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(Normal POV)

The Autobots stood in a tight circle, their optics glancing in every direction.

"Where'd they go?" Barricade snarled lowly, half crouched.

Soundwave stood next to Prowl as the smaller Cybertronians circled between the feet of the larger. "They have all vanished underground. I believe there is a mass of sewers below our feet." Prowl was clearly unhappy to find his own charge was missing, but he masked it well.

"Kendra and Rana have gone underground." Optimus' optics were bright, more than aware of the increased speed the enemy was using, as versus his mate and the human with her. His spark rolled hotly, even as concern and happiness rolled through him. I...have a sparkmate... His optics brightened even more. Who might very well be in great danger at this moment. Slaggit!

"We'll head after them." Will gestured for several soldiers to follow after him, he and Epps in the lead as they dashed towards a nearby manhole cover, grabbing Kendra's bow and a few fallen arrows on the way. Moving it aside, they began filing down the ladder into the sewers below.

Sam sighed from Bumblebee's left palm, while Mikeala cast everyone a concerned look from his right. "I wish there was more we could do." The boy yelped, startled, when he felt something against his back, and spun to find Optimus withdrawing his hand.

"Forgive me, Sam. I merely wished to comfort. You have already done more than enough." The Autobot leader inclined his head towards the human boy.

"Prime! I've picked up on two incoming signals!" Ironhide turned to face Optimus, his cannons forming and whirling as his own optics brightened. "They're Autobot and their signals are very similar to each other."

Raising an optic ridge, Optimus turned towards the direction Ironhide pointed out the signal was coming from. His processors kept full alert on Kendra's systems, feeling her trepidation. His spark rolled uncomfortably, and he held a hand over the chamber where the twins were wriggling a little, absently noting they were getting a little big for it.

A ping on his internal sensors indicated the two incoming bots, and his own systems told him the energy signatures were familiar, but he couldn't place them. Instead, he locked eyes on two distant figures. A red Chevy Trax and a green Chevy Beat were racing down the street in their direction. He was more than aware when the others all stiffened up as they approached, and then sagged in both annoyance and relief when they skidded to a stop and transformed, only a few feet away.

"Yo! What up homies?!"

"Oh slag no!" Ironhide slapped his forehead with the palm of his hand. 'Permission to blast them back to Cybertron, sir? Please??'

Biting his tongue a moment, Optimus raised an optic ridge at Ironhide, before taking a moment to gather himself. 'Permission denied, soldier.' "Skids." He nodded to the transformed Beat, who seemed to be admiring his own paint job. "Mudflap. Welcome." He nodded at the red Trax next.

'All we needed. Another Sideswipe and Sunstreaker.' Ratchet groaned quietly and rolled his optics.

"What we miss??" The twins looked over at the former Decepticons warily, their hands transforming but remaining at their sides, before their optics went to the humans milling around between the massive feet of the other bots. "Why's there Decepti-fraggers here??"

"They have joined us." Rubbing his chest soothingly Optimus sighed. "Much has happened." He kept an optic out and his spark set on Kendra as he hunkered down and began explaining what had happened in their absence.

(Kendra's POV)

It was dark and dank...

"What is it with me and dark, dank places?" I rolled my eyes and groaned, tightening my hands into fists, only to pause. "Oh hell! I forgot my bow!" What's with me? First I couldn't tell the little girl was a monster, and second, I forgot my bow?? Considering that was my most trusted weapon, I wasn't really happy with the fact.

"You're a trouble manget." Rana smirked a little as we paused at a corner.

"You're telling me. We're both gonna have to rely on hand-to-hand combat, in nasty, stinky sewers."

"Mate or not, Optimus is so gonna make you walk."

I couldnt help but begin laughing. I could imagine it, too. Shaking my head, I peeked around the corner and stiffened up. Shit! Looking around, I cringed to see nothing to use to throw at it. "Rana, stay here."

"I don't think so! If you're going, so am I!"

"These things are freaking fast!" I hissed back at her.

She shrugged. "So let's get a move on, shall we?"

Hesitating, I shook my head. I took a breath, before stepping around the corner. Time to go. I ran forward, my feet slapping wetly against the ground as I rushed the skeleton that spun to face me in an inhumanly fast movement. Never gonna get over that. I swung my fist forward, ignoring the pain in my wrist from the bite, my power crackling in my hand as I went. Unfortunately, the skeleton was faster than I was, and flashed away.


I spun to see Rana jumping and ducking under an incoming skeletal arm, before she spun and kicked at the skeleton. "We gotta slow this bugger down." She grabbed it's arm as it reached for her again, wrestling with it, before sliding her feet under it and knocking the body down. It collapsed, but struggled to get back up, and Rana had to straddle it's waist, holding it's hands down. "Now!"

I slipped and slid across the grimy grounds, collapsing down and using my hands to brace myself against the creature's body, gagging as they squished against the bloody flesh. Pouring my power into my hands, I listened to the flesh crackle and scrunched up my nose as the body smoked, the creature writhing under my grasp until it disappeared.

Shuddering, I stood slowly, watching as Rana made a face at her mucked up clothes.

"Remind me to go shopping when this is all over, I'm never wearing this again." I groaned, wiping off my skirt. "Come on, we'd better keep looking." I slid a little as I stood, and refused to look down and see what I'd just slid on.

The sound of rushing footsteps caught our attention, and with a grimace, we both turned towards the sound, crouching slightly. I shifted the empty quiver on my back, before raising my hands, praying the sound wasn't a bunch of skeletons rushing us.

And it seemed my prayors were answered.

From around the corner, several soldiers ran, lights from their guns shining in their faces, before the guy in the lead held up his hand and they all stopped. The newly revealed Lennox sighed and rolled his eyes slightly, before unshouldering my bow.

"Oh my God, thank you so much!" I eagerly grasped my bow, sighing happily as I took the arrows from Epps and slipped them into my quiver. "Gonna need to pick up more, soon." I shrugged, gripping my bow tightly. "Ok, so we need to find the girl, she's got a shard."

"We'll watch your six." With a nod, Will raised his gun again.

"Still don't get why I can't have one of those." Rana murmured as I led them down the hall.

"When you're older." I smiled mock sweetly before reaching over and rustling her hair.

She shuddered and yelped, pulling away. "Eww! Get your grubby paws off me!" She made a face as she picked a chunk of something out of her hair, before shooting me a dirty look. "That is so nasty!"

"You're telling me." With a sigh, I walked on, keeping close to the troops.

More than once we ran into skeletons, and the soldiers realized we were all at a disadvantage, because they couldn't risk firing their weapons without hitting not only each other, but myself or Rana. While I wasn't too worried about me, knowing metal wasn't as easily damaged as actual skin and bone, I was worried about the others. A few of the soldiers took some pretty heavy damage from these things, broken wrists, huge gashes in various places, and one even had his throat torn out.

It was so sudden. One minute we're sloshing through countless unnamed things in the dark, dank, smelly sewers. The next you're dodging and ducking super fast piles of bones with nasty bites. It was too sudden for a lot of us to even realize what was going on, before we were surrounded.

"Just how many of these things are there?!" Will was crouched in a corner, his back pressed into the cement to protect it as he aimed a pistol around him almost wildly, a gash on his arm.

I was wincing from a pain in my back, as I hunched over, feeling slightly dizzy. "Over two dozen, remember?" I glared up at the skeletons, picking an arrow up from the ground, and attempting to soothe the concern I was feeling over Optimus' bond at the same time. What's wrong with me? I briefly wondered if their bites were at all poisonous, even to metallic beings.

"And how many have we killed?"

Rana grunted and ducked under a swing, before spinning away from a soldier who touched her, surprising her. "Lost count a few bodies ago."

I grimaced sharply, far too aware how wrong those words sounded, coming from her lips. She's just a child. I shook my head, swinging my bow like a baseball bat at an incoming skeleton. About the only upside to fighting them was that after a little while, you could almost tell when they were about to dodge or flash around. They'd tense up, all over their bodies.

And I wasn't the only one to notice, either.

Rana and Epps exchanged a look. Running forward, Epps leveled a volley of punches at the creature's head, and as it prepared to flash away, Rana came up from behind it with one of the soldiers' knives, digging it into the skeleton's blackened heart, and then gagging as the creature collapsed.

At least these things have hearts to take out. I thought with disgust, swinging my last arrow like a sword, before knocking one on the head with my bow. Spotting a blackened aura a little distance ahead, I rushed on, leaving the last...three skeletons to the rest of the team. Take out the leader and the rest will fall.

Turning a corner, I skidded to a stop, my heart hammering from the exertion and fear. The dizziness had faded, but I still slightly out of it. Finding myself in a large circular room with several exits, I stared at the girl just standing in the center of the room.

There was no fluctuation in her aura, and I sighed to myself, reisgnation running through me. I felt Optimus' concern grow and smiled slightly to myself before shaking my head and raising the bow. I knocked the arrow, pointing at her head and feeling my power flowing through me, the arrow glowing brightly. I'm sorry. Something clenched inside me as I loosed the arrow.

And the girl flashed away before the arrow could hit her.

I cursed as she rushed forward, her arm lashing out, and growling loudly as she pushed me hard. I found myself shouting in surprise as I was suddenly airborn, feeling almost weightless as I flew. But before I had a chance to really take it in, I felt myself smacking against something really hard, and a scream echoed through the room as pain shot through me, concentrated in my chest, and blinding me in it's intensity.

I heard so many sounds, but I couldn't make anything out as I slid down the wall, the red hot burning in my chest drowning everything else out as I gasped sharply, struggling to breathe. It was like I was under water, shouts and snarls coming through from seemingly a distance and slowly growing clearer. Something touched me, and I tried to yell, tried to move to shove them off, but my body barely moved in response.

Ow... I groaned a little, my hands coming up to clutch tightly at my stomach. The entire room seemed to explode, but something darkened my view. It took me a moment of blinking tears out of my eyes to realize there was a body over me, and even longer to realize it was Will. "As flattered...as I am." I gasped, trying to will away the pain. "I'm not...into married...men." I tried a smile, but felt my body shudder as an agonizing pain wracked my body.

"What the hell is that girl on?!"

"The walls, now." Will grimaced and leaned back, looking away.

I followed his gaze and noticed the amazingly bright light shining into the room. The center of the room was filled with debris, and that's when it hit me the ceiling was gone. "Whoa. I don't think I wanna ask." I blinked around, the burning pain refusing to fade, even as I spotted Sam stepping over a rather bloody mess on the floor, and...as Will said, the walls.

"Worried mate." Was all Will said as he turned and walked over to Rana, who was crouched in an entry way to the room.

He bent down and grabbed something, making a face and walking over briskly. "You ok? Optimus just freaked out and yelled, and then pummeled the ground." He raised an eyebrow and crouched down next to me. "You...don't look so good."

"I feel like I got hit by a..." I trailed off, giggling at the irony of the words I wanted to say. Shaking my head, I leaned forward, hissing as my back protested loudly. "That did not feel good." I groaned as I slowly got up, still clutching at my chest. The burning had yet to fade, and now I was suddenly aware of the terror of the twins, and Optimus' own fright. I reassured them best as I could, taking a step forward, and then gasping a little as everything seemed to spin.

I was aware of my legs shaking badly and very nearly giving out under me, when two warm arms wrapped around my shoulders, and I found myself leaning against Sam. "Sorry. Thanks."

"Ratchet's having a fit up there, already got a bunch of soldiers in his hands. Mikeala's gonna look at you, if you're ok with that." He helped me over to the hole, where a giant hand shifted down.

I couldn't help the small, pained laugh. I was struck with a rather amusing thought of 'The hand of God', even though I recognized the large leather-clad fingers of Optimus Prime. "Talk about help from the powers above." I was in his hand before I even thought about it and smiled a little as Sam handed over the bloody shard, which glowed brightly in in my palm before settling down, and I began wiping it off on my already messy skirt, even as I leaned my side against the upraised thumb and looked up.

Optimus' concerned eyes looked down at me, and I found myself smiling at everything I could see and feel from him. "Are you alright?" His voice was low, even as he lifted me towards his chest.

As I rested against the metal of his chest, I closed my eyes. I took a moment basking in the security I felt in his arms, even though my chest still twinged in pain, and I rubbed at it briefly, before putting the shard in my pocket. I had too many to wear around my throat alone.

"I've been better. Took a nasty hit, but I think I'm alright."

"I still want you to be looked at. The agony I felt through you bond..." The hold around me tightened.

I nodded up at him, before kidding one of the armor ridges lightly. "Ok. Put me down and I'll go find Mikeala." I raised an eyebrow when instead of being lowered, I was lifted, and pressed against Optimus' face. "I love you too." I smiled and leaned against him.

"Dis da chick?"

Optimus groaned. "Later, you two."

I frowned in confusion and looked over his fingers to see two strange bots, a lot smaller than the others. In fact, they were even smaller than Jazz. "Oh! Well, Jazz will probably feel better. He's not the shortest anymore." I hadn't even realized what I'd said until many of the bots erupted into laughter around me, but for three rather indignant 'Hey!'s. I blushed. "Oops, sorry."

Climbing out of Optimus' hand. I patted his index finger as I passed. I climbed through the people, searching out the long dark brown hair of Sam's girlfriend. Didn't take long to find her milling around at Ratchet's feet, and we went a little ways off. I just didn't feel comfortable with everyone staring into my chest, even if they had to, to make sure I was ok.

Once we were a little distance away, I opened my chest to Mikeala, who gently felt around. She found a rather tender area against my back, where I'd connected with the wall, but when she pressed against the cover of my spark chamber, I felt my eyes widen and grit my teeth to keep from screaming, even as I grasped her hand and pulled it away.

"If that hurts... That's not good."

I could feel the burning of Optimus' stare. "You're telling me."

"Can you...?" She trailed off, brushing her hair out of her face as she made a vague gesture to the covered chamber.

With a sigh, I willed the cover open, and waited as she stared inside. Because I was watching her face, I watched her eyes widen in shock, and her jaw drop. Her mouth seemed to work silently for a moment, opening and closing wordlessly. Then she pulled out a cell phone, flipped it open, and without taking her eyes off me, put it to her ear. "...Ratchet? Yeah, you gotta take a look at this."

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