John, and a few others including Steel's niece, Natasha. Many of them who formed the original League were not getting any younger and the urge to settle down and have children was affecting more and more of them. It had finally even caught up with Bruce hence why they were here in the first place.

"Clark Kent?!" a shocked voice utters his name.

Clark turns round to find Wally and Linda behind him. Wally had mentioned that he was bringing her so she could be 'indoctrinated' into the League family so Clark isn't as surprised at her appearance as she obviously is at his.

"Hi Linda," Clark greets her. They knew each other from bumping into each other at press junkets.

"You're a superhero?" Linda queries in utter shock. It wasn't possible. She knew Clark. He was mild-mannered. Shy. Polite to a fault. Not a superhero.

Clark shrugs. "I'm simply someone who has the power to help Linda."

Linda felt like her head was about to explode. Bruce Wayne was Batman and his soon-to-be wife was Catwoman. Oliver Queen was Green Arrow and his wife was the Black Canary and that was just the tip of the iceberg of what she had learned today. "So who are you?" she asks Clark who opens his mouth to answer but Linda cuts him off. "No. Don't tell me. You're Superman!" she says sarcastically.

Linda waits for the laughter that never comes. Instead Clark finally pulls the glasses off his face and there staring back at her is the unmistakable cerulean blue eyes that only Superman possessed. "How?" she squeaks out.

"Ooh long story. You will probably want to be sitting down when I tell that one," Clark says with light humour.

Linda turns to Clark's wife. "So who are you? Wonder Woman?" she jests not believing she can possibly be correct this time.

Diana too pulls the glasses off her face and lets her hair fall down to its natural position. "Yes. I am."

Linda bends over and starts hyperventilating.

"Breathe honey," Wally tells her very concerned for her well-being.

"! The greatest story ever and I will never be able to say anything will I?"

Wally shakes his head while rubbing her back. "Sorry but you did promise," he reminds her about keeping it all secret.

Linda tries to get enough oxygen into her lungs as she suddenly remembers something else. She straightens up. "Don't you have twins?" she asks Clark and Diana.

"Yes," Clark answers. "They're over there playing," he says pointing at the group of children.

Linda feels faint. Not only has she just found out Superman and Wonder Woman are married but they have children and she will never ever be able to say anything that under other circumstances could give her the greatest story ever. Linda hopes no other revelations come forth. She doesn't think she could take it.

"Hey sis!"

Linda looks up to find Donna Troy-Rayner, former Wonder Girl, walking towards them hand in hand with Kyle Rayner and what is more Linda can tell that she is pregnant. Oh god. Linda can say she imagined that heroes would have relationships too like normal people but she never imagined anything like this with a whole gaggle of children to boot.

Clark and Kyle shake hands while Diana greets her sister with a hug before taking a moment to appreciate the ever increasing in size bump Donna now has.

Wally meanwhile has his mind on other things and not what Linda is going through. "Hey Clark. How about a race?"

Clark thinks on it for a moment before he shrugs and agrees to it. With everything that had been going on lately he and Wally hadn't had a chance to have a good race in weeks and truthfully Clark will admit deep down he loves being able to let loose and simply revel in the joy of running flat out...of running faster than anyone else possibly could.

Wally grins widely. Racing Clark is one of his favourite things. He actually has to try, really try, to beat Clark which is something he never normally has to do. It is also because that Clark is the only other person he knows who gets the same joy out of running at those sort of speeds as Wally does. Clark is the only other one who can understand what it is like.

"On your marks," Donna announces volunteering herself to the roll of starter. "Get set....Go!"

In a gust of wind and a couple of blurry streaks Clark and Wally vanish.

"Well that will be them for an hour or two," Donna proclaims. "Whose up for snacks?" she asks needing to try and assuage her ravenous hunger.

Diana shakes her head at both her sister and particularly her husband. Honestly 43 going on 44 and he still races Wally around like they're 12 or something.

"Do they do that often?" Linda asks having never seen 'Clark' do that.

Donna snorts. "About once a week usually. Honestly they are like the two biggest kids you have ever seen but they do seem to get a lot of joy out of it." Donna places her arm around Linda's shoulder to comfort her sensing that she needs it. "Now I know this probably a shock but you're handling it well. Most people have flipped out by now."

"I'm not far from it," Linda admits.

"Let me tell you what helps. Going over to the buffet table and having snacks," Donna's one-track mind suggests while she gently starts to usher Linda in that direction. "By the way Diana who did Clark get to look after Metropolis?" Donna asks knowing Clark hates leaving it unprotected.

"Oh it is in safe hands," Diana answers cryptically.

In Metropolis Kristine Richards is just coming around from being knocked out when a car travelling the wrong way hit her. As her senses wake up she can smell gas which must be leaking. She can feel that she is trapped. Oh god, oh god she thinks to herself. One spark and she is toast and she will never see her husband or children again.

She focuses her eyes and can see that whoever was in the car that hit her has already been rescued. The odd thing is that it looks like the metal was physically torn apart. It is then that she can hear the metal around her being carefully ripped apart releasing her from her metal prison yet she cannot see her saviour but she can guess to his identity. Eventually two powerful arms reach under her and lift her from the car.

"Thank you," she says as she starts to look at her saviour. Her first thought as she does so is that he is dressed wrong. Not in the red, blue and gold she was expecting but simply black and red. What it is she is seeing is a black shirt and on it in red is the crest that resembles the stylised S that Superman wears on his chest. Kristine's eyes move to look at her saviour's face who is looking down on her with gentle concern expressed in his blue eyes and she is caught by the fact he is only a young man, a teenager even.

"It'll be alright," he reassures her. "I'm going to take you to the hospital." With that Kristine finds herself flying through the sky before landing in front of the hospital where she is delivered into the hands of doctors and nurses. Her saviour turns to leave. "Wait!" she shouts after him causing him to stop and look at her. "Who are you?" she just has to ask the handsome, powerfully built young hero.

Her saviour smiles the smile of someone who may not know entirely who he is but knows enough to answer her question with absolute belief in this part of him that wants to help those that need it. Someone who was more than glad to cover for his 'cousin'. The one who gave him his new shirt a few weeks back to wear when he was ready. Well now he is ready and this is him starting over. This is him making the first small steps on what may be a long journey in trying to redeem himself and re-earn the trust of his contemporaries that he lost. More important than that, however, this is him saving two lives that would otherwise may have come to an end today.

Who is he she had asked him. He happily answers her.

"I'm Superboy."

The End.

Author's Note: As the title explains this story was merely to be the origin of our favourite Superboy. Therefore this story was never about tying up every loose end and I did leave a few open threads. I wanted it to end with him at the start of a new journey. The one to his redemption. I hope you all enjoyed it and a big thank you to everyone who wrote reviews.