Chapter 1 (BPOV)

It was dark. It was always dark. Not in the sense that when the world turns, one side is engulfed in black. No, on this occasion I'm talking about the darkness that surrounded my once bright innocent soul.

I was a nieve girl back then, knowing nothing of the world around me. A baby, a newborn.

But now as I walk down the murky streets, the street lamps illuminating my silhouette in a shadowy glow; my feet making no sound as they pad down the silent road. I approach the sounds of warmth and the pumping of a hearts in young men and women's bodies. I entered the dim bar the air thick with smoke and human breath. My target, was the rather unremarkable man in the corner. Why was it always the ones with the powers that looked as dull as fuck.

Every head in the bar turned towards me. And I was assaulted by feelings of lust and jealousy from the filthy human men around me. I ignored them and swiftly sank down next to the young man; My feminine charm in full force, I addressed him.

"John?" He even had a boring name,figures.

"" I internally sighed. Always the same. Non- the less I batted my lashes at him, hoping to get this over quickly.

"Do you want to join me John?" Usually this would go straight to the man's dick and he would leap up like a fucking dog. However he surprised me, slightly.


"Just shutup and follow me." I stood up. Not bothering to see if he followed me. They always did.

I led him out of the bar, leaving the lusty scum to seethe in jealousy in our wake.

Once safely outside I led him to a deserted alley. He was no doubt thinking he was going to get the best fuck of his life and then afterwards he would go gloat to all his other dumbass friends. No such luck pal. My patience was quickly failing and me thirst becoming some-what unbearable. However I ploughed on.

When we reached the end of the road.I swifly turned on him. Too quick for any human to see. My lips parted the sweet flesh of his neck before he even had time to scream. I started sucking the sweet nectar of his blood with abandon. The monster within me purring in glee. His legs collapsed beneath him and I scooped him up. Still draining him of his life blood.

My feed was interrupted when a heard light foorsteps behind light to be that of a human. My self preservative instincts warring with my hunger. Eventually self preservation won out. I dropped the only slightly drained body and crouched over the him. Growling lowly in my throat. I sucked in a deep breath tasting the air around me. When I smelt the aroma of apples and cinnamon I relaxed.

"Peter you fucker, don't sneak up on me like that!" The man in question emerged from the shadows and chuckled in amusement. Always trying to irritate me that one.

" Well Bells you were going to drain him. You know, just thought I'd save you another night being stuck with just your fingers for company." He chuckled again. Idiot, Though secretly I did appreciate him saving me from that particular problem. And didn't he know it!

" Fuck you"

" Already have me dear, already have." he gave me a sly grin but carried on talking " You better start putting venom in the kid, or he'll be a gonner." I playfully narrowed my eyes at him. But now being more in control, I carefully secreted venom into strategically placed points on his body. Once finished, I Lifted him up and swiftly followed Peter through the deserted streets. We needed to get out of here before he started screaming. I could already feel his pain seeping through my shield. The strength of it weakened by my need for release. I winced and Peter saw. Without needing to say anything he took the boy out of my arms so I could run quickly back to camp without being hindered by the writhing body in my arms. I gave Peter a grateful smile and shot off. Back to my mistress Like my unread life depended on it.


The sun shone through the rich velvet curtains. Trying in vain the break through the curtain of despair that was both my heart and the material covering the ornate windows of both my prison and my sanctuary.

I was interrupted from my musing by a knock at the door.

"What do you want?" I replied in what some might call a rude tone. Who fucking cares. They're used to it anyway.

"That's no way to reply to your master Jasper." Ok, scratch that. most people I had gotten used it. Except the all wonderful Aro. Notice the sarcasm there?

" Once again Aro. What do you want." He sighed. Fuck him, if he wanted happy go lucky he should go fuck that human down in reception Ginny or something . Either way, she was way too fucking skippy for a girl that was gonna get turned into a vampire happy meal in the near future. That's beside the point though because at the moment Aro was standing my room. And he only ever comes if he wants to me do a mission. He knows to leave me alone otherwise. I can be one moody fucker.

" I have a mission for you." No shit.

" What is it?" I was getting impatient. He was always one for the dramatic sorta like that former brother of mine. Edward wasn't it. Probably still fucking with that sweet Bella. He interrupted my inner monologue before my thoughts could get any deeper into the beautiful mystery that is Bella.

"Maria" I started at the name of my former maker. What sort of trouble has she been making now?

" We think she's up to something, I want you to go check this out."

" Maria's always up to something. What do you think specifically do you think she's doing?"

"We're not sure what she's doing. But her army size has dramatically increased and she seems to have almost eliminated all competition in the south. She could be looking to go North. Or she could have a bigger plan. That's where you come in Jasper, we want you to go back to the south under the guise that you got tired of family life as such. They can't know about your time with us. You will leave next week. Get packed. See me before you leave. Got that?"

I just sat there in an almost comatose state. I was going back to my old life. It didn't matter that it was against her. I was going back to that bitch that was my whole life for over 50 years. But I know I to do this I had to bring that cuntpire down.

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