Title: Heaven Forbid

Pairing: ItaSaku

Status: Complete

Rating: T

The heavens would never approve of this relationship.

A psychotic brutal mass murderer.

That's what Uchiha Itachi was.

It's what other's saw him as. And also what he saw himself as.

But that didn't matter any more.

He was going to die anyway.

It had been an intense battle. He knew he was not going to survive.

And so he laid there, quietly listening to the rainfall.

It's been so long.

So long since he killed his cousin Shisui to gain the Mangekyo. So long since he slaughtered his whole clan in the span of one night. So long since he left Sasuke all alone. So long since he felt anything.

All this for power.

Now all the power he had, was slowly turning on him.

Eyes no longer able to resist the damage from the Mangekyo. Body ridden with illnesses. Mind exhausted after so many years of paranoia and solitude.

He felt tired.

Somehow that amused him.

Itachi had been trained to be emotionless. And he had perfected that for so many years, he'd long forgotten what it was like to feel anything.

He would feel nothing when he died.

Nobody would feel anything towards him.

He was alone ever since the beginning. And now he will die alone.

That is, until she appeared.

She was like a Goddess. Sent from above in the heavens by God to torture him one last time before he departed for hell himself.

He could still feel her touch. Smell her beautiful scent. See her pretty heart shaped face and luxurious soft pink hair.

Itachi did something that nobody would ever believe he did.

He smiled.

And closed his eyes. Embracing the darkness that engulfed him.

"Don't you dare die on me!"

"I refuse to let you die, you bastard!"

"Wake up, god dammit!"

"D'you hear me?! I said WAKE UP!"

"DAMN! Just wake up now!!!"


The small pitter patter of the rain fell quietly.

She was crying.

Her silent tears slowly sliding from her cheeks and landing on his. He was too cold. His injuries so extensive, her faith in her own healing abilities started to wane.

She had already saved him once. She was not going to let the fruits of her labour from before go to waste! Refusing to give up, the young medic ninja continued to pour her chakra over his torn body.

"Sakura-Chan....." said the blonde Jinchuuriki sadly.

To anyone else who was looking at the situation, they could tell no matter how hard the girl tried, he was going to die anyway.

Still the Kunoichi refused to give up.

He could feel her warmth invading his body. Her scent intoxicating him once again.

He was hallucinating again but it was so comfortable to just lay there.

He slipped back into unconsciousness.

They were never made for each other.

A mass murderer and an angel from the heavens?

God would never allow them to be together.

Heaven forbid what would happen if they did.

Author's notes:

This was inspired by Heaven Forbid by the Fray ^^


Wow angst! o__o

I kinda wrote this as a spur of the moment thing. The idea just randomly struck my mind when I was writing chapter 2 of "A Sorta Fairytale" and listening to music at the same time. I always thought this song matched Itachi in a way.

As of now, I don't have any plans for a prequel/sequel. However if you would be interested in reading one, then let me know and I may consider the possibility of it :)

And yes I am well aware Sakura is probably acting weird and OOC since she never liked Itachi much anyway. I wrote this for sheer pleasure so please don't go nitpicking in the small holes.

Even a simple "I adore this fic" would make me a very very happy writer.