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Note : I got into reading fanfictions for the animé/manga InuYasha recently and a dream sort of inspired this. Set at the end of the 07 movie.


For those that don't know...

InuYasha is a story about a modern era Japan girl who travels into the past into 'Feudal Japan', where she meets a half demon by the name of...can you guess it? Yup, InuYasha. He's a half dog demon with little to no manners, who desires power and was sealed to an ancient tree with a mystical arrow 50 years earlier.

He hates her upon her arrival into his time, because physically she looks quite similar to the woman who trapped him, Kikyo, who is a priestess with great holy power. A priestess he loves, but refuses to admit to it, because the last thing he remembers is being attacked by said priestess, who sealed him to the tree.

Basically, the story starts that the girl falls into an ancient dry well in her time, modern day, and is chased through a magical portal in the bottom by a powerful demon who wishes for the jewel found within the girl's body. She ends up injured and slowly dying in the hands of this unnamed demon, when she frees InuYasha from the tree and he kills it, before trying to steal the jewel for himself. In the end, another demon comes looking for the jewel, and she fires an arrow at the bird, only to hit the jewel instead, causing it to shatter.

InuYasha is forced to join her on a journey for the jewel shards, along with other allies along the way, and ends up falling for her, but then Kikyo comes back, messing everything up. And yes, I mean back, as in back to life, even if she is made of clay and bone.

I really don't know how much of that story I'm really going to borrow though, and for those of you that know the animé, if I screwed up the explanation, sorry. I've never been good at summarizing stories.


NOTE : Ok two points, really...

1) If you see 'Bella' at all as the OC femme's name, please let me know. I tried to keep it straight, but caught myself making numerous mistakes, and might have missed some. The character's name is not Bella, though she does share some traits.

2) You also might notice a few similarities between this and 'Undercover'. Like some OC characters or such. Mostly it will be in the sparkling area, really. I will say now, any names I use, I don't own. Credit will be given where credit is due.

Summary : What if... Instead of the cube disintegrating when it was shoved into Megatron's chest, it shattered, sending countless shards of blue light streaking into the sky? What if the Autobots had a new mission? To keep an eye out for any reports of strange activity, and then hunt down the shards, one by one? What if... the Witwickys, Mikeala, the Lennox's...basically all the humans in the movies, were not the only humans to find out about the Autobots? And what if, while in physical contact with the allspark shards, anything is possible, good or bad?

Pairings : Mostly canon, haven't decided on the main pairing yet. We'll see as I go. XD

Warning/Rating : Rated for language, possibly graphic violence and possible adult scenes. Viewer discretion is advised. 'T' for now, but might go up to 'M'.

Legend :



'Internal Comms'

Lyrics/Test Messages/Notes


(Scene/POV Change)

(Normal POV)

As Sam watched Optimus and Megatron both fall, his heart jolted oddly. He winced and rubbed at his aching chest, before quickly scrambling behind some debris with a ragged breath, panting and praying for Optimus to get back up and fight.

One will stand, and one will fall.

He frowned as he watched the two both struggled to their feet, exchanging awkward looks. Megatron was openly seething that he was facing a worthwile opponent, and Optimus had grim determination, but it was tinged with something else. Was that...regret? There was no time to wonder as they both raced forward at the same time, exchanging lightning fast punches and kicks, dodging and ducking, and clashing together like thunder.

If I cannot defeat Megatron, you must push the allspark into my chest. I will sacrifice my life to save this planet.

Blinking, Sam scooted again as Optimus staggered back, only to swipe a foot under Megatron, sending the larger, evil bot crashing down. Sacrifice his life? He found himself dashing forward, ignoring the painful pulling in his chest as he ran, stumbling often in exhaustion and panic, and then jumping back as the fallen form of Megatron seemed to jolt forward. It'll kill him.

He ducked as Megatron leaned down to grasp him, crying out in terror, even as his body sagged when the evil Decepticon leader went flying, thanks to Optimus tackling them. They tumbled and rolled, exchanging more punches and kicks and angry clicks and whirls as they went. Megatron fired a blast at Optimus, who went flying, and remained down.

No! Get up! Sam's mouth refused to work as he ducked behind a fallen part of a building, watching as Optimus seemed barely able to move. Just as he was saying his prayers, however, several aircraft flew overhead, bombarding Megatron with shots and sending him crashing down, his chest glowing with an almost dirty red light from where a panel got knocked off. Wait...

I will sacrifice my life, to save this planet.

If pushing the allspark into Optimus' chest would kill him and destroy it, it stood to reason doing the same to Megatron would work as well, right? Honestly, as Sam raced forward, pushing himself to his limit as his heart raced with terror and adrenaline, he only really had one thought on his mind. Better him than you. He stopped, staggering back as Megatron pushed himself up onto his hands and knees.

"Give me the cube, boy!" He growled, barely able to support his weight on his hands.

Optimus was moving once again, behind him. "Now, Sam! Push the cube into my chest!"

No! Sam barely inclined his head in Optimus' direction, the only hesitation he showed, before biting his lip and reaching out towards the Decepticon now towering over him.

"No, Sam!"

Better him than you. He pushed the allspark closer, and watched as it seemed to catch fire and glow brightly, pulling out of his grasp as it burned hotly against the Decepticon leader's chest. Sam very nearly sagged in relief when the unusual strain on his chest seemed to fade, although he felt weaker than he would have liked.

Megatron screamed, his body thrashing around wildly as he clawed futilely at his chest, his expression one of rage and disbelief, even as his eyes glazed over, and with a final ragged breath, he fell over backwards, twitching a his eyes and heart slowly gave out.

Optimus was standing once again, a look of true pain and regret in his eyes as he stepped forward and knelt down. "You left me no choice, brother."

Brother?! Sam turned to look at Optimus, but suddenly, a flash of light caught his attention. He was barely aware of the Autobot leader practically leaping to his feet, or being scooped up into massive hands. No, he was stuck watching as the cube glowed bright blue and floated high into the air. It bypassed many aircraft still in the area, growing higher and higher.

Then it hit Sam, the sky was growing darker and darker as it went, until the cube was a glowing bright spot amongst the darkness.

"What's happening?!"

Optimus' fingers tightened around the boy as he pulled him closer to his damaged torso. "I do not know, Samuel."

Suddenly, the light of the cube seemed to brighten, and it flashed. Lights began separating, and even from that distance, Sam could make out the fact that the cube...was....shattering?? Several slivers of light, more than two dozen at least, flew off in every direction like shooting stars, glowing as they disappeared into the distance.


A large, glowing shard slowly seemed to flutter down from the sky, coming to land in Optimus' outstretched hand, and both the human and Autobot watched, shocked, as the light died out.

"It shattered?!"

(????'s POV)

I sighed and stretched, before picking up my bow and arrows, slinging my quiver across my back, and taking aim. I eyed the target in the distance, closing one eye to make sure my aim was good, before knocking an arrow, taking a deep cleansing breath, and letting it fly. Then I sat back and watched as it struck the target, not dead center, but fairly close.

"Getting better." I murmured with a smile, slinging my bow over my shoulder and walking over to the target. I closed my eyes, tilting my head back and taking a deep breath, before leaning forward as I opened them and pulling the arrow loose. "It's nice here." I kept my smile on my face as I turned and walked back towards my earlier sport, brushing off my black jeans and pulling at my tank top, which had a habit of rising up in the front where the bowstring caught against it.

Once I was back at my starting point, I put the arrow back in the quiver, and was about to unsling my bow when a high pitched whistling caught my attention. I found myself looking around. "What?" My smile faded, and I quickly grabbed my bow, knocking an arrow and looking around as the whistling grew louder. "What is-" It suddenly hit me the sound was coming from above.

My head shot up, and I screamed, jumping to the side and rolling a few times, even as I felt the earth shake with an impact. I covered my head, lying on my stomach and trying to ignore the pull of the bow on the crook of my arm, uncomfortably. Dirt and tiny rocks flew up, landing on me, and I coughed as dust flew through the air.

What the hell was that?!

Shuddering, I finally dared a glance up, pushing my long brown hair out of my face as I looked around. I spotted a hole in the ground, much too close to where I'd been standing for comfort, and I slowly leaned up, peering at it as I shakily climbed to my feet, trying to ignore the way my heart almost seemed to stutter.

I stepped forward, slinging my bow again once I realized a meteor must have landed in my backyard. Then I began to giggle.

"A meteor?!? Wow. What a story." I let out a breath and took a moment to calm my heart, feeling slightly hysterical by my close call. "I'm probably the only one who can honestly say she was almost hit by a meteor." After all, it wasn't every day a meteor even survived entry into the earth's atmosphere, let alone landed anywhere near populated areas.

Then I winced.

Well, except for those reported earlier in Tranquility. I thought absently, before shaking my head. But that might as well have been halfway across the planet, for the good it does a Canadian girl. I stepped forward. And again. Finally, I was at the lip of the hole and looked in. "What the...?" With a frown, I carefully stepped into the surprisingly small hole and crouched down, trying to ignore the disgusting smell of scorched earth and plants.

There, in front of me, lay a piece of jagged brown metal. It was probably about an inch and a half long, and roughly shaped light a lightning bolt, with all sorts of strange symbols. The sci-fi freak inside me immediately began squealing it had to be alien, but the more logical side of me argued it was just a piece of a satelite or something, that was destroyed in a meteor storm and those were probably just scratches that looked like alien symbols.

Either way, I hesitantly reached out, quickly tapping the piece of metal and almost being startled when I realized it was warm but not hot, and seemed to catch the sunlight in just such a way, I'd almost swear it glowed. I picked it up and held it in my hand, trying to ignore the strange hum of energy I'd swear it gave off as I realized it was heavier than I expected.

It's kinda cool. Plain yet totally alien in it's own way. I had to smile as I closed my fingers around the piece of metal and slowly made my way back to my house. Huh, my very own piece of space. Who would've ever thought?

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