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It shouldn't be this hard. It shouldn't be this hard to stand here and save them. Yet it is. I should have been braver before, maybe this could have been avoided. But it hasn't and the choice is mine. The choice that, without asking, the answer has always been there.

This person standing here, the person who with one wrong move their life will be over, is so innocent. They don't deserve everything that has happened these past few weeks. I don't see why he had to drag this specific person into it; they have nothing to do with it. This is between me and him. I thought this battle had ended a long time ago, so long ago the memories have become faded but not disappeared. They would never disappear, if only I were that lucky.

It's my choice

It shouldn't be my choice.

But it is

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This is the sequel to We are Broken. I'm sorry that the first chapter is only a preface but Iam working on the first chapter. I hope you guys like this preface though.

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