For Storygirl02 in the drabble request thread at the HP Fanfiction Challenges forum.


Teddy Lupin liked stories. Andromeda knew just where he got that from – Nymphadora had been the same, and she remembered being grateful that Ted as a Muggle-born knew different stories from those she remembered from her childhood, so as to increase their resources. Nymphadora had been impatient with repetition, and it seemed that her son was the same. Many nights now, without Ted's memory to help her, Andromeda was at her wits' end to come up with something new for him.

But it was worth it. His sleepy smile, the glowing blue tinge in his hair that showed he was happy, and the murmured, "'Night Gran, I love you," as she finished the story and tucked him up were reward enough for her, and made the hours she spent looking for books of new stories – Muggle or magical – worth it.

But it was nice to have a break once in a while, and Andromeda put her feet up happily that evening with a large glass of wine and a book – a Muggle novel of her own choosing for once – to hand, and a sigh of relief that Teddy was happy and safe, and that his insatiable thirst for new stories was someone else's problem tonight.

In the bedroom at Grimmauld Place that had been his since his babyhood, Teddy was sitting up in bed fixing his godfather with a steely stare.

"Tell me a story," he ordered. "Make it exciting. I don't want a girly story like some of the ones Gran tells."

Harry smiled. He knew Teddy of old, and was well-prepared.

"Lie down then," he instructed, and sat back comfortably in the armchair by the bed. Then he began.

"Once there were four friends called Moony, Prongs, Padfoot and Wormtail…"