"Get out of the way, Dawn. You're too young to be involved" Buffy told me. It wasn't the first time.

With hopeful eyes I looked at Xander. He laid his hand on my shoulder.
He didn't treat me like a kid. Xander was the only one who didn't. He winked at me, giving me a smile.
I see why you're upset, Dawnster - His eyes told me.
I needed to be out of the room for a second and went to the restroom.
I calmed down a bit.

Breathing in.

Breathing out.

Buffy would never let me help anywhere. I was always too young.
I could do more than she thought. Xander and Buffy were in the hallway now.
Probably not even realising I was hearing them.

"I know she's young, Buffy. You're right. We can't let her in on this. She's just… too innocent"

I gritted my teeth furiously.

I opened the shower and stepped in.

The water colored black as I looked down.

It's over.
Time for a change…
Time for a new Dawn.
How do you like me now?

As all the black dye faded down the drain, I closed the crane and grabbed a towel.

I looked in the bathroom mirror to face the new me. A girl with big blue eyes and dark black hair stared back at me.

No miss softie anymore

Wrapping my towel around my naked body, I left for my bedroom.

I started rummaging through my closet and put on my bright blue pj's with little teddy bears on them.
My closet desperately needed a make over too.
When I heard somebody climbing up the wall, I wanted to scream, but readjusted and grabbed the bed lamp on my nightstand
It was only seconds later before I had a frowning Spike in front of me who looked me upside down.

"I hardly recognized you, bit" He admitted, then pointed at the bed side light I was holding up as a weapon. "That's not even a bit scary" He grinned.

"What are you doing here, Spike?" I grumbled.

"Dropped in for a visit"

"To my big sister I suppose?"

"Aren't you a smart cutie" He remarked.

"You have the wrong window" I snapped short of.

"Since when are you such a kitty cat?" He looked quasi offended, then smirked and came closer to me until we were standing body to body and touched my wet hair.

"I like the change though, niblet" I could feel his breathing on my face and looked at his lips. It made my breathe hitch.

"Oh yeah? Well, I'm not that easy" I finally knew how to answer.
I'd had a crush on Spike for ages, but didn't want him to know. My heart started to beat faster.
Spike smirked again, laid his hand on my on heart.
"We'll see about that" He whispered in my ear, letting me know clearly that he was able to hear my heartbeat and walked out on me.