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Egotist Calamity wanted me to write a story about what might happen if Maria returned and it got me thinking, then I couldn't stop thinking so I wrote this. It's not particularly long, only a few chapters, but it's what I came up with so hope you enjoy.

Takes place after Breaking Dawn. Jasper's pov.

Misguided ghosts.



Being empathic I had felt it many times in my life projected from others, but still I marvelled every time I felt it myself, I wouldn't have believed it possible that I could feel happiness.

Of course the dark haired pixie currently curled up on my chest was the main source of this feeling, how could I be anything less than happy when she was in my arms?

Her tiny body began to shake as giggles overtook the result of some vision.

I buried my head into her spiky black hair inhaling her unique scent, sending a wave of contentment through me.

"What's that old saying?" Her soprano voice rang like the sweetest music to my ears.

"Well it depends what your referring to." My voice came out muffled as my face was still in her hair.


I could here the grin in her voice and chuckled.

"Well that doesn't really narrow it down, although my immediate response would be 'small things amuse small minds'!"

I smiled as her laughter filled the room, there is no sweeter sound in the world than Alice's laugh, although I admit I may be a little biased.

She playfully swatted my arm "That's mean!" Her continued giggles removing all power from her rebuke.

I ran a trail of kisses from her hair down her neck, twisting my head so I could lay a soft kiss on her cheek.

She purred contentedly cuddling closer to me our conversation forgotten as she raised her head and our eyes met.

How long I spent lost in the depths of her golden eyes I'm not sure, all I know is one moment I was blissfully happy with my reason for living, the next voices broke through our little bubble of peace ruining the tranquillity of our moment.

Sighing softly Alice pulled herself up resting her cheek against mine for a few seconds before rolling off me and onto her feet.

The simple loss of her from my arms allowed the rest of the world to invade my thoughts again.

The voices signalled the rest of the family was home and Alice had already told me Carlisle wanted to talk to us all about moving soon.

We had been in Forks for nearly five years now and with the addition of Nessie and the fact we should all be in collage it was getting difficult to remain here inconspicuously.

Standing quickly I took hold of Alice's hand as she led the way downstairs.

"I just wanted everyone's opinion, there are several factors we need to consider in this move."

Carlisle began as we all settled around the seldom used dinning table.

"Bella, your self control is extraordinary but we can't overlook the fact you are still a newborn."

His guilt increased as he looked at Bella, but she didn't seem at all offended.

"I accept I may be a liability." she smiled at Carlisle.

Edward frowned upset "You're not a liability Bella."

I rolled my eyes, Edward was so pathetic sometimes.

His eyes snapped onto me narrowing "You can talk."

Alice looked between the two of us frowning, she hated not knowing what was going on. The matching frown on Bella's face showed she felt the same.

I shrugged in response to Edward before Carlisle interrupted us.

"With Nessie's continued ageing it's going to be difficult no matter what we decide."

He looked at me and I knew what he was asking.

"New identities wont be hard with Jenks, but with the increase in technology we may need to think about using a new surname at least." I suggested "Especially if we're moving more often. Of course we can use the same identities for a few years and just change Nessie's when we have to."

Alice suddenly spoke up "I don't think we need to."

Everyone turned to stare at her forcing me to repress an instinctive growl.

"I mean I don't think we should settle in one place, at least not until Nes is fully grown."

Bella's frown deepened at Alice shortening her daughters name more.

"And that will also give Bella time, I mean I know she has good control but being surrounded by hundreds of people at school is completely different than just one or two people she cares about at home."

"Well." Edward spoke up "I was thinking we could do what we planned before the Volturi incident."

Edward said it casually but I felt the sparks of fear and anger at the mention of the Volturi.

"Me and Bella could take Renesmee to South America to find out more about the hybrids and spend some time with Zafrina and the Amazons whilst we're there."

Protests rose at this idea, no one wanted to miss Nessie growing up.

I kept my mouth shut but my thoughts betrayed me to Edward.

"She's shown better control than we thought." he snapped at me.

I tried not to react to his unspoken accusation.

She has better control than you!

Edward sighed as he caught the thought in my head.

"I didn't say that Jasper."

"I know." I said curtly "I'm sorry, but like Carlisle said Bella is still a newborn, I can't help the stigma that comes with that label."

"Jasper has a point."

My eyes shot up as Bella defended me.

"I could slip, it's not an impossibility , just because I haven't yet doesn't change that."

Bella was such a good balance to Edward.

"Why don't we all go?" Rosalie spoke up, she was very worried at the thought of not seeing Nessie for seven years.

Having contributed my thoughts I began to get bored with this discussion, whatever Alice decided to do I would go with. I rarely gave my opinion when we moved, usually because it was down to my weakness that we had to move.

Honestly I'd be happy travelling for seven years if it meant I didn't have to spend eight agonising hours a day surrounded by teenagers. If the blood lust didn't get me the hormones usually did!

"It may be the best option, if everyone is in agreement." Carlisle concluded the matter.

Everyone quickly agreed, Carlisle looked at me expectantly, I shrugged and looked at Alice, she was happy with the idea.

"I'm ok with that." I said.

Carlisle smiled a little sadly knowing it was the best he'd get from me.

"What about Jacob?" Bella asked "He can't leave Renesmee."

I held in my chuckle at her conflicting emotions. Jacob was her friend and she loved him and didn't want to hurt him, at the same time she was still unhappy he had imprinted on her daughter.

"Well if he wants too I see no reason he can't join us, after all he is technically a part of the family now."

It was amazing Carlisle could so easily accept someone who, less than a year ago, would have had no regret at killing our entire family.

Rosalie hissed unhappy with the idea of Jacob joining us.

Personally I didn't care, it would be useful to have someone else who could fight if needs be.

Sure he was meant to be our enemy but imprinting on Nes changed that, he couldn't hurt her and therefore couldn't hurt us, I rolled my eyes seeing the parallel from when I first joined the Cullen's.

"I'll talk to him later when he brings Renesmee home." Bella told Carlisle.

I was seriously bored now, my hand sought out Alice's under the table, I wanted this meeting over so I could have her to myself again.

I felt her delight as my hand found hers and she leant into me slightly.

I had given up trying to fight Alice's love, to get her to see she could do better than me, but it didn't stop me marvelling at how lucky I was during moments like this.

Finally, after what felt like several ice ages, the family meeting concluded with the agreement we would be travelling until Nessie was fully grown and if Jacob wanted to join us, after Bella had explained everything to him, he was welcome.

Why it took so long to decide that is beyond me!

I was just about to lead Alice away, hoping for a few more hours of privacy, when she suddenly tensed.

My arms wrapped around her waist, holding her close as the vision past.

Fear consumed her as she blinked returning to the present.

"What?" I asked in concern, immediately pushing calm into her.

Her eyes met mine and I flinched at the level of panic there.

"Maria." she chocked out.

The whole world seemed to shift violently.

I heard voices around me but nothing seemed to make sense to me as my brain floundered trying to comprehend what was happening.

How could Maria be here?

What did she want?

"Jasper." Esme's soft caring voice broke through my jumbled mind.

I looked over to her blankly, the sadness and love displayed so openly on her face made me feel ill at the thought of Maria anywhere near here.

Sucking in a sharp breath my brain finally caught up with what was happening.

"How long Alice?" Edward was asking.

"Not long, she was in the area and caught Jasper's scent."

Things went blurry again, this was all my fault I needed to…

"Don't even think about it!" Alice growled out at me.

I looked down into her angry face. "Alice…" I began to explain.

"NO!" She yelled "You'd have no chance against her on your own."

"Lets everybody calm down." Carlisle's calm voice took charge "Jasper do not make any rash decisions until we know what's happening."

What's happening? I think it's pretty obvious what's happening, Maria is in the area and there was no way in hell I was letting her anywhere near my family.

Alice scowled at me, her fingers tightened around mine as though she was strong enough to keep me next to her.

"We wait and see what she wants. We have the advantage if we stay near the house, Jacob has Renesmee so she isn't at risk."

I wanted to argue but knew it would do no good instead I swamped my head with memories of the south, enough to know Edward wouldn't be paying close attention to my thoughts.

"I need some time to think." I said making my voice weak, Alice's fingers tightened more.

I met her eyes focussing on my past I let the haunted dead look take over my face, hating myself as I saw the pain in her own eyes, but it was the only way to keep her safe.

"I'll see if you decide anything." She warned letting go of my hand.

I nodded once before heading upstairs unable to look at anyone else.

Now came the hard part Alice would see anything I decided, what she didn't know is I had spent years trying to find a way around her visions and recently I had found it, the wolves were the key, I knew it wouldn't take her long to figure it out when she realised but all I needed was a head start.

I paused for a moment, I knew how guilty she would feel when she found out she had missed something, I knew she would worry herself silly over me, but it was better than having her anywhere near Maria.

With that settled I started to let my mind wander pulling up dozens of different plans for this situation, jumping from one idea to another so fast Alice would barley have time to see them all, hoping Edward was also sufficiently distracted by the continuous visions Alice was receiving I quietly snuck out the window, the wolves I had to get the wolves, that was my plan that was what I focused on, getting the wolves involved would make Alice blind.

I barley dared to believe I was actually going to get away with this, but not one person felt any suspicion as I dropped silently to the ground and took off towards the trees.

I'm going to get the wolves.

A few miles out I began to get traces of Maria's scent on the wind.

I sent a silent apology to Alice before changing course, she'd see the truth now.

I slowed as I neared a small clearing, scents and emotions swirled around me, I tried to process them all before revealing myself.

Maria was there, she was annoyed, upset.

Nothing new there I thought wryly.

There was another scent I recognised but couldn't put a name to, he seemed impatient and a little hurt.

The other three were obviously newborns from the level of blood lust I was getting.

Five vampires, only three newborns, it could have been a lot worse.

I stepped out of the trees so they could see me, maybe I could just make them leave.

A small part of my brain laughed at me.

You've been spent too much time with Carlisle, there was a time these five would be dead before they knew what hit them.

Well times change.

Maria's eyes glinted like rubies, hard and dangerous. The male was big and looked familiar but I still couldn't give him a name.

He must have just been a newborn when I left, a face in the crowd who somehow proved himself worthy.

The three newborns tensed dropping into obvious fighting crouches.

I tried not to roll my eyes at them, in my day they would have been better disciplined.

Yeah well you left and this is the result.

"Jasper, I knew it was you." Maria said, her happy voice in complete contradiction to the anger she was feeling.

I stopped near the trees a significant distance between us.

"What are you doing here Maria?"

"Well I was just in the area when I caught your scent and thought while I'm here why not look up an old friend."

Her voice took on a dangerous edge and I tensed ready for whatever happened.

The sound of movement caught my attention and the grin that suddenly appeared on Maria's face made my stomach turn.

Not good!

I turned slightly in the direction she was looking and my breath caught.

A cliff hanger, I know I'm evil but the next chapter will be up tomorrow so you don't have to wait long.