I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't happy that Seth was here. I was fucking ecstatic. But that's not how karma works. It can't give me Seth, and then take me away from him and then bring him back to me. No. The laws and rules of the world and Earth and human kind just don't work that way.

Things have to stay in balance.

And that's really shitty.

Something bad has to happen to let the good in.

And that's really shitty.

For me it would all have to revolve around mine and Seth's relationship. Fucking oi vey, brah. What was it in our case this time? Well, it's nothing simple like puking on shoes, hand jobs and the occasional 'dude, that was my last Twizzler!' shit. This was big, humongo crap that makes me happy and sad.

I really hate the whole bi-polar emotions, but sometimes you can't avoid them. But at least I can blame them on other things, like puberty, testosterone, and my intolerance to any type of vegetable. But then again, I'm not a chick so I can't blame two-faced emotions on PMS like they can, which makes me very jealous in a sick way.

Now, what did I do so wrong? I…I met someone. And nothing stays secret with me, no matter how much I want it to.

It all started on a Saturday, the best Saturday of my life, but we're not there yet. Seth and I were eating breakfast together. That's pretty normal for us, and what's even more normal is when one of us is trying to get the other panting until they can't take it anymore. Alright, it was me. Seth was just such a prude lately that I had to take some initiative. I was beginning to wonder when he'd get a JoBro purity ring. I think I'd cut his finger off if that happened.

Now, as a male species, no matter what your sexual orientation or religion, you are usually always horny. It's been scientifically proven that we can't go seven seconds without thinking about sex. This is me in a nutshell. Sex, to me, equals life…Even if I am a virgin. And I know that sex is a big part of Seth's life, and I just can't understand why he won't give in. I'm guessing it's because "I'm special," his words, not mine.

I'm literally about to bust a nut if I don't get some form of loving that doesn't consist of dry humps and hand jobs.

And that's when things went….bumpy that Saturday morning.

Just as I get Seth hot and bothered, which in return had made me hot and bothered, he slaps my hand and starts yelling at me.

"Dude! Stop! Can't I go like, ten minutes without you fucking trying to get me off? I just want to enjoy my Captain Crunch and read the job listings, because if you haven't noticed, my sister can't be the only person to take care of me!"

I knew Seth was stressing out about his sister and his lifestyle, but I couldn't help but to feel angry in return.

"Well, if you'd just fucking give me what I want you wouldn't have to worry about me doing this!"

I wasn't in the mood to get into a barking mad fight with Seth, so I walked away. He didn't chase after me like I thought he would, or hoped, and I felt myself drown in want. I had seen too many shows and movies where a character would get chased after. I wanted an apology. I wanted Seth to sweep me up in his arms and to kiss me. I wanted to make sweet, steamy make-up sex. But even I knew none of that was possible.

Hell, I wasn't even sure if Seth was the romantic type. After all, the last attempt he'd made at being romancy I puked all over his shoes.

I walked out of the apartment building. Jane was out shopping, and Emmett was with the reason why he came to Cali in the first place: Rosalie. I wasn't sure where I was going, but I just knew that I had to get away. Coffee sounded good, so I headed to the nearest Starbucks. I came across one about ten minutes away from my home and I noted that it wasn't far away enough, so I continued past it until I was about forty blocks from Ville Falls (the apartments) and Seth.

The Starbucks here was much bigger than the one that I had disapproved of, and I had a feeling that I made the right choice. After all, I hadn't planned on returning home at all. I actually wished for a car—walking is a bitch.

I entered the building, immediately sighing as the cool air touched my sweaty forehead. At this point, I was in dire need of caffeine. The building wasn't busy, but it wasn't empty either. I stood in a three person line and tapped my toe in beat with the generic pop music quietly blasting through the speakers. When it was my turn to order, I stared at the choices above me. I had only ever been to Starbucks twice—Forks didn't have a coffee shop. It had a diner.

"What will it be?" a male voice asked. I pursed my lips and struggled with a decision.

"I – I have no clue," I said honestly, looking down.

And that's when I knew my life had changed. The man was magnificent. He was big, like Emmett, and had brown hair that was short, wavy and thick. He had luscious lips and cheek bones that belonged to a model. His eyes were hazel, a mix of brown and green. His name tag read Demetri.

"I suggest my favorite, a Double Doubly Chocolate Chip Frappuccino, but that's only because I love anything chocolate." He winked at me. I nearly puked.

I smiled. "That sounds great!"

"I'll get that right for you."

I prayed silently to God to make him gay, if he wasn't already, of course.


Praying must have worked. Unless Demetri was already gay, which I think he was. Two hours after meeting him, he became my new best friend/crush. He told me a lot about himself, which I thought was weird; I'm a stranger.

Demetri hadn't always lived in California. He was a Texas boy for most his life, but when he was fifteen his dad got a job here in L.A. He told me he was bisexual and was in charge of a GSA at a local high school. He had a dog named Spots and lived with his father—his mother had died when he was eight.

He was single, and he was twenty-five.

I had yet to tell him my age, but right now being an eighteen year old virgin felt really shitty. I sorta wished I had the label of being single, no matter how much it caused me pain.

I in return told him most my life story, like how my parents had died in a car crash and about how Jane was the best big sister in the world. I told him about my sexual orientation and about how I had always loved Emmett.

I didn't tell him about Seth; I didn't dare to.

Demetri was a cool guy, and we had a lot in common. I was still amazed that he was so open with me, which in the end caused me to like him way more than I should have. He finished work up after he served me my drink, and he chose to talk to me rather than go home. I had asked him why he didn't want to.

"My house is too quiet. My dad spends Saturdays at my Uncle's, and then on Sundays he's at church. I can't stand being alone." He looked up at me and blushed. "Which probably makes me sound like a pussy or some shit."

I shook my head and put my hand on his knee. "Nah, I'm that way, too."

He and I had spent two hours at park talking, and when realized that it had gotten boring, we decided to go see a movie.

That's when another big moment happened, no matter how small it seemed, While we watched a hilarious comedy, he reached over and grabbed my hand, holding it tightly in his. I felt nervous and slightly ill, but I was just guessing that was how I was supposed to feel.

After the movie, Demetri offered me a ride home. It was almost four P.M and it was blazing hot outside. I agreed. We talked more, mostly about music and old times in our life. And then just as I was about to get out of the car and go back into the drama filled building, he kissed me.

Or more so, I kissed him.

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