Chapter one:

Speed's POV~

I couldn't believe I was really going to race in the Grand Prix. It seemed way too good to be true, considering I had dreamed of doing this since I was a little boy. Reaching up I ran my hand through my jet black hair, some lessons were going to be learned today. I would prove to Royalton that the Grand Prix wasn't always fixed and after today, it would never be fixed again.

I closed my eyes to take in the awesomeness of the moment. I had never felt so much passion for racing at one time, and I loved racing, it was in my blood. I could hear the excited chatter behind me and I tried to drown it out, I needed to focus on what I was about to do. But their excitement was contagious and I couldn't help myself. Opening my eyes I stared into the mirror that was in my locker. My green eyes were bright, and with the black hair and white leather uniform, my eyes seemed to stand out even more. I knew Trixie couldn't wait until afterwards all ready. Considering I had promised her that I would sweep her off her feet in front of the entire stadium and kiss her. I had to admit I was looking forward to it also, I was a guy after all.

I glanced behind me at the clock that was stationed on the wall, it was nearly time to go. Now, I was nervous, there was no way I could deny it. I was confident that I would do well, it was just racing against these other drivers that had been driving a lot longer then I had been, some of them had even competed at the Grand Prix before and that gave them an advantage because they knew the track and I did not. Not, that it would stop me from trying to win, I always tried but I still couldn't help feeling nervous.

Reaching into my locker I grabbed my leather jacket, as I slid it on my eyes fell on the last picture I had of Rex. I was standing beside Rex, and we were in front of the Mach 5, and Rex had his hand on my shoulder, and I had a grin wider then the Grand Canyon on my face. As I recall this picture was taken right before the Casa Cristo incident had happened and I had lost my older brother. I blinked back a few tears even after all these years had passed since Rex had died, I still missed him like it had happened yesterday.

"Rex, I wish you could see me now" I whispered as one of the tears I was trying to keep at bay escaped and rolled down my face, "I miss you so much, I wish I could see you once more."

Raising my hand, I wiped the tear away, it was time to head to my car, and as I turned to exit into the long hallway that would take me into the stadium and to my car, I felt a sharp burst of pain go through my back and out of my stomach. Looking down I saw a sword blade sticking out, I groaned as the blade was jerked up, ripping my skin as it done so, about an inch. I couldn't describe to you the pain I felt at that moment only that it was the worst I had ever felt in my life.

As I began falling, I reached out with my hands, hoping to steady myself so that maybe I could see who wanted to kill me. Suddenly the blade was jerked out, crying out in pain, I fell to the floor and clutched my stomach, bright red blood was flowing through my fingertips and I knew I wouldn't have very long to live. It made me sick to know I would die without getting to tell my family, that meant everything to me, goodbye.

A few seconds later I heard hurried footsteps coming down the hallway towards me. And I thought it would be whoever had attacked me in the first place coming to finish me off. How wrong I was.

"Speed," a familiar voice said, stopping when he saw the small pool of blood I was lying in.

"Racer X" I moaned, my stomach was hurting badly and I knew I was losing too much blood too fast.

"Speed, what happened" Racer X asked looking at his watch and hitting button that was on the side. It would send a signal to the emergency crew that help was needed. Racer X crossed the few feet that separated us and kneeled down beside me.

"I didn't even see him coming" I said weakly "he came up behind me."

Racer X muttered something under his breath that sounded a lot like coward to me. I think he knew I was dying because he took me in his arms, and holding me close he pressed his hand against the stomach wound, and tried to stifle the blood flow. But I knew I was also bleeding out of my back but I couldn't exactly do anything about that one.

"Speed, I haven't exactly been honest with you" Racer X started. He paused as I sucked in a breath, I was hurting more now and I knew it wouldn't be a too much longer before my life was over. I stared at the black masked racer, that had befriended me and wondered what it was he had to say.

"Hang on Speed, help is on the way" Racer X said.

"By the time they get here it will be too late to help me" I said weakly barely able to get the words past my lips.

"I am your brother Speedy, I never died" Racer X said and it sounded like he was close to tears.

"Why'd you leave for?" I mumbled happy that my older brother would be with me during my final moments but sad that he had to see me go by someone else's hand.

"I wanted to make a difference in the racing world, like you would have done tonight, but I knew that Pop's didn't want me too." Rex Racer said softly "So, I done the only thing that I could, that I knew would make him stop looking for me, I faked my own death."

"You have to tell Mom and Pop's that your still alive, maybe they won't hurt so much when I'm gone." I said wishing I would be able to tell them goodbye.

"You're going to be okay, Speedy," Rex said softly while adding more pressure to the wound in my stomach. "you're gonna make it."

Upon hearing more footsteps coming down the hallway, Rex tightened his arms around me, not seeming to mind that my blood was getting all over him.

"I'm NOT going to make it Rex, and you know it" I muttered just as the Inspector Detector walked into the room, upon seeing Rex on the floor holding me, he rushed over and kneeled down beside us.

"What happened?" he demanded, worry creasing his eyebrows.

"One of the creeps out there stabbed him through the back they," Rex said between clinched teeth "didn't have the nerve to look him in the eye as they left Speedy to die."

"This has Royalton's name written all over it" the Inspector Detector said.

Gathering my strength I reached out and grabbed the Inspector's arm.

"Promise me, you will be able to pin this on Royalton" I said before sinking back into Rex's arms.

"I will not rest until Royalton is behind bars and Taejo Togokahn will help me put him there" Rex said, not wanting his little brother to die.

I could feel my strength beginning to ebb away, and I knew I was getting even closer.

"Rex" I said weakly "I want you to hurt Royalton as much as he's hurt our family" I closed my eyes "do me a favor? Tell Mom and Pop's and Trix how much I love them and please look out for Spritle, I don't want him to end up like me"

"You turned out fine" Rex muttered silently praying that help would hurry up and get here in time to save his little brother's life. As Speed grew weaker and weaker, Rex felt like crying more and more. He did not want life to end this way for Speed.

"I'm meaning I don't want him to end up dead at a young age" I muttered opening my eyes, I stared at Rex.

"I'm glad you could be with me right now."

"I wish I could have stopped it from happening." Rex said "After all it's the older brothers job to protect their younger brother."

"Don't forget how much I love you" I said even more weakly "and please help Spritle, he won't understand why I'm gone." closing my eyes for the final time, my head lolled to the side, lifeless.