Chapter 2

"If couples didn't fight, what kind of couples would they be?"- Anonymous

"Ash, you're coat!"

Ash Ketchum turned around to face the orange haired girl who was calling to him. "It's seventy degrees out, Mist. Why in the world would I need my coat?"

"Because you won't be back until the end of September, right? And that's when fall comes around, and without a coat, you'll freeze."

Ash sighed, "Listen, I already have too much clothes in my suitcase, and I don't think I can carry anymore. If I need a coat, I'll tell mom to send it."

"Why make your mother go through all the trouble?" Misty questioned. "Why not just take the coat now?"

"Because it'll make me go through all of the trouble."

"Ash, you're so stupid and selfish and… and… why don't you just take the stupid coat?"

"I already told you."

"Pikaaa," Pikachu, Ash's very first pokemon, yawned. He was used to this; he was used to Misty and Ash's bickers in the morning. Sure they had loved each other, but because of that some people had thought that the two had stopped arguing with each other completely. But, as Pikachu understood, if that had happened; Misty and Ash just wouldn't be Misty and Ash. They'd be someone completely different.

Pikachu lazily slid off of Misty's breakfast table. It wasn't like the two had argued every morning. No, it was only when Ash had to go, whether it was to his mom's, another friend's house, or just Montgame. They had a bad way of saying goodbye, arguing like that. Would they ever be like a normal couple, Pikachu wondered when he saw them argue, and just kiss each other goodbye without having to argue first?

But then, that wasn't like them either.

"Fine," Ash said. "I'll take the coat."

Misty smiled, obviously pleased with winning. "Okay, now that we got that settled, which flight are you taking to Montgame?"

"The 8:15 AM one," Ash answered with a yawn.

"You still have thirty minutes," Misty noted. "Maybe you should go call you're your mom."

"Why?" Ash asked.

"Because you haven't seen her since July, right?"

"Yeah," Ash grinned as his eyes traveled towards Misty. "And whose fault was that?"

Misty blushed and looked away. "Okay, so I wanted my boyfriend over, so sue me."

Ash laughed, "I'll go call her right now, 'kay?"


And with that, Ash disappeared into Misty's family room in search of her video phone.

Misty smiled back towards Pikachu and scratched in between his ears like he liked it. Maybe if Pikachu was a cat, he would've purred. But he wasn't, so all he did was smile and let out a small "chaaa" instead.

"What am I going to do with him?" Misty asked the small rodent. "Ash never seems to care much what happens to him when he leaves." Misty sighed. "If it weren't for you, Pikachu, I think he'd forget to brush his teeth in the morning over at Montgame."

"Hey, Misty, mom said she wants you over there for Halloween, think you can make it?" Ash said as he came in to the kitchen, searching for food in Misty's fridge.

"At your house for Halloween, why?" Misty asked, curiosity washing over her face.

Ash shrugged, "I dunno, she just told me to ask you."

"I'll….see." Misty turned her attention back to Ash. "That was a quick call, why did you cut it so short?"

"I didn't," Ash answered. "Mom and Oak had to go and drive Gary to the port so he could take the ferry to Petalburg."

"Oh," Misty looked towards the clock. "Maybe you should get ready to go to the airport. Want me to drive you?"

"And have to listen to your poor music choice, no thanks." Ash smiled. "I'll call a cab."

"Okay," Misty forced a smile. She hadn't wanted tolethim see how hurt she had gotten from what he had said. She hadn't wanted him to see the thoughts that had gone through her head when she asked, the pictures of them laughing in her car. "So, I guess I'll go and pick up your cell, I think it should be done charging its battery." Sometimes she wondered why she fell in love with him. She wondered why she couldn't have gotten another boyfriend, one that had actually cared to say goodbye to her and kiss her, one whom had always kept his lines open on his cell so they could talk. She wondered why Ash had to be the one she saw when she was eleven and whom had burned her bike. She wondered why it had to be Ash.

"I got it," Ash said, pulling up his red Razor. "Can you believe how much stupid messages Lance left?" He laughed. "I'm not even at Montgame yet and he insists on bothering me like that."

"Yeah," Misty stood up. "Do you want me to get that ca-?" Before she could even finish her sentence, Ash had pulled her closer to him, so close she could feel his breath on her skin.

"Misty," he said. "I'm sorry."


He sighed. "I know you hate it when I leave to Montgame, I know it's worse now because I hardly am able to come back. I wish I could take you with me, but you have the gym to worry about and…"

"You don't have to be sorry," Misty said with a sad smile. She stared in to Ash's chocolate eyes. "I guess this is just our lives, this is the path our lives take Ash, and we can't really change it now. We just ca-"

Again, Ash hadn't allowed Misty to finish her sentence, he leaned over a bit and kissed her. Placing his lips on hers, Misty could feel his breath inside of her.

There were times she wondered why she had ever gotten together with him. And there were times like these, when she remembered why. She simply loved him.

Hey, this is May, I am soooo sorry I missed your call. Which, if you know me really well, is weird for me, because I'm always on the phone…. Anyway, I'll try getting back to you as soon as I can, bye! Oh, and please leave a message!
Hey, May? Yeah, this is Max, seems like I forgot my watch at home. I know, I know, you're going to say "just bye a new one" but I can't, cuz I, I'm broke, no money in my pockets. So can you give it to Ash or something and tell him to give it to me. If I know him, he hasn't gotten on the plane yet, just send it to him through those pokeball transporter things. I know, those are strictly for pokeballs only, but I NEED that watch, okay? Okay, see ya. BEEP!
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