Well, here it is. Out in the open for all of you to see. I've finally decided to put up the sequel of I'm Pregnant – which I personally think is better than its prequel but whatever, you guys be the judge of that.

This fanfic takes place four years after I'm Pregnant. This here is the prologue

All of the shippings that will be included are the following: contestshipping and pokeshipping, Ritchie & OC(Jane) and Tracy and Sakura(tracyshipping?), minor pealshipping, Ritchie and Dawn shipping, Max & OC(Akari) and Gary and Casey, and oh yeah, minor orangeshipping(just to torment you pokeshippers)

But for the most part, this is a pokeshipping/contestshipping fanfic.

A few words before I start, I started writing this fanfic way back in 2007, so the writing itself maybe… a wee bit pathetic. But it get's better along the way, I promise. And when I first started posting this on , I didn't finish it. But I'll try my best to now. And yeah, I promise that posting IP2 will not take as long as posting I'm Pregnant!

And now, without further ado…


Life is made of choices; all you have to do is choose the right one. -Anonymous

Maybe at one time, this guy would have been considered smart. When people were still trying to find the purpose of life and how to succeed in it. Maybe this guy was rewarded for making such a quote. Maybe it sent people on wild goose chases, trying to find that one right choice that would end all their problems.

But now, now I don't consider him so smart. He was probably bored out of his mind while saying it or maybe he just said it to calm someone down(his girlfriend?). He couldn't be much smarter than Ash. Ash isn't very bright, and even he knows that life can't have one right choice.

But it was made of choices. Everyday, we are forced to make them. Simple ones sometimes and sometimes hard. We don't think of them much, dismissing them as if it were an old can of tuna. Throwing it away; never to think of it again.

But we, my friends and I, take our choices more to heart. When we were younger, our major choice was to either become a pokemon trainer or live a regular life like everyone else. Live a life that is filled with tests, homework, and Friday night dates. But we decided not to, we ventured out in to the world with the belief that we would one day become like those we admired. Ash wanted to become like his dead father, to become a Pokemon Master. Brock wanted to breed pokemon, taking care of them as he did with his own siblings. May wanted to make her parents proud while I was escaping from my sister's wrath, trying to prove to them that I could become a pokemon trainer like them, possibly a better one too.

Now, in the time we live in, our choices are much harder, our decisions, much more important. Ash had to decide whether to become a full time Elite 4 and risk not seeing me as much as he'd like to. I had to decide whether to listen to my parents and close the gym, or keep it open. May's decision consisted of having Hope or not, and then quitting contests for good or continuing onward. Brock was to ask the girl of his dreams for her hand in marriage or not.

Over the years, choices, decisions became much harder to choose. But that doesn't mean it ever stopped us from being friends. Sure, for most of the year, I watched over the Cerulean Gym and Ash stayed at Montgame. Sure, May started to become more and more of a mother to Hope and much too busy to see Drew. Sure, most of the year we didn't see each other, too busy living the dream we always had. But we were still friends; we still contacted each other by text messages and chats. We still talked and laughed. But most importantly, we still over came the hard times in our lives together.

Maybe Mr. Anonymous was never known. Maybe no one ever knew him; maybe he was some bum stringing out a few words because he was drunk. Maybe he was a depressed drunk, saying things to make himself feel better, not knowing that one day his quote would be used and known by everyone in the world.

And just because I think he's stupid doesn't mean I don't believe in his quote.

End of prologue