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"Edward!" I heard as if in a dream Bella's voice muttering my name. I had come home after two AM, being swamped at work so I was imagining things right now. "Edward! Wake up, already!" I groaned and turned on my side, wishing she'd let me sleep a few more hours. "I swear, I'd kick you, Cullen!" I heard her hissing and after a second, she moaned and punched my shoulder.

"Arhhh" I groaned and opened an eye to see her. I could barely focus on her form.

"Finally!" she groaned, a hand rubbing her large stomach.

"Tell Alice to bring you what you want." I slurred, knowing it was terrible of me not to help her, but I barely could keep my eyes open.

"Edwa-ahhh ouch." Bella mumbled.

My eyes snapped open. Was she in pain?

"I hope you're ready." She continued in a soft tone.

"Ready for what?" I asked, blinking at her. I rubbed a hand over my face.

"To meet your little girl." She answered, annoyed through gritted teeth.

I frowned, still too asleep to understand her. At her next groan, I watched how her small hand closed around her stomach. It took me less than a second to understand that she was having contractions.

"Breath, love." I whispered and kissed her forehead, already fumbling for my phone. All traces of sleep were gone. "How far apart? Did you count?" I asked, worried as I turned the lamp on, finally finding my phone. I tried calling Maggie to announce her that we'd be there pretty soon.

"I've been counting for hours. I wasn't sure if it was real…ohh argh…but it is. Three minutes now." Bella told me.

"Three what?" I shouted. We wouldn't make it to the hospital. "When did they start?" I felt bad for not waking up when she needed me.

"Oh…I don't know. Around dinner time. As I told you, I thoug-"

"Bella! You do realize…we won't make it to the hospital. How long do they last?"

"Longer and longer and they are closer and closer." She admitted, blushing lightly.

I threw her phone to her. "Call Alice and tell her to call our parents then come upstairs. I'll try reach Maggie again." I whispered. "It will be okay." I tired to calm her, having scared her when I told her we won't make to the hospital in time. There was only one choice. To have the baby here.

"Hello?" Maggie finally answered.

"Maggie, sorry for calling at his ungodly hour, but Bella's in labor." I said urgently, my hand squeezing Bella's as she hissed in her phone to Alice who apparently didn't like being woken up at three AM.

"What? But she was planned next week!"

"I know that! The contractions are three minutes apart. We have to do it here…"

"I'm not in Seattle." I felt my blood flowing from my face. "I can call Ste-"

"No! She wanted you, you know that. One reason we chose you as her doctor."

"I'm really sorry, Edward. I can help over the phone. Did you hear about water birth?" she asked.

"Sure, but what doe-"

"Listen to me. It will be easier for Bella. I'll help." She proceeded to explain what I should do.

The door to our room banged to the wall a few minutes later, after I had hung up with Maggie. I was explaining to Bella about Maggie's idea. I hadn't seen Bella so scared in my life. Alice rushed to Bella's side and whispered to her that everyone would be here, soon.

I went to the bathroom to get the water temperature just when I heard Bella scream once. I was back in the room in a second. She was on her feet, her water broken.

"Al, go check the water, please. It had to be between ninety and one hundred degrees." She disappeared in the bathroom as I scooped Bella up. "Breathe, sweetheart. I'll be right here." I murmured and kissed her. She clung to my neck, shaking.

"It hurts." She whispered in my ear. "I'm so scared, Edward."

"Don't be." I tried to reassure her.

"What if I can't do it naturally? What if she strangles with the umbilical cordon? What if she drowns?"

"Shh, Bella. Stop fussing. You're agitating her, too." I whispered, kissing a trail from her forehead to her jaw. "Be strong. Think positive, please." Holding her like this, I could feel the kicks, too and they were every twenty seconds now. "Is that water ready, Alice?"

"Yeah, bring her!"

Maggie helped me until she lost signal or her phone died or…something had happened. I was on my knees in front of Bella, in the tub, feeling if the baby had turned when I lost contact with Maggie.

"Damn it." I groaned, whipped my hand on a towel and tried her again. She was out of reach. I started panicking. I had never seen or done this before. I did the only other thing that came to my mind. I called Dad.

"We're on our way, son." He answered.

"OUCH! OW OWW" I watched the baby turn in her, under my eyes. Bella was gripping the sides of the tub for dear life.

"Is she in a lot of pain? Didn't they give her morphine?"

"Erhh we're home. It was too late to go to the hospital. That's why I'm calling. I need your help." I rushed out.

"Edward, I'm a surgeon!"

"You must have assisted a few births! Mine, Alice's…Look, Maggie thought it will be easier if we did this in water. I lost connection with her."

"She's not there?" he asked, furiously.

"Not in Seattle. Bella wasn't du-"

"Just tell him to fucking help you! You can tell stories another time." I haven't seen Bella so scary in my life.

"She's right. Just a second. Can you drive, Charlie?" I heard him ask.

"Is he there?"

"Yes. Now, I can focus on Bella. Make sure she is dilated ten centimeters."

I peeked at her and nearly fainted. "Oh shit!"

"What's wrong?" Both Bella and Carlisle shouted.

"I can see the head!" I said in a shaky voice.

"That's good. Make sure she is comfortable and won't slip then you stay in an appropriate position and tell her to push. I trust you, son, you can do this."

Alice was behind Bella, making sure she won't slip and for moral support I couldn't provide right then.

"Are you ready?" I whispered and leaned to kiss her once.

She nodded, squeezing her eyes shut.

"Push." She did that and screamed in pain.

"Doctors aren't attached to their patient's pain. Keep telling her to push." Dad advised.

I couldn't tell her to suffer.

"Edward! She's not your fiancée right now! She is your patient and she needs to give birth to this child." He commanded in my ear.

"Push, again." I said. "Harder."

All too soon, the head was out and Bella was panting, tears running down her cheeks.

"I'm going to kill you, Edward." She threatened.

"Once more. Come on." I encouraged her, not listening to her threats. I knew every woman did that when birthing.

"I can't!" Bella said, drained of all power.

"Gather all your strength and do it again. I'm right here, Bella." I was sustaining the baby's head above the water, afraid she would swallow the water. Bella pushed again and then slumped, nearly falling under the water if Alice hadn't kept a strong hold on her.

I cut the cordon, got out of the tub and rushed to the bed to put the baby in a towel, to keep her warm.

"Edward! Come back. Dad's orders!" Alice shouted. I had dropped the phone in my rush.

"Take care of her please, clean her." I put the small bundle in Alice's arms, knowing she'd know what to do. She had watched too many movies about childbirth the past few months.

"Dad?" I asked, once the phone was tucked between my shoulder and ear, again.

"Has Bella pushed the placenta, too?" he asked worriedly.

"I don't think so."

"Tell her to push once more."

"Bella, can you push once more?" I whispered in her ear, supporting her out of the water. She nodded faintly and pushed. Instantly, the water turned red and memories of Lucy invaded my brain.

"Is this normal? Dad! There' blood…everywhere!" I screamed as Bella went limp in my arms.

"It's normal for the mother to lose blood."

"Not this much!" I yelled and scooped Bella up, putting her on the white carpet. "She's bleeding." I informed him.

I heard him say something under his breath. "Call 911." Everything stopped the second he said that.

For the next few hours, I've been torn between Alice to check on our baby and Bella. Dad had convinced me to go to the hospital with Bella as he took care of the baby.

At the hospital, they were running low on type O negative and I refused to have some else's blood in Bella so I told the nurse to make a transfusion from me. Something in my voice or my face convinced her it wasn't wise to argue with me. I squeezed Bella's hand as I watched my blood going in her fragile body. After some time, I felt exhausted and relaxed in the chair near her bed.


My eyes snapped opened and I focused on Bella. "Bella! You're alright." I whispered and cradled her hand in mine.

"Yes…where are we? What happened?"

"You lost blood. I brought you to the hospital."

"And the baby?" she asked in a small voice.

"She's on good hands, home." I assured her.

"Did you tell them?" she whispered, getting up slowly. I was on the edge of her bed in a second, keeping her up.


"The name. You didn't call her anything?"

"Sweetheart, I've been so scared about you. Dad stayed home with her. I told you that I love the names, we'll use them." I promised.

"Daisy Antoinette Cullen." Bella whispered with a big smile on her face. "It sounds amazing!"

"It suits her." I agreed. "A precious jewel and beyond praise." I talked about the baby's names meaning.

"Can we go? I want to see her. I'm fine, I promise." Bella begged me.

"I'll talk to a doctor. I'll be back in a second." I kissed her forehead and left.

By lunch time, we were on our way home. I bought two burgers from a drive thru, not listening to Bella's whining about not being hungry.

"Eat." I said and put the opened burger in her hand, not leaving her a chance to back up. She started munching on it and when I parked in front of the house, she was done.

"Are you ready?" I asked, quietly, watching her. I couldn't stop looking at her. I couldn't find a reason not to love and care about this girl- no woman, now- she loved me unconditionally and gave me a child.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" she asked, frowning.

"You're so beautiful, Bella. I love you more than you'll ever grasp." I murmured as I cupped her cheeks in my palms and brought our mouths together.

"I love you, too. Let's go and see Daisy." She giggled and opened the door.

"Stay right there. You heard the doctor." I said sternly and she mocked saluted me.

I took her in my arms and went inside the house which was oddly quiet. We glanced at each other worried.

"We're home!" I shouted. A long wail came from the living room and someone slapped me sideways across the head.

"We had just managed to get her to sleep." Mom groaned.

"Ouch." I moaned. "I didn't know. Silence is always bad."

"Not when you have a newborn around. Now, you go and calm her." She demanded. I marched in the living room, more than happy to oblige.

I put Bella next to her Dad on the couch and she took the baby from his arms. He looked revealed.

"I haven't heard a baby shout so loud. She's got lungs." He chuckled. I perched on the arm of the sofa and put my head on Bella's shoulder. Nothing else mattered for her in that second, she was already acting as Mama Bear.

"Have you decided on a name?" Dad asked.

"Daisy Antoinette." I told them. The baby opened her eyes and gurgled.

"She likes it." Bella cooed and played with Daisy's small hand.

They all scattered away, leaving us alone with the baby. The tiredness came to me as I stayed, sprawled on the couch, watching Bella play with Daisy. Somehow, I managed to dose off, I could still hear them talking when they were coming to check if everything was alright. I was woken up by a flash of light.

"Now, you did it!" I heard Alice groan softly.

"I didn't realize it had the flash on." I heard Emmett's voice and frowned. Why was he here? I shifted, hoping to get another few minutes of sleep, but something heavy was on my chest. I peeked there and grinned when I saw Bella, clutching a sleeping Daisy to her chest, sleeping peacefully with her head on my chest.

"Evening, daddy." Emmett greeted me.

"Evening?" I asked confused.

"It's quite late in the evening. We came here with another idea in mind, but we'll adapt." He said, chuckling.

I raised an eyebrow at him and wrapped my arms around my girls. I watched as Emmett exchanged a look with Alice and then turned to me, seriously.

"You know what day is it, right?"

"Honestly, I have no idea."

"It's your birthday, moron!" he groaned.

"Really?" I still couldn't believe. If I counted for when Bella was due and when she had birthed, he was right. She had given me the best present possible.

"The question is now, what can we give you to top her present." He continued, nodding to Bella.

"Nothing can top it." I told him, seriously. "How's Philip?" I asked, turning to Alice.

"Disappointed. He missed the stork." She giggled.

"Maybe, next time, he would see it." I chuckled.

"There won't be a next time." I heard Bella mutter in my shirt. "And you're banned from sex for an indefinable amount of time, until they find out a way to protect women from getting inseminated that will be one hundred and ten percent safe."

"I thought you were sleeping."

"I was, but your laughing woke me up." She answered and snuggled better in my arms.

"I like the way you think." Rose joined us, grinning from ear to ear. "What do you say, baby, shall we wait for this technology Bella speaks of?"

"I like my balls as they are, babe." He said seriously.

The evening wore on and after everyone left or went to the spare rooms in the house, we were in our room.

"I wasn't that small." Philip demanded, looking with a strange expression on his face at Daisy.

"Sure, you were!" I chuckled and put him on my lap. We were watching Bella as she fed Daisy.

"It makes me self conscious! It's like you're talking about the game and watching a rare exhibit." She muttered.

"A beautiful exhibit, right buddy?"

"Which one?" he whispered so only I heard. I liked the way he thought.

"I'm not sure. They're both equally beautiful." I mused and watched Bella pat Daisy on her back then turn to put her down in the pink bed, the one Alice had bought from the Internet.

She changed her mind and came to us and sat on the edge of the bed. "Say, good night, Daisy." She giggled.

I took the baby from her arms and was surprised when she let me do so. She hadn't released her since she touched her when we came home. I kissed her small, warm head and her little palm came to my cheek, watching me sleepily.

"Hey, are you tired, baby girl?" I whispered. She was so small and fragile, I was afraid to hurt her. I saw Bella watching my every move, afraid she had taken the wrong decision by letting me hold Daisy. "Relax, Bella. I won't drop her."

"Do you have experience with children?" the Mama bear in her showed her claws again.

"I think I have more than you." I said, winking. "Who do you think had taken care of Alice while our parents were working?"

"And how many times have you dropped her on her head?" she teased.

"Not as many as I would have liked. I'm kidding!" I assured her when I saw her hands twitching to get Daisy from me. "It's not my fault she ended up mad. I swear, I took good care of her."

"Just put her in bed, carefully and come back, here." Bella sighed and lay back on the bed.

"Can I say good night?" I watched as Philip sat up on the bed, looking eagerly at me. I nodded and he came closer to me then dropped his hand at the last second, opting to say. "Good night, little sister."

I met Bella's eyes behind Philip's shoulder and I realized that hers were just as wet as mine. I put Daisy in her bed, close to ours then sat down on the bed.

"Can I stay here?" How much energy could he have? And why was he bouncing on the bed?

"Stay." I mumbled. He settled between us and whispered in my ear after making sure Bella won't hear. "Would Bella be my mommy, too, now?" His question knocked the air out of me. I'm sure, she heard him, too, but let me answer.

"What would you want?" I asked, turning to see him better.

"She's good and nice. I like her."

I grinned and put an arm around him. "I'm glad you like her. We'll have to talk with her in the morning. Okay?"

He nodded, seriously and snuggled in my chest. I looked at Bella who was watching me with her mouth hanging open.

"I'd never do that. I can't take her position as his mother." She mouthed to me.

"He likes you. He needs a mom and I can't see a better one than you." I whispered back.

She blinked back tears and took my hand, twining our fingers. "I love you."

"As I love you." I replied and squeezed her hand, closing my eyes. I felt better than I had felt in a long time. My life was getting better and better.

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