Author's notes: If, and that's a big if, if you want to make this part of the "Ring" universe, then consider it a prequel. Really, though, it's a stand alone. Just a silly little one shot. Read and have fun!

The Wrath of "Con"

Larry inspected his outfit in the mirror, adjusting his hair and straightening the gold tunic he was wearing. Not a detail could be out of place or they would tear him apart. Perfect! he thought.

"Yeah, you know, Next Gen. was way cooler, Lar. I just don't get why you're going with the whole Kirk costume, instead of Riker, or Picard."

"Yup, Number One!" squeaked a seven inch tall Klingon next to Ron's elbow, with a Bat'leth strapped to its back. Larry looked over at his two friends, one of whom was dating his cousin against all odds. Sighing, he formulated his response.

"Of course Next Gen. was cooler, look at the budget they had! That's why Original Series is that much cooler! They did so much, with so little, or, if I want to say it in character: 'They did... so much... with... so... LITTLE!'"

Ron smiled at his, admittedly, nerdy friends performance while Rufus clapped. It was complete right down to the ham gesticulations. "That was scary, Lar-man. For a second, I thought you were Shatner!"

Larry smiled, formulating a response, when he was interrupted by a modified flip phone on his belt which looked just like an original series communicator, letting out the distinctive com-trill from Star Trek. He looked at the clock on his wall. "Come on, we've got to make Warp Eight if we don't want to be late for a good spot at the signing tables!"

That day stood out as a perfect one for Larry. He purchased a ton of autographs, he'd never seen so many cast members in one spot!, several authentic props, some top of the line replicas including a titanium Bat-leth just the right size for Rufus. He bought some mint, still in box, action figures! To top it all off, after Ron had left to enter a "Reginald Barclay Look-a-Like" Contest, Larry met this incredible hottie in a Lieutenant Uhura costume and arranged a date with her for the next day!

As he left the building, humming happily, he opened his wallet to count his funds for his upcoming date, only to discover his wallet was empty! He ran a quick tally, remembering all of his purchases, including over-priced Con food, and realized he had spent every cent he had!

"COOOOOOOOOONNNNNN!!!!!!!" he cried, falling to his knees, and shaking a fist at the building, "COOOONNNNN!!!!"