Chapter two:

Mario accent

Bella P.O.V

Jane had came to me, after killing a vampire, who would die.

They kind of kill vampires who want to die, but Edward was defiantly an exception, and I am happy for that.

"Hello" Jane said, with her Mario accent.

"Erm hey?" I answered. I was confused she didn't normally talk to me, not that I really wanted to hear her, her Mario accent kind of freaked me out.

"I'm going to show you something" she said, taking my hand, and dragged me out of the room.

"YAAAH! Are we going to the zoo?"I asked... Really loud...

She showed me to a big room, with a stone table, on the stone table, there was a crystal looking stone.

"Aaaah I don't want to go to the museum! That's boooooooring!" I hate museums...

"What is it?" I asked curios.

"A museum you dummie" she answered.

"That also kinda freak me out..." I was beginning to cry, like a little baby.

"A Hopez" she answered.

"Is that a stone?" I asked now perfectly fine.

"Okay, now I'm gonna talk reeeeeaaaaly slowly" she said... Slowly.

"And I'm gonna stop talking with a Mario accent, because it freaks me out, that you are crying like a little baby, with a soft baby behind" she said, dropping her accent.

"Sorry, I'm gonna go play some super Mario on my new Nintendo DSi!" she said, running out of the room.


"I want to know" I said, needed more information. She turned around, and looked at me. With the look of a killer.

"DID YOU TAKE MY NINTENDO DSi!" she screamed at me.

And that was the day I died, because of a Nintendo DSi, yaaaay! And I can't find Edward... That sucks... Hey, but I meet Elvis Presley. He haves Edward hair, so I guess I can pretend that he is Edward... But the clothes kind of distract me...

Hope you liked it!

Luvs Liv and Bella!