I awoke when we were driving through the winding trees. It was very peaceful here, but I couldn't help feeling a slight sense of regret going on this trip. The driver suddenly said "we are about 2 hours from Arizona. Do you want something to eat?" This guy felt like my mum. "Yeah, sure, I definitely need my energy. Here's $10 for my meal."I said, offering him the money. "Now, Now, you're already paying a fortune for this taxi ride. Let me buy everything." 'Ok, but I'll buy the next meal.'

We pulled in to a close diner and ordered a meal. We both ate in silence. It felt weird; talking to a taxi driver like I've known him for years. We finished our meals and got back on the road. This trip is taking forever.

After many hours of talking, sleeping and sweating the trip is almost over. We've arrived in Arizona. Jasper lives somewhere in the centre of Arizona, so it'll take a while to find this place. To kill time I decided to start another conversation. "So, do you come from America?" I decided to ask. It isn't much of a question, but it'll do. "Umm, I actually was born in Ireland and when I was about 2 years old I moved to America because of my mother. My father left my wife for another woman. She was terribly upset. She cried for years over him. I hate to think of it..." "I'm very sorry. My name is David. David Sheen. My parents originated from Canada, but moved to Kentucky to give birth to me." I said this to take his mind off of the subject. We seemed to have entered a forest-like area. It was dark and scary, but I tried not to show it. "Where are we?" I said, just to make sure he wasn't daydreaming or something.