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The flames in the fireplace crackled in the coldness of the death-filled house. They sounded like twigs snapping an eerie loud spark cracked; she jumped in her seat. The omnipresent sound of the rain hitting the roof made her shake. The leak in the roof hit the old tin can with a constant ping. No other sounds were made between the two living people in the house.

Nothing could go right. She told herself, when another voice entered her head, Oh! It's because nothing has gone right! But it wasn't the fire, the cold air, or the rain that gave her chills. It was the man sitting across from her. The man she hadn't seen in years. The man she once called her brother.

She looked up at him, eyes running over him. He looked terrible. His hair was a mess, his face unclean, unshaven at that too. Yet, she couldn't help but look at him. He had grown up so much since the last time she'd seen him. But he's grown up in the wrong hands, she thought.

"What?" He growled, watching her every move.

"Nothing." The woman muttered, resting her chin in the palm of her hand. She took a long sideways glance at him, he looks like ma, she thought. Mother had the long blonde hair and green eyes, he has blue, I got the green eyes.

"So when'd she die?"He broke the silence.

She swung her head around, glaring at him, peering into his cold eyes, biting on her lip. Well should I say anything? She thought.

"Well, ya' got something' to say?" He said, crossing his arms.

She swore she saw dirt and whatever else was on that jacket of his, wipe off on her chair. Why'd he come? He'd make life so much easier if he wasn't here.

He egged her on to say something when he raised his eyebrows in an annoyed look.

"Charlie-" She started, but was cut off.

"Oh my gosh, praise the Lord!" He howled, "You 'membered my name! I was beginning to think there was somethin' else in that tea of yours!"

She scoffed, sitting up straight and now completely facing him. "Charlie, why'd you come?"

"Cause I wanted to see you." He muttered, lying.

"Tell me the truth, Charlie. Why are you here? Are you gonna rob me like everyone else?"

"Well, I don't know 'bout you…but our mother just died, I decided to pay my respect. So why are you here?" He smirked.

Her eyes went wide. "You're kidding me?" she mumbled to the ceiling. "Charlie…I don't know how to put this but." She paused; a sudden smirk came across her face, the same one Charlie does, but it disappeared in an instant, "I. Live. Here."

"Oh! So it ain't cause our mother just died, I knew it, I knew you was selfish from the beginning." He said, throwing a 'you will not win this fight' look.

"Charlie…you should just go. I can take care of everything."

Charlie pursed his lips, as if actually thinking about leaving, "Nah." He finally said.

"Charlie." She growled.

"Charlotte." He retorted in the same tone. "They say siblings understand each other and shit…but I aint' getting the same signal from you." Charlie flashed a bright smile at his sister.

"Charlie Prince, get out!" She screamed, jumping out of her chair.

"Jeez, calm down Charlotte, calm. Caaaalm." He laughed, as he sat cross-legged and brought his hands up in the air, humming,

"Oh Lord!" She said slapping her hand to her forehead.

"Hey, no need to bring the Lord into this."

She glared at him, "Charlie, I don't know how you got here, or how you figured out that mom even died! But I really don't care. Even if you came with the goodness of your heart…I just want you to leave."

Charlie got out of his guru-like pose, blinked, than stood up, stretching. "Alrighty then."

She watched in amazement, as her brother got up and left. He reached for the door handle, waiting for some last words. He was about to open his mouth to talk but Charlotte spoke first, "And Charlie…don't come back."