It was morning, and as soon as the tribe awoke, they were already in working mode. The men went to hunt, while some stayed to help the women clean up their camp and look after the children.

"These people get up way too fucking early," Miyuki said.

Her tent-mate Lisa smiled, as she un-zipped the tent and looked out, amazed at the camp's co-ordination. Lisa is doing Global Studies for her college course, and part of it is to stay with this Shaman tribe in South America for a week, her and four other classmates.

"Did you even sleep at all?" Miyuki asked, stepping out the tent and stretching.

"A little," Lisa replied

"I couldn't because of the damn crickets."

The second tent opened as Lee came tumbling out, his eyes sagging as he looked exhausted. "I am going to kill every last cricket in this place by the end of the week."

"I think I'll join you," Miyuki laughed.

The third tent opened and Simone and Ray stepped out, both looking re-freshed and happy.

"Good night?" Lisa asked.

"Er...," Ray begun, as Simone hit his arm, "It was a great night."

The five looked out at the tribe getting very into their work,

"So, do we help or what?" Simone pondered, "'Cause I can't carry logs."

At this moment, a girl from the tribe came running up to the friends. She was beautiful and had long black hair, and Lee couldn't keep his peering eyes off of her. "Hi all, I'm Mya... We could really use your help this morning," she begun, noticing Lee looking at her. "Would you like to help me clean out the pens?"

"I'd love too," Lee replied, and in a quick flash, the two were off to clean the pens.

"Ten bucks that Lee will be fucking Pocohauntus by the end of the week," Miyuki joked.


Lee shoveled up the dirt in the pens and put it into the black case that Mya held open, "So, do you like the tribe here?"

"I love it," she smiled

"I still haven't met the Cheif, do you think we will get to before the week's over?"

"I am not sure, he is not very good with travellers..." Mya said, putting her head down. "I will ask his daughter, Ribbon, we are good friends"

Lee looked up at Mya, "You are really a gorgeous girl."

"Thank you..." Mya blushed, "Now come on, keep shovelling up."


Picking up the left-over fire ashes and putting them in bags, Lisa sighed as she felt the task was pointless. Her eyes caught a glimpse of a hut, where she seen an old man with a tribal hat on walking around.

"Hey Naka, is that the Cheif?" she asked the woman also picking up the fire ashes.

"Yes," Naka replied, "But don't let him catch you looking... He doesn't like spies."

"He thinks we are spies?" Lisa asked

But Naka just ignored her, as Lisa looked back at the Cheif's hut but he was no longer in sight, as Ribbon, his daughter stepped out of the hut and strolled off.


It was their second night staying with the tribe, and as usual, everyone was in their bed early. Lisa lay wide awake in her tent, "Miyuki, you awake?"

"Yeah, what's up?" she replied, leaning over to Lisa.

"There's something weird with the Cheif, no one will let us see him and Naka told me that, basically, he thinks we're spies."

Miyuki huffed, "Spies? What the fuck are we spying on, his chicken shit?"

"I don't know..."


Lee laid in his tent, his eyes open as all he could think about was that beautiful girl, Mya. And then there was a knock on his tent 'door', he got up and unzipped it as Mya crouched in. "Mya, what are you doing here?"

"Well, your friends all stay together... I thought you would be lonely, can I join you?" she smiled

"Of course," Lee said, zipping his tent back up. "Nice to know that your thinking of me."

Mya looked at him, "I think that you are a great guy, Lee". He looked at her deep in the eyes as did she, he then leaned forward and began to kiss her on the lips. Their tender kiss turned passionate as he slipped her top off and embraced her body.

"SPY! SPY!" a scream shouted, as a figure stabbed into Lee's tent, puncturing holes in it.

"What the fuck?!" Lee gasped, he quickly unzipped the tent as he and Mya stumbled out. He looked to see Naka stood there, holding a curved blade, as the tribespeople came out of their huts, so did the college students. "What are you fucking doing, you crazy bitch?"

"Your a spy... Mya, how could you go with this creature?" Naka snapped at her.

Mya looked shocked, "Naka, he is a college student."

"We do not entangle with those outside of this tribe, you slutty little girl!"

"Don't call her a slut!" Lee snapped.

Naka gritted her teeth and pounced at Lee with the curved blade, Mya screamed as Lee grabbed Naka's arm, she kept trying to plunge the blade into him, but he yanked her arm and flung her backwards, causing her to fall onto one of Lee's tent poles. It impaled through her chest as she slid down it, blood spilling out.

"OH MY GOD," Simone screamed, "Lee, what have you done?!"

Lee just stood there shocked, as the tribespeople went off in a roar of frenzy. Lisa looked over at them and seen Ribbon running into the Cheif's hut,

"She is going to get the Cheif! Quick, we have to get out of here," Mya panicked. She grabbed Lee and ran off, as Lisa, Miyuki, Simone and Ray followed on suit, the group running further and further from the tribe.