Chapter Two

The inside of the chopper was cold and dark. If David didn't have a firm hold of Joe, he wouldn't know Joe was there.

"Joe, I'm frightened." David whispered, wincing when his words echoed around the cell. Joe lifted a hand from David's back and began running it through David's hair.

"Me too David. But we have each other." Joe said, trying to calm both David and himself. David put his face into Joe's neck, and that helped his breathing. At least, for a little bit. But then there were landing sounds coming from the outside

"David, they will probably try to separate us. No matter what happens, do not let go." Joe whispered, and David tightened his grip as a door opened, and the light blinded them for a second. Then a woman figure filled the doorway.

"David?" The figure asked, and David looked at the figure strangely. Joe stood up, still holding David, and walked out into the light. When they could both finally see again, they saw the person who had called David's name.

"Mommy." David said, with no excitement in his voice. Joe looked at the woman standing before them. She was tall, with long brown hair, and nice eyes. She was smiling at David.

"Should I put you down David?" Joe asked, and the woman answered.

"Yes. I don't know who you are, but you put my son down now." She said in a stern voice, stepping forward as if to take David by force. Joe got very angry.

"I asked David, not you." He said in a pissed voice, looking at the young mecha in his arms. David looked at Joe, then his mother, then back at Joe. He then leaned closer to Joe, and whispered in his ear.

"I want to be with you Joe. But I must ask mommy something, so put me down, but don't let go of my hand. If you do, then I might go to her." He whispered, and gave Joe a small kiss on the cheek. Joe nodded, and set David gently down. He then turned to his mother, who had crouched down and opened her arms, as if expecting David to immediately rush into them. But when he took Joe's hand, the smile on her face disappeared.

"Why do you want me now mommy?" David asked, and she paled.