Chapter 4

I stood up. Ready to confront Bella about what the fuck was going on. But access denied apparently. Before I could even open my mouth she had turned around to the stupid fucking newbies. Still running round like their feet were on fire. Or some equally painful shit.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU! GET YOUR FUCKING HEADS ON STRAIGHT AND GET THE FUCK BACK INTO LINE. OR I'LL GET OUR NEW OFFICIER HERE TO FUCK YOU ALL UP! GOT IT!" At the sound of my name all the guards turned their heads like fucking chickens to a fox. Remember me then? I think they did. By the looks of terror on their faces. That's right Whitlock your still the man. What am I? A fucking football jock. Get your self together Whitlock.

"THAT'S RIGHT FUCKERS MAJOR FUCKING WHITLOCK! NOW GET THESE FUCKERS BACK TO THEIR TENTS. Or you'll be getting a special visit from us later on." Bella said the last part with so much promise. That I really fucking believed that she'd make me do it with her. What the fuck happened to this girl?

With the final words from sex incarnated. Yes she's that hot. She turned around not checking if I was following. Where she goes, guys will always fucking follow. So I couldn't really blame her now could I? Could I? Well I followed. So obviously not.

She could walk fucking fast though. Because soon I was running to catch up with her.

"Bella!" No fucking chance. She just kept a walkin'. She stopped when she reached the door of a lavish tent and stepped inside. Ok Whitlock here''s your chance. Don't be a pussy. Man up, Get inside, And find your answers and then get out before you fuck her. Ok no problem. I can do this. Who the fuck was I kidding I was hard from just hearing her speak. I SAID MAN UP WHITLOCK! Right.

I opened the tent flap gingerly. Expected to be confronted by an enraged goddess. Yes I called her a goddess you would too if you saw her. But no can do. She was sitting on the.. gulp...bed patiently for me.

"Finally jasper I was starting to get worried that you were just going to walk on by."

Do not. I repeat do not take this the wrong way. She just wants to talk. But who couldn't. I mean the way she had her eyes transfixed on both my lips and my dick. Plus the lust she was shooting off was almost crippling. Seriously who couldn't get the wrong idea from that shit! She stalked towards me slowly taking her sweet time . Do not blow your load before she even touches you Whitlock. I repeat DO NOT FUCK THIS UP! When Bella reached me she seductively snaked her hands up my shirt, fiddling with the buttons of my shirt as she went. She licked her lips again giving me a delicious view of her tasty pink tongues as she went. I can think of another place for that tongue to be..... And with that errant thought my mind was immediately assaulted by several fuck hot images of Bella and me in very compromising positions. She's your brothers ex-girlfriend! Don't do this. Seriously I needed an escape route fast.

But fuck. She was at this present time still crawling her little fingers up my shirt flicking the buttons open to reveal my naked chest. Her eyes were locked with mine with a lust filled glaze over her eyes.

"Officer?" Saved by the bell. I would say thank fuck but Sexy Bella is not to be taken for granted. Little Whitlock taught me that. I was suffering from a serious case of hard dick syndrome. And a quite a big part of me was disappointed from the turn of events. By the looks of Bella's face it seemed she was too.

"What the fuck did I tell you newbie! KNOCK ON THE FUCKING DOOR!" said 'newbie' was cowering from fear by the doorway lookin' a lot like if he could piss his pants right now then he sure would. Pansy ass. Then again, I was pretty shit scared myself of scary Bella. I just didn't show it.

"mmm..istress mm..aria told me nn..ot to" Poor fucker was stuttering. Bella didn't share this sentiment apparently. Her facesual expression showed how pissed she was at the interruption, and at the newbies failure to speak like a reasonably intelligent person.

"Fuck off, go tell Maria that'll I'll be there In a fucking second. And get someone to sort out that speech impairment you have. It annoys the fuck outta me.....WHY HAVN'T YOU LEFT YET!" With a quick 'so...rry of..ficier' and a loaded glance from Bella he was off. She sighed and turned around to face me. She glanced sheepishly at me. He little doe eyes staring apologetically at me. "I'm sorry Jasper my ur...urges can get the best of me sometimes. It wont happen again I promise." Noooooooooo My dick screamed at me. But a part of was relieved that I didn't have to avoid another fucking large hurdle like that again.

"Bella. I understand, but we need to fucking talk ok? It seems we've missed a lot of shit after we left you. I think I have the right to know" At this last comment .

"I'm not ready to rehash the past yet Jasper. And you don't have any fucking 'rights'. any rights you had you lost when you and your fucking uptight family abandoned me in the woods. Don't speak to me about your fucking rights ok?" she huffed and promptly stormed out of the tent while I stood there speechless. I obviously shouldn't have mentioned the leaving of the family,I 'll be taking note of that then. No 'rights' talk. It pisses Bella off.

I hastily made my way out of the tent with my tail tucked firmly between my legs. Bella had almost reached Maria's tent so I had to use my vampire speed to catch up with her. Of coarse you did assehole. You just wanted to be near her. Stop being so right all the time dick. It's pissing me off.