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"Alright, that'll do it! " A deep voice yelled as the coach blew loudly on his whistle. I sighed as I reach up grasping the dirty mask and lifting it off my face. My eyes squinting as the sunlight hit my sweat drenched skin, as I watched my teammates hurry past me into the dugout. I sighed again as I reached up wiping my brow with my forearm, looking down at myself. My uniform was dirty, I could tell even under the heavy equipment I was wearing, but my love for the game was stronger than a little dirt.

I smiled, slowly making my way to the Greendale Community College's Human Beings Softball dugout. Besides the football team, we're the only other sporting team that actually wins sometimes.

I threw my helmet and mask on the bench as I started undoing the buckles of my leg protectors. Listening to my teammates banter on about their boyfriends and what not. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have a boyfriend to banter on about, but let's be honest...I was no devastating beauty. I was tall for a woman, towering in at 5'10, I was tall enough to scare most men...and the occasional little child. My height gave me the power to become an all star catcher for almost every softball team I played on, but guys don't care about that.

I'm also chubby, it don't matter when I am squatted down behind the plate, but in looks guys seemt to overlook the fat chick. So there it was in a nutshell, I'm ugly, too tall, fat and through the scar in on top of that...I'm not the object of desires...basically I'm a bow-wow.

Freeing my legs from the protective layers, I listened to the coach tells us about the next game. I thought silently about my life, sure I had some setbacks, but things we're finally on the right path and honestly who doesn't have setbacks?

After taking care of my equipment, I quickly volunteered to gather the team's equipment in addition to mine. Our towel boy quit at the beginning of the season, so I quickly decided that I would do it. I didn't mind it, plus it gave time for the rest of the team to finish their showers, before I took mine. I wasn't shy in the least, but it's the numerous questions about the scar that get me...I mean don't get me wrong a scar that crosses your whole back, is sure enough to get attention.

Freshly showered and dressed moments later, I reached for my cell phone that laid on the shelf in my locker. Glancing at the screen that read '1 new message', I reached over and a smile crossed my face when the name 'Annie' appeared on my screen.

I've known Annie for years, we met back in high school. I was a few years ahead of her back then. We actually met when her parents went through this phase that Annie had to play at least one sport. Poor Annie, the girl couldn't throw or catch for the life of her, and yet she chose to try out for the softball team. Why she did, I don't know...nor do I know how she made the team. I felt bad for her, she was a nice girl who was forced into it, but still tried her best at it, so I offered to tutor her if you will. I taught her how to catch, and you should of seen the eyes light up on her father's face when she got her first hit!

We've been friends since then, even after the accident...the acccident that put my life on hold for 2 years, Annie and her family were there every step of the way. Sure, they were kind of crazy, uptight and anal, but they were like family. So attending the same community college at the same time, was better than nice for Annie and I.

Opening the message it simply said "Meet me the library, I need a favor." I slipped the phoen back into my purse, as I collected my things, gave myself a once over in the mirror. A light blue t-shirt and some jeans was my outfit of choice, and began my walk towards the library. Entering the building, I walked towards the study rooms, quickly finding Annie in with her normal study group.