Chapter Fourteen

Nikolas stood content to lean against the doorframe and watch the scene before him. Elizabeth had spent several nights at Wyndemere but tonight would be the first time Cameron stayed as well. One of the many spare rooms had been transformed into a nursery.

When Elizabeth seen the room she seemed almost embarrassed. However, Nikolas cared for the young boy. It felt natural to make sure Cam had a place in his home. "You're so good with him."

"I'm getting there." Elizabeth smiled and reluctantly stepped away from the crib. "Maybe we should go to bed too?"


Nikolas knelt in front of the fireplace and patiently waited for Elizabeth. His body was already on edge from anticipation, which he supposed was the point. Hearing the bathroom door open he barely managed to suppress a groan. He managed to maintain some sort of control until Elizabeth was standing directly in front of him. Though he could never understand why she insisted on putting on something he was just going to take off Nikolas had to admit she looked beautiful.

"I assume that means you like it?" Elizabeth giggled when he practically growled.

"I think we can agree that like is an understatement. But there is one thing that would make it even better."

"Oh what is that?"

"It lying on the floor."

"What are you waiting for then?" she challenged Nikolas.

Instead of immediately pouncing on her, he pressed a soft kiss low on her stomach. His hands danced up her legs and under the short silk gown. Giving her bare bottom a squeeze Nikolas began to stand. His hands skimmed up Elizabeth's sides taking the gown with them. Once he had tossed it aside Nikolas claimed her mouth in along drugging kiss.

Elizabeth moaned helplessly as his tongue found hers. They playfully battled for dominance until she began her own exploration of his mouth. This time it was Nikolas's turn to moan. Her senses began to overload as they kissed. She could feel his bare chest against her nipples the heat making her whole body ache. "Please." she whimpered when his hand drifted to her center.

Nikolas smiled half tempted to tease her further. The only real problem with his plan was his own desires. He wanted Elizabeth with a desperation that often caught him off guard. Usually he was able to push it aside in favor of pleasuring her but not this night. Lowering his head for another kiss, he led them to the bed.

One soft push and Elizabeth found herself staring up at Nikolas. His eyes smoldered as they raked over her nude body. A moment later, his pajama pants were gone and he was beside her. His hand and mouth teased Elizabeth briefly before sliding into her warmth. He stilled savoring the feel of Elizabeth surrounding him.

When Elizabeth shifted restlessly beneath him Nikolas finally moved. She easily matched his fluid movements with her own. Their rhythm grew frenzied their breathing ragged. Then she cried out with unabashed abandon soaring over the edge. Nikolas let out a harsh groan of pleasure as he followed her.


Elizabeth sighed as she rested her head against Nikolas's chest. She never ever imagined feeling this way about him. For so long, they had been nothing more than friends that falling for him caught Elizabeth completely off guard.

Yes, she was willing to admit she loved Nikolas but only to herself. There was still some part of her that expected things to end horribly. Something that would most likely be prompted by the return of Nikolas's memory. If that ever happened Elizabeth had no idea how she would react. For now, she was simply trying to live in the moment.

Nikolas tightened his hold on Elizabeth as she began to relax. Being with her was so much more than he could have imagined. Nothing compared to the feel of her soft skin against his. Falling in love with Elizabeth was the best thing he had ever done.

Just as they drifted off a loud cry filled the room. It took Nikolas several moments to place the sound coming from the baby monitor. Apparently, Cameron had woken up and was not pleased. Elizabeth immediately moved to check on the infant but he stopped her. "Let me."

"Are you sure, Nikolas?"

"I'm sure," he said giving her a soft kiss. "Get some rest because I'm not done with you yet."