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New Year's Eve 2010 Las Vegas

Chapter 1


Greg was practically dancing at the curb when Sara and Gil Grissom walked out of the terminal into the late afternoon sun of Las Vegas. Today was New Year's Eve and he could think of no better way to spend it than with Sara Sidle—even if she was now married to his former boss.

The green-eyed monster of jealousy had left him long ago as he recognized happiness and contentment in Sara's eyes. And tonight, he would get at least eight hours in her company, and if their luck held, if the stars lined up, if the gods' of the new decade were on their side, they would sit in their shared office and play games until day shift walked in.

"Sara!" He shouted as two familiar people stopped at the curb. Greg smiled as Grissom took Sara's elbow and stepped off the curb.

He shook Grissom's hand; he hugged Sara. "Happy New Year! Home, first," he asked. Greg could talk unceasingly in the company of the couple and he did so until he pulled into their driveway.

"Who else is working tonight?" Sara asked.

Greg gave her an exaggerated wink. "Just you and me! If we need assistance, Catherine's in town—Nick is too, but his sister's family is visiting. Langston is out of town going to a seminar. So officially—us—unless your husband wants to lend a hand."

Grissom grunted a "no way" as he crawled out of the back seat almost sleepwalking as he fumbled for keys.

Inside his vehicle, Greg grinned a bigger smile. Long ago he had realized Sara would never be his, as his girlfriend, but she was his friend and recently returned colleague. They could talk for hours about music, movies, serious things, or silly stuff and never grow tired of the other. The months she had been gone from Vegas had been a deep, dark abyss in his life and her return had brought back the sun.

Tonight, the two would be the only CSIs working, and if his plans worked out, they would be together because everyone knew two were faster than one. They could talk and eat and he would hear about Paris. He knew it was selfish and juvenile to want to be alone with Sara, but he loved her and saw this opportunity as a gift.

He was also smart enough to realize that it was New Year's Eve in Las Vegas, the cases would stack up; they would go their separate ways on half a dozen assignments, work alone for hours, and might pass in the hallway as they left. His thoughts caused a slight frown before he regained his optimism.


"Thanks, Greg," Sara called as he backed into the street. She took keys from Grissom, shouldered her bag, took his, and slipped her hand around her husband's arm. "Let's get you to bed where you can get some real sleep. I'll go get Hank before I head to work."

He leaned against Sara. For years he had been able to work for days with little sleep yet in the past year, he had learned to go to bed and sleep for hours. He had not slept much on the flight. "I'll go get Hank later; sleep with me for a few hours."

"There's no food in the house."

Grissom nuzzled her neck. "I'll get food too. After we sleep—while you work."

Sara opened the door and dropped bags. Little had changed in the condo since the two had purchased it and spent nearly a year decorating it. They had returned from Costa Rica to boxes stacked four high—all his office things—and Sara had worked rearranging their extra room to accommodate his jars of specimens. Her love for the only place she had ever considered a real home was part of the reason she had returned to Vegas.

Her hands pushed Grissom's coat from his shoulders, took his hat and tossed it to the shelf. She turned to find Grissom waiting, arms spread to wrap around her. She saw the exhaustion of the long flight etched across his face and under his eyes. He would be here only three nights before returning and she was working two of those nights.

They walked together to the bedroom. Unlike her husband, Sara left everything in order, cleaned, bed made, clothes put away. She folded back covers and maneuvered him to the bed where he stretched fully clothed.

"Sleep with me," he mumbled as she removed his shoes.

Sara giggled. "Okay, but I'm going to shower first." She sat beside him on the bed. "I'm sorry I have to work." She leaned to kiss him, raking fingers through his hair. They had six hours before shift started. "Sleep," she whispered.

She was not surprised to find Grissom sound asleep when she returned from her shower. The Paris bed was fine but did not compare to the huge bed where he slept now, arms and legs stretched across its surface. She laughed quietly as she thought of his resemblance to the Vitruvian man—partially clothed.

He still wore his belt and pants; his shirt was unbuttoned to his waistband. She rolled his socks off, removed his belt, getting a couple of grunts from him as she struggled with moving the pants from his hips. Sound asleep, he was worse than undressing a drunk, she thought. Satisfied they would both sleep better, she crawled beside him.

As her head settled against his shoulder, she heard a whisper. "Thanks, honey," as lips pressed against her hair.

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