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Chapter Four

Bill watched as Harry dropped his head to the desk, cringing slightly at the rather loud thump that sounded when it made contact.

"She tried to place a deposit on a wedding cake?" Harry's muffled voice sounded. Bill hummed yes, and watched carefully. "By getting access to my accounts here at Gringotts?"

"Yep." Harry nodded, sliding his forehead against the desk.

"And now your dad has sent her to a family member far removed from Ottery St Catchpole and Ron saw fit to inform everyone within hearing range – a rather large area at that – that since Ginny doesn't have a cock, I'm definitely not interested?"

"You forgot that she's been shopping for wedding robes as well, but otherwise that's a fairly accurate summary of what I just told you we know she's been up to."

Harry sighed. "What about the things we don't know she's been up to?" Bill shrugged, forgetting Harry couldn't see him with his head buried in his arms on the desktop. "I'm going to murder Ron." Bill sniggered.

"He's already aware and has barricaded his door for when you arrive." Harry's head slid against the desk as he nodded.

"So what has actually been done to Ginny – you said Mr Weasley had bound her powers & limited her actions?" Harry sighed and lifted his head.

"Yeah, Dad used his position as Head of the Family to prevent her actually using any kind of magic." Seeing Harry's confused look, he elaborated. "You can't actually take a witches or wizard's power from them, without killing them immediately. Our bodies rely on magic to function, so what he's done is basically block her access to magic – that means she can't do anything that requires magic – wand-work, potions, she can't even send owls or call house elves or anything, because they all rely on active magic."

"So he's pretty much made her a squib?" Harry finally raised his head and looked at Bill.

"Worse, actually. Squibs have active magic, they can make potions, send owls and work with house elves. They just can't harness their magic to use wands. Some squibs have even been recorded as displaying accidental magic in times of great emotional stress. Ginny can't even do that anymore."

"And limiting her actions?" Bill winced.

"Basically he has confined her actions towards you for life, or until he sees fit to revoke to orders. She isn't allowed to approach you individually, although she can take part in groups you are a part of, like Quidditch and the DA. And…" Here Bill stopped, Harry stared at him, then sighed.

"Whatever it is Bill, just tell me, please?"

"Ginny owed you a life debt for rescuing her from both the Basilisk and possession by You-Know-Who in her first year. Mum and dad spoke to Dumbledore, and he let them know that the magic would work best if it was left until she was of age, but considering her actions lately, dad has called it in as Head of the Family on her behalf. He's spoken with Remus, and they've set conditions, but basically it's the same as what Dad already had in place – she's not allowed to approach you at all. She can't work in a pair with you, and she can in no way enter a relationship with you. I have to be honest here, Dad had been hesitant until Ron told everyone you were gay, because he wasn't sure that you weren't actually interested, however he acted quickly after that. You just have to accept the terms, and they will be unbreakable." Harry grinned slightly.

"Are you trying to stop me kicking his ass for yelling about my private life to the whole of England? 'Cause I should tell you, it isn't going to work." Bill laughed. "Is… is everyone alright with it?"

"With what?" Bill questioned Harry. "Oh, you mean being gay, yeah, don't worry about it Harry. It's more accepted in the wizarding world than the muggle world apparently. Most purebloods are actually bi-sexual. It's only the muggleborns that generally only pick one sex – probably something to do with different prejudices."

"But don't they kick up a fuss about their heirs not being able to carry on the name? I can't imagine Lucius Malfoy letting Draco not have a male child." Harry grimaced.

"No, well, in that kind of case they would generally marry a pureblood woman, and have a lover on the side. Some of the more progressive families allow adoption these days, due to a spell and potion combination invented just before the war first broke out. It changes a child's genetic make-up, so that they are members of the family – they basically end up with four parents. It's still not that common, though, and the Ministry heavily regulates it – you can only adopt a child with magic, for example." Harry grimaced and nodded, and dropped his head back to the desk.

"My life is way too complicated." Bill laughed at him again, then turned serious.

"I'm sorry about Ginny, Harry. I know that mum and dad consider you part of the family, and they were horrified by what she was doing." Harry shook his head.

"It's not anyone's fault but hers, what she's doing. It's not like she doesn't know that it's the wrong thing to do, especially with Ron telling everyone I'm gay, but she is obviously bound and determined to have things her way and her way only. Since the rest of you lot didn't turn out selfish bastards… 'cept Percy..." Harry let the thought trail off.

"Alright, well, you'll have to deal with all of this again when Remus comes over, so why don't we head to the Burrow now, so Mum can try and fatten you up?" Bill waved to the fireplace, and Harry groaned. "I'll go through first, so that there's someone to catch you on the other side." He grinned, and tossed the powder in the fireplace, shouting "The Burrow." Harry blushed bright red, and followed, carefully.

After having been saved from face-planting the kitchen floor by an almost hysterical Bill Weasley, then being almost suffocated by Mrs Weasley's welcoming hug, Harry was grateful the Ron and the Twins were away from the house for the afternoon. Heading quickly up the stairs with Charlie, Harry was directed to the room on the floor below Ron's.

"This used to be mine and Bill's room, but since both of us are staying in Bill's flat in London, and Ron's room is completely uninhabitable according to Mum, this is your room now." Harry gaped.

"My room?" Harry stared at Charlie disbelievingly.

"You're part of the family, Harry. And there is a spare room now, so that you can have your own, instead of a camp bed with your name on it in Ron's room. Furthermore, Bill and I updated the wards on the door, so that you have to allow someone entry. The Burrow is warded against those with intent to harm the residents, but that doesn't mean a certain nosy reporter Hermione warned us about couldn't sneak in. This way, you're completely safe. No one bar you is keyed in at the moment, but once you give someone access, it remains until you revoke access. A word to the wise? I wouldn't key the twins in, they've been talking about introducing you to their new products ever since school ended." Charlie grinned, and pushed him towards the door before loping back down the stairs and Mrs Weasley called for him.

Harry pushed the door to his room open, and saw his old trunk sitting on the floor, underneath the window. Grinning, hardly able to believe that the Weasleys had given him his own place to stay in their home, he pushed it to one side, and placed his new trunk beside it, resizing it so that he could open it.

Pulling out the ledger, he pressed the cover and intoned "The Fallen" before opening the book. Listed on the front page was every book in his library that had information in the contents or index regarding the fallen (not including his new books, which he hadn't plated and added). Unsurprisingly, considering his luck, there were only two books listed, and neither of them was written in English. Sighing, Harry put them aside for the moment, and chucked some clean clothes on the bed before heading for a shower before dinner.

Stepping from the steamy bathroom, a towel wrapped tightly around his hips, Harry walked straight into what felt like a brick wall. Hearing a chuckle, he looked up from the hand wrapped around his arm to keep him on his feet to Bill's smiling face.

"I was just headed up to tell you that tea is ready. Mum's gone all out tonight, so don't be surprised when all of your favourites are on the table." He winked, as Harry blushed and nodded, squeezing past Bill in the small hallway.

"Just let me get dressed, and I'll be right down." He blushed brighter as Bill called softly to his departing back.

"I don't know, Harry, that towel looks pretty good on you. Maybe you shouldn't bother with clothes." Harry virtually ran to his bedroom, clutching the towel in a white knuckled grip with his face burning red hot. Bill smiled lightly, wondering if Harry would be able to face him at dinner. The little winged creature was so cute, and blushed far more than the Harry he'd met at the World Cup ever did.

Although, a voice in the back of his head sounded, you weren't interested in him last summer, and you certainly didn't tease him. Bill snorted to himself, and turned back down the stairs.

Barely holding back from slamming the door behind himself, Harry dropped face first to his bed and buried his face in his arms, groaning.

"Way to act like an adult Harry... now he'll only ever see you as a kid and any minute chance you had with him has long since flown out the window." Sighing, he heaved himself off the bed, dropping the towel on the floor, and walked to his trunk, safe in the knowledge that no one, not even Ron, could barge in on him, and the curtains were closed. Pulling out one of his new outfits to wear, but deciding to forgo the robe, he turned to the mirror to dress, and dropped the clothes in shock.

Starting on the inside of his right hipbone, and tracing around behind him farther than Harry could twist, was a tattoo, of what, though, Harry wasn't entirely certain. What he could see looked like a forked tail of some sort.

Hearing Mrs Weasley yelling for him, he hurriedly threw his clothes on with a quick glance in the mirror to make sure he hadn't forgot anything necessary (like his fly) and hurried out the door.

Having finished dinner – and been once again virtually overwhelmed at how easily the Weasley's included him in their boisterous family, Harry asked Bill and Charlie help him resize some of his purchases before they left for Bill's flat. Bill arched an eyebrow, but followed willingly.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, Harry?" Bill asked as he and Charlie settled on the bed, with Harry before them, "But all the shrinking charms on your stuff were timed or voice activated, weren't they?"

Harry nodded "They were, and are. I just needed you to take a look at something. I thought since Charlie has more experience with creatures that he may be helpful." Bill and Charlie nodded, and Harry stripped off his shirt. "I noticed the tail, here," he pointed, unnecessarily to his hipbone, "but I can't see any more – and the tattoo wasn't there when I was being fitted for clothes."

"Did you notice the tattoo this morning, Harry? Bill asked, as Charlie gently turned him to see his back.

"No, but I wasn't really looking, either." Bill hmmed. "Can you drop the glamour?" Harry nodded, and hissed quietly, not noticing Bill's sudden interest (and the leg he conspicuously crossed over his knee), or Charlie's slight flinch as he suddenly found wings directly in front of his face.

Bill sniggered at the look of pure shock on Charlie's face as he reached out and brushed the wings, jerking his hand back as though he'd done something wrong.

"Harry really does have wings, Charlie. And you won't hurt him if you touch them." Bill laughed hysterically as Harry swung around, nearly clipping Charlie with said wings, having forgotten he was there.

Shooting a deadly stare at Bill, Charlie turned back to Harry. "I can't see the tattoo anymore, how are you hiding them?" Harry lifted his wrist.

My account managers found this... bracelet... in one of my vaults, and since it matches the choker the twins bought as my emergency portkey, Griplock used the stones to anchor a goblin glamour. Why?"

Charlie nodded, "reapply the glamour for me?" Harry hissed obligingly, arching an eyebrow as Charlie smirked, enjoying Bill's continued discomfort. "See. Whenever you apply the glamour, the tattoo fades back onto your skin." He reached out. "And I can place my hand directly on your back, where there should be wings. There are a few winged creatures in history, but only one I can think of that has such incredible magical control."

Harry sighed. "Let me guess? They're called the Fallen, and you don't know much about them?"

Charlie laughed. "Well, they are called the Fallen, but I actually know a fair amount about them, although not as much as Dumbledore. The Fallen were my case study for Care of Magical Creatures in sixth year, and one of the best reference books for them was written by Albus & Aberforth Dumbledore." Harry's head dropped forward. "Why didn't Albus tell you all this himself?"

"Albus is avoiding me – I think he just wanted me to have fun for at least a day before I had to cope with something else... I'm still going to confiscate his lemon drops, though." Harry grinned, a mischievous twinkle lighting in his eyes. Bill and Charlie shuddered, reminded all to keenly of the Twins at their worst, and nodded.

"Well, I can give you some basic information, but honestly, your best bet is to visit Albus at Hogwarts, and read that book. It's all wonderfully written – what else would you expect from Albus – and the author himself will be available – apparently willing or not – to answer any and all questions. Basically though, whenever you activate the glamour, your intent is to hide your wings, right?" Harry nodded, tilting his head to the side. "Your magic responds to that desire, and is combining with the active magic in your bracelet to completely hide them – they become insubstantial. However, you can't actually remove them, so your magic creates a symbol of your hidden status. The tattoo, if you can really call it that, is an Imperial Dragon. They have been extinct for longer than Nicholas Flamel has been around, and are rumoured to have been capable of speech. I believe that the Fallen and Dragons are in some way distantly related – if I remember rightly something to do with a gift given to pay a life debt – which explains that." Harry sighed, and slumped onto the bed.

"Hey Bill, how come your dad didn't say anything about the life debt or Ginny tonight?" Bill shrugged.

"You were tired, and everything has been taken care of for the moment – I even warded your curtains, so I let him know that tomorrow would be better. This way everyone has time to settle down again. Remus is also planning on visiting tomorrow afternoon, so we can get Ginny here after he arrives, and do it then, before you go over your accounts." Harry nodded.

"Thanks Bill. I really didn't want to deal with that tonight. It's bad enough Ginny is one of those stalker fan-girls – sorry – that Hermione is always warning me about, let alone that I have to call in a life debt that I didn't even know she owed me. What time is Remus planning to arrive?"

Charlie eased out the door, recognising that he wasn't really needed anymore, and wanting to give his brother some time alone with his crush.

Heading back up the stairs with mugs of hot chocolate floating ahead of him, Charlie grimaced at the time. Work was going to be a bitch tomorrow if he didn't get any sleep, and it was already after midnight. Knocking on the door quietly, to avoid waking anyone else in the house (who had all had the decency to go to bed at normal hours), Charlie eased the door open, mindful of the creak no one had got around to fixing, and smiled.

Harry and Bill had obviously been curled up on the couch opposite the window – probably talking about the book that had fallen to the floor – and had obviously fallen asleep at some point. Bill had stretched back against the arm of the couch, and was using the wall as his pillow, while Harry had snuggled down and was using Bill's stomach as his pillow.

Rolling his eyes, Charlie waved the hot chocolate back to the kitchen sink, and pulled his shirt off. Grabbing the blanket from the end of the bed, he covered Harry and Bill, then crawled beneath the sheets of Harry's bed setting an alarm for 8 in the morning.

Harry groaned as the alarm went off, snuggling his face further into his surprisingly solid – and warm – pillow, frowning as it shook beneath him. Punching the side of his pillow to make it stop moving, he startled and rolled off the couch, landing painfully on the floor as it swore at him.

Blinking myopically, he stared at Bill, rubbing his side, and then at Charlie, who was doubled over laughing on the bed, before swearing and dropping his head back to the floor with a groan.

"Twice! Two mornings in a row I have had the opportunity to sleep in, and two mornings in a row, something" Here he glared at Charlie, "has woken me up well before an acceptable hour for a teenage boy – especially a teenage boy that undoubtedly didn't get to sleep until after 2 am each night!" Charlie, by this time, was gasping for breath, and Bill was still blinking sleepily and rubbing his side.

"You hit hard." Harry stared at Bill for a long moment, before giving in to the urge and joining Charlie in hysteria.

Forty-five minutes later, after some banging and yelling from Mrs Weasley and a race to see who could reach the bathroom first (Harry won when he got through his bedroom door and Bill and Charlie got stuck side by side), the three of them were sat around the dining room table, laughing quietly at the rest of the family (bar Ron who was, of course, still in bed), blinking blearily at their food.

Harry smiled softly as he caught Fred's head before he slumped into his porridge, pouring a strong cup of coffee and waving it under his nose to help him wake up. Molly shook her head exasperatedly as she watched from the other side of the kitchen, sighing in resignation as the rest of her children just laughed at Fred.

"Honesty, Harry, you'd be better to let him learn his lesson and get a face full of porridge." Harry smiled at her.

"That would be an awful waste of good food, Mrs Weasley, and Ron wouldn't talk to me for the rest of the day if I let that happen." Bill snorted, spraying George, who was sitting across from him, with his mouthful of coffee. Ron glared good-naturedly, and Hermione laughed delightedly, while everyone else snickered.

"You're not doing an awfully good job there, sweetheart. Bill just wasted his coffee. That calls for silent treatment for at least an hour!" Hermione chimed in, pushing Charlie and the Twins into laughter.

Breakfast was filled with laughter, before Mr Weasley, Bill, Charlie, Fred and George headed off to work. Ron glared after the Twins, who had offered him the chance to work in the store for a bit of extra cash, until Mrs Weasley pointed out he was unable to use magic in the event of an attack, however unlikely, at Diagon Alley. Harry's diar— journal had a three page rant from the day she had told Ron that. It also had a two word apology at the end (sorry, mate), from when Ron realised he was complaining about being stuck at home with friends and family, while Harry was stuck at the Dursley's. Harry had merely laughed and sent a private note to Hermione that Ron would never change – his mouth (or quill in this instance) ran at least 15 minutes ahead of his brain... she had replied with a smiley face and an admonishment to be kind to the emotional teaspoon.

"Hey, Harry, about time you got up in the air again, hey mate? Wouldn't want you to forget how to fly – you have to beat the pants off Malfoy again this year!" Harry nodded, quickly swallowing the last of his eggs, and then noticed Hermione's slightly sad expression.

"Hey, 'Mione, it's a beautiful day out there. Why don't you grab a book, and come and sit in the shade and read? Or better yet," Hermione noticed a slight mischievous twinkle appear in Harry's eyes, "You could check over my homework, let me know of any mistakes."

"You've already finished your homework, Harry?" He nodded. "That's wonderful. Now if only Ron would follow your example!" Hermione hugged Harry quickly, and bolted upstairs to grab a book. Harry and Ron followed more sedately, Harry laughing and Ron complaining.

"Did you have to go and set a good example, mate? Now she's going to nag me all the more – "if Harry can complete his homework locked up in that awful place, then I don't see what excuse you have for not doing yours Ron." He mimed Hermione.

"It's being locked up at my relatives that made me do my homework Ron. There wasn't a whole lot else to do..." Ron frowned, then clapped Harry on the shoulder.

"Well, never mind that now, you're here, and we're going flying." Harry nodded, and quickly entered his room, slipping out of his button up, leaving only his tighter undershirt, and grabbing his broom. When he exited his room, Ron was already waiting on the landing, and Hermione was not a second behind him in walking out of the room she used to share with Ginny. Slapping his forehead, Harry quickly turned back to his room, and dug in his trunk for his notebooks and pens for Hermione, with her and Ron watching and laughing from the landing. Handing Hermione his work, he looked shyly at them both.

"You aren't upset that I haven't invited you in, are you?" Hermione and Ron both shook their heads.

"I was originally, but then Hermione and I had a talk. She pointed out that you've never had a room of your own, that you can have people not enter. Even at Hogwarts, you can't even shower without Colin Creepy... I mean Creevy... trying to take photos. Or at least you couldn't until Dumbledore updated the wards."

"WHAT!" Harry and Ron flinched at Hermione's screech. "He tried to take photos of you in the SHOWER?" They nodded silently, exchanging glances as Hermione stormed down the stairs, grumbling beneath her breath.

Following her down, leaving a safe distance so they didn't become her targets, either in her quest for more information or to be yelled at, Harry and Ron mounted their broomsticks running and took to the skies while Hermione glared and settled beneath the tree.

"What did you do that for, Ron? Now Hermione is going to destroy my homework in her anger and I'll have to do it all over again," Harry mock whined.

"That's good – you can help me with mine" Ron laughed, and took off, knowing Harry could catch him easily.

Harry and Ron had flown together for hours that morning, before Harry had convinced Ron to start on his homework, while he and Hermione reviewed his together. When Hermione had finished praising Harry's efforts – she was stunned he'd gone so far as to use texts not assigned – he grabbed one of the Warding books Bill had recommended, and curled up on the couch beside Hermione, who was helping Ron with his potions homework. Ron was perfectly happy complaining of "greasy gits who probably won't even let me into their class, even if I somehow manage to achieve an O" and Hermione seemed perfectly at ease reprimanding Ron for his rudeness to a professor.

Harry looked up as Ginny came neatly from the fireplace, narrowing his eyes in envy.

"There has to be some kind of trick to flooing neatly... or at least without throwing yourself out the other end." He muttered, and snapped his book closed as the three of them laughed at him.

"it's called grace, Harry" Bill's deep voice sounded from behind them, "And you only have that in the air, apparently." Whirling around, Harry smiled at Bill.

"Heya. Still not learned to cook for yourself Billy? I see Mummy still gets your washing as well." Harry smiled innocently, and waved before taking off up the stairs for his room, hearing Bill's heavier footsteps close behind (not to mention his laughter). Slamming the door to his bedroom closed behind him (and thanking every god he could think of that he'd left it open when he came upstairs to put his notebooks away earlier), Harry sat on the floor at the bottom of the door to stop Bill opening it, belatedly realising he'd allowed him entry last night.

"Charlie, old man, come and help open this stubborn door for me, will ya?" He heard Bill call, and cringed, before easing to his feet, leaning back against the door as much as was possible at the same time. As soon as he heard Charlie's footsteps outside his door, he slipped to the side, keeping his hand pushing the door. As Charlie and Bill went to push, Harry moved away entirely, and doubled over with laughter as the two of them fell through the door on top of one another.

"Graceful, that, Bill. I'm impressed!" He choked out, before collapsing on the couch in hysterics. Ron and Hermione were slumped against each other and the walls outside the door where they had been watching to see Harry's punishment from Bill. When Bill jumped from his position sprawled on the floor, headed for Harry, and tripped over one of Charlie's arms, Harry fell off the couch, laughing so hard he could feel his stomach muscles aching, and his lungs burning for air.

"Stop... Need... Air. ... Can't... Breathe... Bill." Bill chuckled, and moved Harry so he was lying on his back on the floor, staring at the ceiling, rather than curled in a foetal position on his side. Gasping, Harry giggled intermittently as he started to calm down. Bill's calming hand rubbing circles on his sore stomach was definitely helping his giggling problem, but not necessarily his breathing.

"Mate, that was friggin' hilarious. What on earth did you do to Bill, though, to make him chase you up the stairs. Only the Twins manage that on a regular basis!" Charlie laughed as Harry blushed lightly.

"He picked on me because I can't floo, so I picked on him for still needing his Mummy to cook and clean for him." Harry cringed at the whiny tone to his voice, before deciding to run with it and pouting upside down at Charlie, too. Charlie snickered, both at how completely oblivious Harry was to his appeal, and to the way Bill was staring, his circles on Harry's stomach forgotten.

Bill's hand was hot where it rested low on Harry's stomach, and it was all he could do to continue pouting at Charlie and not react to how low on his body it was lying. It was virtually torture to remind himself of the fact that Bill wasn't interested, and he was just being friendly... but (unfortunately) not very friendly, like Harry wanted.

"That explains why you laughed so hard when he fell through the doorway, too, then?" Harry nodded, and Charlie shook his head. "Well, with my brother's juvenile antics out of the way... Harry's too, I suppose... perhaps I can get a shower before dinner, because I smell like... I'm not sure actually..." Charlie was muttering to himself by the time he reached the doorway, with Bill and Harry remaining sprawled on the floor sniggering behind him. Ron and Hermione moved out of the way, leaning on each other and giggling, before turning serious abruptly and glaring at Ginny, who was walking up the stairs. Bill saw what was happening and waved a hand, shutting the door from across the room while Harry gaped at him.

"Any other secrets you're hiding from me, Mr Wandless Magic?" Harry turned back to Bill who was grinning happily at him.

"You learn a lot working in close quarters with goblins. See, goblins have heaps of magic, you saw that with the glamour, and with the vaults and stuff, but the ministry won't allow them wands – of course, they can't use wands crafted for humans, there used to be special wandmakers for goblins. Anyway, since they haven't been allowed to touch a wand for so many years, they've adapted, and harnessed their magic in different ways." He winked.

"So, like evolution? If wizards had to do without wands, eventually they'd do the same? But that doesn't account for you doing it, it doesn't sound like it can be taught if it took so long." Bill laughed again.

"Nope." He raised his hands in surrender at Harry's look. "I said their not allowed wands, not that they can't use focuses. Most goblins wear some form of jewellery." Harry gasped.

"You're earring." Bill nodded. So it circumvents the law about one wand only – you have both a wand and a focus? That's brilliant." Bill smiled, then sighed.

"Harry, you're obviously very smart, not in a bookish way like Hermione, but you grasp ideas and concepts quickly. Why don't you make an effort at school?" Harry dropped his head so he wasn't looking at Bill.

"As soon as I entered the wizarding world, people stared at me. It was like being an animal in a zoo. I didn't need more people fawning over the "genius boy-who-lived". In the end, Snape helped as well – if I had achieved great marks all the time, people would have accused the teachers of favouritism. Since I only got average marks, except in Defence, people just accepted it. It was a bit of an accident at first, being so caught up in something new that I just didn't pay enough attention in class, but it's worked out better in the long run."

"But what about your results?"

"I put in the effort for my OWLS, which don't rely on any prior records. And they're completely unbiased. My results should be better than usual, so that I can get into the classes I want to." Bill nodded, and opened his mouth, but as he began, Charlie knocked on the door.

"Dad asked you to come downstairs, Harry. Remus is supposed to get here soon, and then he wants to deal with Ginny. We'll do your presents afterwards, since yesterday was your birthday." Harry nodded, and hauled himself up from the floor, heading for the stairs, with Bill following close behind. Charlie shook his head and shut the door behind him.

When he reached the kitchen, Arthur was sat on one side of the table with Ginny on his left. Bill took the seat to his right, and motioned to Harry to sit opposite Arthur. Harry nodded, then laughed slightly as Padfoot and Moony fell out of the floo and into the back of Bill's chair. It looked like Padfoot had tackled Remus through the floo. Shifting back to human, Sirius bounded around the table and tackled Harry. Gasping for breath, Harry hugged Sirius back just as hard, then let go and reached for Remus.

Having finished their hellos, the three of them sat opposite the Weasley's. Harry was quite uncomfortable with the arrangement, he felt like he was lumping them all together and tarring them with Ginny's brush, but Bill smiled at him, and mouthed he would explain later. Harry nodded, and settled in to listen.

It had been hours, and Harry was just wishing it were over. Ginny had been dealt with within half an hour of Remus and Sirius arriving, merely observing and scowling as her father swore on her behalf that she would never approach him again, never pair with him, and never use information about him against him, but since then, Remus had put paper after paper in front of him. Harry had stopped looking, and was now just trusting that Remus wasn't putting betrothal contracts or worse, orders for pink and purple wallpaper in front of him.

"Enough!" Harry pushed back from the table while Bill laughed while Sirius scowled and handed over a galleon. The rest of the Weasley's had gone to bed hours ago, after Ginny had been returned to wherever she was staying. Only Bill and Charlie had remained to watch Harry and Remus argue about his money, and even Charlie had headed home over an hour ago. "I'm sure this won't be the last time I see you. Is there anything urgent, or can I please go to bed now?" Remus laughed.

"You can go to bed, we can organise another day to go over the rest of this." Harry nodded, and hugged him quickly, before hurrying over to Sirius to hug him goodbye.

"What's the rush, kiddo?" Sirius laughed quietly as Harry attempted to strangle him with a hug.

"Have to go quickly before he finds 'just one more thing'. He does it to me all the time." Bill laughed and Sirius nodded his head knowingly, reaching over the table to close the folder that Remus was still flipping through.

"I'm pretty ready for bed as well, and since I'm not allowed home on my own – I might get up to pranking or something," Sirius winked, "I guess Remus doesn't have time to find one more thing."

"That's good" Harry smiled at Sirius and turned to the stairs. "Hang on! Remus, you made me miss out on presents again! Everyone went to bed." Harry pouted while the others laughed.

"It's alright Harry, Mum realised what was happening and had sorted it out. She's invited Remus and Sirius back for dinner tomorrow night, and Ron and Hermione flooed a couple of your friends to come over as well. Dad also got in touch with Albus to let him know that the situation with Ginny has been dealt with, and that you wanted a meeting after lunch tomorrow – which he has agreed to." Harry smiled happily, and turned back to the stairs.

"In that case, I think it's bedtime, and if anyone wakes me up before at least 10 in the morning tomorrow, I think I'll be showing you why moldy-shorts is afraid of me." He practically skipped up the stairs, Bill following quietly while Sirius and Remus flooed back home. "Are you sleeping here again, Bill? You'll wake Charlie if you go home no..." Harry gaped, then smiled quietly at the sight of Charlie curled up on the couch in his room.

"You know, Bill," Harry whispered, "I'm starting to think you lied to me when you said you had a place in London – as far as I can tell, you and Charlie still haven't moved out of your old bedroom." Bill sniggered, then grabbed the blankets from the end of the bed and tossed them on the floor. "Don't be stupid, just enlarge the bed." Harry hissed before ducking out to the bathroom. When he came back, easing the door closed behind him as quietly as possible, Bill was curled on his side in the now king sized bed, snoring softly. Harry smiled softly and crawled into his side of the bed, falling asleep quickly.

Nb: Not sure how I could fit this in with the story, so I'll explain it here – by unbreakable I mean exactly that. This isn't a vow on pain of death thing, as soon as Harry accepts the terms, and they are sealed in blood, there is NO possible way Ginny can circumvent them, she can't even consider ways to approach him etc. There are, however, still loopholes left over, though rather small ones. I didn't want to make this an "everyone-is-out-for-Harry-suddenly" story, but I just don't like Ginny, so she had to go. We pretty much won't see her again - she has been dealt with now.