Chapter 32: Catching Ignorance

Ji Hoo's car was already waiting outside by her driveway as Rin hobbled towards him, trying to put her left Converse on and juggled her shoulder bag that was slipping off her shoulders.

"Morning, Ji Hoo-ah!" She sounded breathless nevertheless pleased to see him. Ji Hoo eyed her with amusement.

How adorably clumsy can she get…?

There were bread crumbs stuck to her chin, remains of her quick breakfast, Ji Hoo guessed. Without thinking, he swept his fingers lightly over her chin to brush away the leftovers. Rin's smile faded and she looked at him, with a puzzled expression.

"You have bread crumbs on your face," Ji Hoo said quickly.

Her eyes widened in comprehension and immediately she wiped her mouth with her shirt sleeve. She shot him a wide smile. "Thanks!"

She took the shopping bags from the backseat and put them away in the house.

He returned her smile when she got back and quickly turned away, before she could notice his blush. Then, he shifted gears and smoothly merged into the traffic, heading for the university.

They reached in a few minutes and Rin started to get out when Ji Hoo reached out and snatched hold of her arm. She looked back at him with widened and alarmed eyes. "Ji Hoo-ah, what's wrong?"

Rin looked at him questioningly, her head tilted slightly to one side. The older medical student looked at her for one long and intense moment. His grip on her wrist tightened a little.

"Rin…I –" he was cut off when Woo Bin suddenly poked his head in.

"Hey, hey, hey! I thought it might be you, Ji Hoo," he interrupted, looking completely unaware that he had interrupted something.

Rin gave a little yelp as she squirmed in her seat in panic and almost whacked her head against the law student's.

A wave of indignation washed over Ji Hoo but he managed to suppress his glare.
Wrong timing…!

The nineteen-year-old slapped Woo Bin's arm. "You almost hit me with that big head of yours! Can you stick it someplace else?"

Woo Bin grinned at her and shook his head, irritating her further. "No can do. Sorry Rin, guess you just have to bear with my big head."

She frowned cutely, her forehead crinkling as she stared up at him. Ji Hoo turned off the engine and got out of the car. "Rin-ah, if you don't get out of the car fast, I'll lock you in," he said teasingly.

The other medical student was out of the car in less than ten seconds, as the car door slammed open and could have smacked Woo Bin if he had not jumped out of the way fast enough.

The twenty-year-old whistled. "Wow Rin, you are one gauche girl," he remarked, shaking his head.

Before she could say anything, Hee Jin joined the trio. "Hey!" she greeted them brightly, openly ignoring the other nineteen-year-old.

"Hi Hee Jin," Woo Bin smiled at her handsomely.

"Hey." Ji Hoo looked slightly uncomfortable and glanced at his friend but Rin's expression was hard to read.

"Hello Hee Jin," she said flatly, her voice devoid of anything except neutrality.

Almost immediately, Hee Jin attached herself on Ji Hoo's arm and led him away, leaving Woo Bin and Rin as she immersed herself in conversation with the other medical student.

"Honestly, that girl is sooooo ugh." Rin's hands were balled up in tight fists of anger shook them at Hee Jin's retreating back.

"Irritating?" Woo Bin offered cooperatively as he stepped up next to her. She nodded in agreement. As they started walking, the two of them fell silent. Woo Bin sneaked a glimpse at the girl.

I wonder if it's the right time to tell her…

"Woo Bin-ah?" she said suddenly, stopping.

He blinked and looked at the girl, questioningly. "Hmm?"

"I just wanted to tell you that I hope you would trust me enough to let me into your life…" she trailed off, her face reddening in embarrassment. "I-I don't know how to say this but whenever you are ready, I'll be listening." She smiled shyly before she disappeared into the classroom for her first morning tutorial class. Woo Bin stood there, just staring at the place where Rin was standing earlier. His mind was still not capable of comprehending what she had just told him.

It's not the matter of trust here, Rin…

In fact, I do trust you with my life…

How can I tell you that it's not your fault but it rest with me…?

That I can't trust myself with my own feelings…

Rin's eyes scanned the students' faces and finally coming to a rest on Ji Hoo's face. Her smile faded when she saw Hee Jin seated next to him. The nineteen-year-old turned away from them and went over to a vacant seat, one that was as far from the two of them as she could possibly get. With a huff, she slammed her books and folders down on the table with a loud thump and flopped onto the chair.

Ji Hoo could hardly pay any attention to the professor who was busy lecturing and drawing complex diagrams on the board, before him. Instead, he was more focused on the girl who was seated a few rows away from him.

I should have at least saved her a seat…

He sighed inwardly. He knew that Rin was mad at him and he knew why. The twenty-year-old snuck a glance at Hee Jin who was beside him. Rin had every reason to be mad at him.

And why does this girl keep hanging on to me…?

Just then, there was a loud wail that resonated throughout the entire room. It sounded so very familiar. Ji Hoo's eyes widened when he recognized who it belonged to. There was a clatter as a chair toppled over. Rin had stood up so suddenly that all of the papers on her table fluttered messily to the ground. She fled the classroom. Without even thinking, Ji Hoo followed suit and ran after her.

That can't be…!

How in the world, did he get here…?