It was the first day of winter; a cold breeze was flowing through the air. I inhaled deeply; catching the scent of the wet, damp streets. It was late; I was on my evening walk. It kept me relaxed and calm. As I walked, I kept thinking. The thoughts flowing through my mind were...unrecognised. I hadn't had these thoughts for a long time. They were memories of my childhood. My father would always tell me that I should become a dentist, like him. It was silly; thinking about my future. I mean, you're only living in every second you're living. You don't jump to conclusions, or organise future events, because, it's a waste of time. My mother was similar; she would always tell me which kind of woman I should marry. She would chat for hours on end about how she should look; what she should wear; what job she should have. It was never good enough for them. They expected me to be the perfect person; their perfect son. Oh, but then a little 'miracle' happened. My parents had him when I was 7. Oh, how I loathed him. They smothered him with love, leaving me in the ditch. I was so jealous; I made him look like a fool in front of my parents. What goes around comes around.

After these flashbacks, I decided to meet up with him; my younger brother, Jasper. He was so kind; I don't know why I destroyed his life. The only problem is trying to find him. I couldn't bear to think of it; how I had ruined him. After what I had done, my parents turned on him. They swore on their parents graves that they would never speak to him again. Where would he live? I couldn't find it in me. Then something made me find him. Some sort of magic force encouraged me to keep looking. I was destined to find my brother.

The road was long, the snow was everlasting. I was just outside of Kentucky, my home town. Jasper lived in a small building near Arizona, which was a craphole. I can see that I really messed up. "How long 'til we get to Arizona?", I asked the driver of the taxi. He was a little bit weird, but I could sort of make some sense of his mocking voice. "About... 3 hours...." He would reply with a sort of 'I know what you did last summer' grin. Ok, this was getting really weird. Was this guy a psycho or something? Right after I thought this he said "I know what you're thinking." "Umm, yeah, can you pull over here, I'll be fine, thanks." "Don't be afraid. I was the same as you. I sabotaged my brother's life too. It's life changing isn't it?" By now the guy had pulled over 'If only my parents hadn't have loved him so much! IF ONLY HE WASN'T SO PERFECT! I'm not crazy! I'M NOT CRAZY!' "Would you like me to take you t-to the h-hospital or s-something?" I was so freaked out, this guy's a loon! "Don't you see? It's all in your head..." I woke up in the taxi. The driver wasn't in the car. We were parked outside what seemed to be a motel. The driver was talking to a lady. She was dressed up like a tart. She had heavy make-up, high heels, those weird tights with the holes, a scarf made of feathers and a small handbag. "Ugh, what happened?" I said to myself. I started laughing, the thought of going crazy by talking to myself.