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So.... I am finally ready to start posting my NaNoWrMo fic. This has quickly become one of my favorite fics which made it so much easier to write. The first thing you'll notice is that the chapters are longer than my usual. NaNoWrMo really helped me with that. Also this fic is completely written and just needs to be edited. (a lot) My plan is to update on Sunday and either Wednesday or Thursday. The fic itself is around twenty chapters.


This is an AH (Alternate History) fic. It starts just after Nikolas' accident in the summer of 2004. (The Mary Bishop storyline) Except here Nikolas is found and taken to General Hospital. Elizabeth is already a nurse because it suits my purposes. My memory from that time is shaky so some minor things might be different just go with it. Trust me.

That should be it. Any questions just ask.


Closer to Love

Chapter One

Darkness surrounded the man as he slowly woke up. The first thing he noticed was an excruciating headache. The next was the fact he had no memory. With no memory he had little idea of where he was. Just as he was starting to panic a woman opened the door.

"Mr. Cassadine you're finally awake. I'm going to check your vitals before I call Dr. Jones."

"Wh -- " the man paused his voice raspy with disuse. He licked his lips and continued softly, "Where am I?"

"General Hospital." the nurse said, almost immediately. She did not consider the question odd considering the man had been unconscious since his arrival nearly two hours ago.

"I'm sorry I don't -- " he started before pausing to gather his thoughts. He hated that there were very few solid thoughts in his mind. "I do not know where that is."

The older woman's eyes widened as she realized the extent of her patient's injury. "Do you know what day it is?" Her question was met with a shake of the head. The nurse took a deep breath and asked her next question. "Do you know what your name is?"

"No." He answered more calmly then he should have. Little did he know that that simple word would send all of Port Charles into a tailspin.


Three hours and a CT scan later the man finally found himself back in the hospital room. He now knew at least one thing. His name. It was Nikolas Cassadine. The way Dr. Jones said it made him curious. There was something almost fearful in the way he said it. Nikolas wondered exactly who his former self was.

A soft knock interrupted his thoughts, "Mr. Cassadine?" the young woman said as she opened the door. "I need to check your vitals."

"Again?" Nikolas snapped, unable to stop himself.

"It's an important part of your recovery. Dr. Jones said -- "

Nikolas interrupted his voice full of irritation. "That there was nothing physically wrong with me except for a broken arm. I do not understand why that means I have to harassed every five minutes."

"I -- I am sorry Mr. Cassadine. I -- I'll leave now."

"You do that and do not return." Nikolas said harshly to the nurse. He did not know where the cold demanding voice came from but he was grateful for it. The nurse had fled his room and Nikolas was certain she would not return.

Now, if the rest of the staff would be as compliant. This wave of confidence washed over Nikolas. For some reason he knew that the staff would bend to his will.


"I refuse to deal with that man anymore." Alison Houser said, slamming a chart down on the desk.

Head Nurse Epiphany Johnson took a long look at her nurse. The younger woman was clearly upset. "And what exactly did Mr. Cassadine do?"

"It wasn't what he did, Epiphany. It was -- I can't explain it. But I got the creepiest feeling from him. It's almost as if he enjoyed scaring me."

"I highly doubt that. The man has no memory," The older nurse reminded Alison firmly. She didn't have the time or patience for this foolishness.

"I don't care. And I do not care how much money he's given General Hospital. I refuse to go back in that room," Alison said stubbornly. Epiphany might be scary but she had heard horrible things about the Cassadines. She wasn't willing to risk her life for a job.

Epiphany knew her nurse was completely serious. She had a feeling Nikolas Cassadine was going to be a difficult patient. Memory or not he was still the same man he had been several days ago. Fortunately, for her she had several new nurses starting on the next shift.

"Fine, Nurse Houser," Nurse Johnson said, "You can clean the bedpans instead."

Alison groaned loudly but did not really protest otherwise. Anything was better than dealing with Mr. Cassadine.


Alexis Davis was at a loss for words. As a lawyer that was something that rarely happened to her. Still, she was stunned by the phone call from Dr. Tony Jones. Nikolas, her nephew, had been injured in an accident. His physical injuries were minor, for which Alexis was thankful. However, Nikolas seemed to have amnesia.

The ramifications of Nikolas' memory loss could be chaotic. As head of the Cassadine Family he had many responsibilities. Something this new Nikolas might not want. She had no illusions that her Nikolas was gone, at least temporarily. Alexis didn't know if this new Nikolas would want or accept her help.

She heard about Jason Morgan's transformation from Jason Quartermaine. The Quartermaine's had pushed the young man so hard he rebelled. Their pushiness had given Sonny Corinthos just the opening he needed. The last thing she wanted for Nikolas was to wind up in the mob. For the first time since his death Alexis was thankful Stefan was dead. Her brother would have only made things worse.

And to top it all off Alexis had to be the one to tell Emily. Nikolas' girlfriend Emily Quartermaine had been very worried about him. They apparently had a fight that ended with Nikolas storming off. She called several hours later frantically searching for him. Alexis had been holding off on calling her, but now the lawyer had no choice.

"Hello? Nikolas?" Emily answered hopefully. She could not shake the feeling something was wrong.

"I'm, afraid, not," she replied gently. Alexis still had not figured out how to tell the young woman abut Nikolas.

"Alexis," the younger woman said on a sigh. "Please tell me you've heard from Nikolas."

Alexis took a moment to carefully choose her words before speaking, "Not directly but I do know where he is."

"Just tell me he's okay," she pleaded softly. Emily could not imagine Nikolas being severely hurt or even worse dead.

"There was a car accident. Now physically he's fine. It's just -- I don't know how to say this but -- Nikolas has amnesia."

"Are -- " Emily paused her mind barely able to grasp what Alexis was saying. "Are you telling me that Nikolas doesn't have any memories?"

"It certainly appears that way," Alexis confirmed as Emily started to cry. "Dr. Jones believes he must have hit his head at some point during the accident."

"No, no, no, No! This cannot be happening. Not again. I can't take this. I cannot lose Nikolas," she said desperately and almost to herself. Emily's mind was reeling from this information. She had finally gotten everything she wanted only to have to face losing it.

"There's no reason you have to. You can start over and get to know this Nikolas."

Emily knew Alexis was trying to be helpful, but it only made things worse. "I don't want to get to know some new version of Nikolas. I want my Nikolas. It took me seven years to get his attention, Alexis, I refuse to start over, now," she snapped angrily.

Alexis shook her head grateful Emily was not in front of her. "I understand you're upset but I want you to remember what happened when your family pushed Jason. I haven't seen Nikolas, yet, but from what the nurses have told me he's not the same man."

"I know. I don't want to push Nikolas away but -- how can I be in a room and pretend I don't love him?"

The sudden change in Emily's moods caused Alexis to worry. "Oh, Emily, I wish I had an answer for you, but I don't."

"Thank you for telling me. I know you don't approve of me and Nikolas."

"I don't approve of the lies and the people you hurt. However, you and Nikolas seem happy so I would never try to dissuade him from being with you," the lawyer told Emily honestly. She cared for Zander like a son. It didn't sit well that Emily had hurt the younger man so easily.

"I appreciate your honesty," Emily said, hastily. "I -- I should go. I need to thing things over before I see him."

"I understand. I haven't worked up the nerve yet myself."

"Have you told anyone else?"

"Not yet," Alexis sighed. "Lucky might have found out through work and Elizabeth is supposed to come on shift soon."

"That's right. I keep forgetting she's a nurse now," Emily said absently. "It just seems so weird. Hopefully Epiphany doesn't assign her Nikolas."

"I'm sure Nurse Johnson knows what she's doing," Alexis said reassuringly. "Speaking of which, I see Elizabeth now."

"Oh -- okay -- bye."

"Good bye, Emily," Alexis said ending the call. Of all Nikolas' friends she knew Elizabeth would be one he kept in his life. She was sure the young mother might be shocked at first, but she wouldn't push. Alexis worried that Emily might.

"Elizabeth can I have a moment of your time?"


Emily collapsed on to the bed. After their fight she had returned to the Quartermaine mansion. She figured that given some time Nikolas would cool down and they could talk. But, now, that would never be the case.

'Why did they have to fight?' Emily wondered as she started to sob. Life was so unfair.

"Emily, honey, did I hear the phone?" Monica asked as she opened the door. She immediately saw Emily crying. "What's wrong?"

"It's Nikolas."

"Is this about your fight? Because I'm sure the two of you will work things out."

"I wish," Emily said wiping away her tears. "Nikolas was in an accident. Dr. Jones thinks he hit his head and he -- he -- um -- "

"Has amnesia?"

"Yeah. Alexis just called to tell me. I don't know what do to, mom. I love him so much."

"I know you do and Nikolas, he, loves you too. Somewhere deep inside that has not changed. You just have to remind him."

"I hope you're right," Emily said hugging Monica tightly. "I should go see Lucky. He's going to need someone."


"Oh god." Elizabeth muttered raising a hand to her mouth. She could feel her body shaking from emotion. She could not imagine what Nikolas was going through at this moment. "How is he? Have you seen him?"

"Not yet." Alexis admitted hesitantly. She didn't know why she hadn't seen her nephew yet, only that she couldn't seem to make herself go in. "I don't know what to say."

"Yeah. I wouldn't know how to act either."

"Well he's seems to have scared a few of the nurses pretty badly."

Elizabeth was immediately concerned by what Alexis said. The Cassadines had a past filled with evil acts. Nikolas however had always been the exception. She wondered how this memory loss might change that. "He didn't get violent with them, did he?"

"No. No nothing like that. However, he did use The Voice."

Elizabeth laughed at Alexis' assessment. Nikolas had this commanding tone that made people jump to attention. She had teased him that it was a Cassadine thing. "Those poor nurses."

"Yeah. It seems his more Cassadine roots are showing themselves." The older woman agreed. "I have no idea what to do. I don't even know if he will want to see me."

"I know he will. Nikolas will want something stable and for awhile now that has been you." Elizabeth said certainly. Like Alexis she could not help but think of Jason's accident. However unlike the Quartermaine's, Alexis would take care not to crowd her nephew. "If I can help in anyway."

"I know and I am sure Nikolas could use a friend. Even if he doesn't know it yet."

Elizabeth smiled at what the older woman said. Over the last year she and Nikolas had drifted further apart. "Do Lucky and Emily know yet?"

"I called Emily. She was so upset when I told her. I think they had a fight just before the accident."

"That's horrible but maybe this isn't forever," the nurse mused hopefully.

"Maybe," Alexis conceded after a moment. "I just don't want you getting your hopes up."

"I won't. I promise," Elizabeth told the woman as she stood from the couch. "I should get back to work before Epiphany kills me."