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Chapter 16- Isabella Swan

I could hear hushed whispers all around me. I had no idea of where I was. The last thing I remember was a deer, a wreck, Jasper supposedly showing up and stopping my car from an unlikely doom, and then I passed out. I quickly sat up and looked straight up into a pair of concerned topaz eyes.

"Bella, darlin, its okay, your safe now" Jasper said in a soothing voice running his hands up and down my back.

"Where am I? Did I die?" I started questioning and panicking. Calmness washed over me and it was filled with love. I stopped talking and looked at Jasper.

"No, sweetheart you're not dead and we are at my house. I brought you here so Carlisle could check you over and you appear to be fine, just some mild shock. It's what's to be expected after what you went through" Jasper said in a comforting tone. It was then I noticed I was in a wooden office and Carlisle was sitting on top a huge desk studying me intently. This must be his study. Behind the desk were tons of books and some pictures. I just wanted to get up and look through everything.

"Okay, thank you Carlisle" I said in an appreciating tone. He just nodded at me and smiled. I turned back to look at Jasper and then I started thinking about the wreck so it was all real. Jasper would have had to have stopped the car before I even hit the trees. I jumped up and ran to a window and there sitting in the Cullen's driveway was my car. It looked like I was on the second story and from where I could see there were still indentations in the top, but other than that it was in perfect condition. I quickly spun to face Jasper with an accusing look on my face. He looked extremely nervous. "Tell me how you did it" I demanded. I wanted answers. Jasper sighed and looked defeated.

"Alright, Bella I will tell you, but first I want you to meet my family and then we will tell you together" Jasper said. I just nodded, I could work with that. Carlisle excited the room and I followed with Jasper behind me. We came to the top of some steps. They were grand looking; something like a beautiful bride would walk down. Once we got to the first floor I noticed five other people standing there looking at me.

There was a pixie like girl, who I assumed to be Alice jumping up and down like she had taken a bunch of energy drinks, but you couldn't help but smile in return at the smile that light up her small face. Beside her almost in the corner was Edward. It looked like he was in pain. I was kind of scared to get anywhere near him after her tried to attack me last time. I turned to look at the other three.

There was a beautiful blonde, which I think her name was Rosalie. She looked very stuck up and wanted to have nothing to do with me. She was looking at me with a look that she wanted to kill me. The same look she gave few a few weeks ago. I instantly turned away and I stepped back till I could feel Jasper pressed up against my back. I could have sworn I heard Jasper growl and then the girls lips turned upward a little, like a hint of a smile. Next to her was a large man who was very buff, but he looked like a kid in the candy store when he started smiling at me. He must have been Emmett.

The last person I looked at was standing beside Carlisle. She must have been the mother, Esme and that look she was giving me, made me want to just run into her arms so she could hold me. The vibe that was emitting from her was so motherly. She was the type of woman who could comfort and hold you. She reminded me of my mother so much. I actually took a step forward to go to her. I just wanted to cry on her shoulder, while she held me and let me grieve from missing my own mother. It had really been to long since I had, had parental figures and Carlisle and Esme just fit that perfectly. I stopped. I had no idea of who this woman was. Sure she was Jasper's mother, but I really didn't know her, but her nature was just calling for me to let her hold me in my arms. I decided and I stepped forward, she seemed to know what I wanted and her smile grew even warmer. She stepped forward and I forgot about everything around me. I went straight into her arms. She wrapped hers around me. Esme was just as cold as Jasper and had the same eyes. It was just as comforting as I thought it would be and before I knew it I was crying. "I miss my mom" I said between sobs and it was true I missed her terribly. I had to grow up without her and through the most important years of my life none less. She was officially gone and never coming back. I had no one to look after me and be there for me. No one to really talk to like you could your mother and this is what I was crying for. I had lost everything when my mother died, all the motherly stuff we could do and then this woman, Esme, just shows up in my life, breaks down all the walls I had built up about needing my mother and she had not even spoken one word to me. No one could ever replace Renee though, but it would be nice to have something or someone close to her.

"I know honey, Shh, everything will be okay" She said rubbing my back. Jasper must have told them I had lost my parents and I had a feeling that she knew how I was feeling. We just sat there and she held me while I cried my tears. I don't know how long I had cried, but once I looked around I noticed we were sitting on the floor and everyone else had disappeared. I looked up at Esme through my swollen tears.

"I'm so sorry" I started to say but she cut me off.

"Bella, I know how special you are to my son and that makes you special to me. He did tell me about what happened with your parents and I'm truly sorry, no child should ever have to lose a parent especially both. I want you to know I care about you a lot, even though we have just met and I can tell you need someone like your mother and I just want you to know that I will be here for you. I'm not trying to replace her, but it's just my nature to care and love everything. You can come to me for anything"

"Thank you so much Esme. It's just you reminded me so much of her and I just sort needed the comfort of another mother you could say, but I really do miss her and my father and I don't think I ever truly have gotten over the idea that they are gone forever. You and Carlisle are the perfect parental figures and that is all I ever wanted" I said.

"And Bella, that is what we would like to be to you; second parents you could say. If you ever need anything please come see us. We already consider you our daughter" I smiled, everyone seemed to accept me. I hugged Esme once more. I was already starting to consider her a mother I never had. She was so nice to me, when she didn't know anything about me and that allowed me to trust her. I believed every word she said. I'm sure Renee and Charlie would understand. I had been too independent for almost ten years you could say, so it was nice to have someone truly care that could become parents to you. "Now, let's go. I'm sure Jasper just dying to see if you're okay" Esme said with a chuckle and I laughed to, because it was probably true. Esme helped me up off the floor and we walked into the living room where everyone was seated. Jasper showed up beside me instantly and took me in his arms. I hugged him back. Jasper knew when to not say anything and he must have known I would need that with his mother. He had told me about her ability to be love everything and I was so not prepared to actually fall into her arms, but I was better now.

Jasper pulled me around to the couch. I sat in between him and Esme. Carlisle sat on the other side of Esme. "As you have met my mother and father, I will skip them. That over there is Edward and Alice" He said pointing to them. There were seating on the loveseat holding hands and it looked like Edward wasn't even breathing. "And then Rosalie and Emmett" They were sitting in a big chair with Rosalie in Emmett's lap.

"Hello, it's nice to finally meet all of you" I said in a polite voice.

"You to Bella, we are going to be best friends" and something in the way Alice said that told me not to bet against her. Confidence was in her voice.

"I'm so glad I'm getting a new sister. I need someone to play video games with" Emmett said. I just chuckled a little. I realized he was nothing but a little kid under his big exterior. Then it got quiet and kind of awkward. They were all just kind of looking at me, watching my reaction to everything. I knew something big was about to happen.

"So Bella, as I'm sure, you probably have some questions" Carlisle said. Then reality hit back on me. I was so caught up in meeting a family I always wanted, I forgot all about the fact that they probably were not even human.

"What are you?" I said turning to look at Jasper. He looked so worried about something and it broke my heart.

"Bella, first I just want to say you mean everything to me and my family would never hurt you" Jasper said with a serious voice. I don't think I could ever be scared of Jasper. I loved him for Christ's sake. He was my world. I just nodded slowly willing for him to get to the point. "Bella, my family and I are vampires"

I think all the air rushed out of my lungs. Vampires, they did not exist. No, they couldn't exist. That changes so much in my life.

"No, no, no, vampires do not exist. That would mean everything Jake said about the legends are true. Does Jake turn into a werewolf also? Why aren't you eating me?" I started rambling on and panicking.

"Bella, darlin, calm down please and I will answer all your questions" Jasper said squeezing my hand. His touch instantly calmed me. "First, I would not lie to you. We are vampires and yes the legends are true. I have no idea about Jake being a werewolf…" Jasper said but was interrupted by Edward.

"Actually I think the werewolf gene is back. Alice and I were hunting the other day and we passed by the treaty line. This horrible smell was coming from the other side. It was kind of like wet dog, but I'm not sure if this Jake person is one" he said

"Bella, I don't think Jake is a werewolf, but that would be something he would have to tell you himself" Jasper said. "And we will not eat you. We only hunt animals" Jasper said. I took a minute to process that. Japer was a vampire and Jake could or could not be a werewolf. "I know this is a lot for you sweetheart, but I think I should start from the beginning" I just nodded in agreement. I needed to hear more.

"Okay well, being a vampire means that we have incredible strength, speed and senses. Emmett, show her your strength" Jasper said. I watched as Emmett got up and went outside the front door. The next second I heard something snap and then Emmett was standing in front of the living room windows holding a large Redwood above his head; lifting it up and down, like he was showing off. All of a sudden he threw it and I heard it land with a thud somewhere in the forest. They were definitely strong. Emmett came back and joined us. "Okay, Edward, since you're the fastest show her speed if you can" Jasper said. Edward stood up and I felt a blast of wind a second later. I looked around and Edward was on the other side of the room. I didn't even see him move. There was another blast of wind and he was sitting right back beside Alice. I'm sure my eyes were wide. This was so unbelievable, but I was seeing it right in front of my eyes. Jasper continued talking "Our senses are heightened hearing. I can hear cars going by on the highway and conversations going on in other houses. Sight is also another. We can see in the dark for miles away before you can even see something. I can even see the dust floating around in here and the last one is smell. Everything and every person has a unique scent. For example you smell like strawberries and lavender".

"Is that how you saved me?" I asked

"Well you see some vampires when they are changed, bring over something from their former human life and most of the time it's in the form of a special ability. Let's say like Edward was very good at reading people. Once he was changed his ability was to hear minds. He can hear every mind in this room" I looked shocked at Edward. Those were my private thoughts. I didn't want Edward to hear everything I was thinking. That would mean he knows that I'm in love with Jasper.

"Actually Bella before you start freaking out, I can't hear your mind at all, it's like you are blocking me somehow" Edward said and everyone gasped. This must have been highly unusual for Edward not to hear anything.

"That's very interesting; Jasper does your gift work on her?"Carlisle asked. I looked over at Jasper wide eyed. He had a special ability too. Oh god I hope it's not anything that will embarrass me.

"Yes, I'm pretty sure it does" Jasper said and then looked down at me. "Bella, I have the ability to feel and control people's emotions, but Bella I want you to know that I don't abuse my power. I have used it on you, to calm you sometimes". So that was what I felt washing over me sometimes, but sometimes I felt more or at least I think I did, especially when we were kissing. If he can do that, that means he could feel my love for him. Jasper already knew I was in love with him or all the times I was ready to jump him; the lust and desire. I looked at him mortified and embarrassed. He must have known what I was thinking about.

"Bella, we can talk more about that later, perhaps in private" Jasper said. I just nodded to nervousness to say anything. I wondered if he loved me back. "Anyway, then there's Alice she can see the future. It is subjective of course. She only see's what path that person is on at the time and then when it changes. Bella, Alice saw you getting in a wreck tonight. I raced to you with my speed and stopped the car from rolling. I'm sorry about the handprints, I'm pretty sure we can get them out". I just looked at him. Alice can see the future and Jasper saved my life. I reached over and hugged him tightly. He pulled me to him.

"Thank you Jasper, for saving my life, I will forever be grateful" I said to him.

"Bella, I would never want anything to happen to you, ever" Jasper said sincerely. I just pecked his lips and let go.

"So, what else do I need to know, wait you said you don't eat humans?" I asked

"No, Bella we don't. You see we feed off of animals" Carlisle said

"Why?" I asked

"We don't want to be monsters, Bella. Taking lives of innocent people is just wrong and horrible. I'm not saying that we have never had any, but we want to be able to be civilized and make friends in small towns. It helps use lead a more normal life and blend in. It helps us to be more human. If we lived off human blood Carlisle here would never be able to work in a hospital, Esme would never really be able to do interior design on people's homes and we would never be able to go to school. We would always be on the run, moving from town to town, but there is always a risk" Jasper answered. I could understand their point. These vampires were very compassionate. Hollywood has got it all wrong about everything. This was not what I was expecting when he told me they were vampires.

"Is that why Edward looks like he is in pain, because he wants my blood?" I asked straight up. I saw Edward stiffen and look at me. I think Jasper was going to let Edward answer this one.

"Bella, I would never harm you. You mean too much to Jasper and I would never be able to live with myself if I took you away from him, but yes your blood does smell a lot more appealing to me. You see, you are what we vampires call La tua Cantante, or blood singer. You blood sings to me. Every once in a while vampires come across humans who smell more delicious than anything we have ever smelt and well yours does that to me. It is very hard for me and usually a vampire's singer does not survive, but I have been working on it very hard". Edward said and I completely understood.

"This is very serious for Edward, he usually is one of the most controlled next to Carlisle" Alice said speaking up for the first time in a while. She looked over at Edward and I could see the love that had for one another in their eyes.

"Bella, vampires don't sleep at all" I looked at Jasper shocked. He never slept?

"Well, then what do you do at night while I sleep?" I asked.

"I watch you mostly, the emotions you produce while sleeping are very relaxing and it almost makes me feel like a human again sleeping, but sometimes I read or get on the computer. This next thing may come as a shock, but I know how much family means to you, Bella and well I wanted you to experience that with my family. I wanted you to fit in and be comfortable with everyone, so since that day that Edward tried to attack you, Alice and I have been trying to help Edward so that you would not feel awkward once you did meet everyone, especially him. He would have never been able to stand it, if we didn't do what we did. Bella, I have been taking some of you clothes, so that Edward could get accustomed to your scent. It has worked tremendously. Once he overcame that and please don't be mad, but I let him and Alice come into your house and sit in the living room, where your scent was stronger and it worked for him, because now he is sitting here almost next to you without attacking" Jasper said. I completely understood. Jasper wanted me to be a part of his family and that was true, I would have been uncomfortable if Edward did have to leave the room. Then I probably would have thought he didn't like me or worse didn't want me to come into his family. I was glad they thought of doing that.

"I think that was a wonderful idea to help him" I said. I looked over at Edward "If you have to leave Edward, you can go. I wouldn't want you to be in pain because of me" I said sincerely.

"It's okay Bella, it's bearable, but this is the first time I'm really up close it's a little hard" Edward said. I just smiled.

"So, what else goes on in the vampire world?" I asked completely okay with this, for some odd reason. Just the other day I was petrified and completely ignoring the fact that vampires could exist. I think a lot of the trust and safeness I was feeling, was because of my love for Jasper. He was a vampire and I had no way but to accept him the way he was, if I wanted him in my life. There was no way I could just give him up. Plus he had saved my life and never harmed me.

"Bella, aren't you scared of us?" Emmett asked

"No, I know you wouldn't hurt me, Carlisle would have already had the chance when I came in bleeding at the hospital, but I'm fine with this. It was a little startling at first, but once I understood how this family worked I was okay. I trust you completely" I said sincerely. I was not in any way scared of this family. Jasper looked at me a minute like he was trying to study my emotions. "Does anyone else have abilities?" I asked

"Well, I have my strength, Rose here has her beauty, Carlisle his compassion and Esme her love for anything" Emmett answered for me. I just nodded. I guess Rosalie was never going to say anything to me.

"Bella, you know that you can't ever tell anyone about what we are" Carlisle said.

"Don't worry, I wouldn't ever jeopardize you family. Plus people might actually think I'm crazy" I said and chuckled. Everyone seemed to take my word, except for Rosalie who was still scowling. I could tell she didn't accept me, but it just looked like everyone ignored her.

"Carlisle, I think we should take Bella back up to you office and you can tell her how your life got started and we came to be" Jasper said looking at Carlisle. I looked over at him and he had a smile on his face. I could tell this was something he must have been really happy to tell me. I just smiled back willing for him to tell me everything.

"Alright, dear, let's go" Carlisle said holding his arm out. I took it and we walked up the stairs together. Jasper followed behind us and we entered the beautiful study once more. Carlisle led me over to one of the many paintings I had seen before, when I had woken. It was of London, England perhaps. It looked very old, but the way it was painted was very articulate and used beautiful colors. You could see different buildings and church steeples, with people walking around and have good times.

"This was England in the sixteen forties" Carlisle said and we walked down to the end where there was a big wooden cross. I guess it doesn't affect vampires. "This was my fathers." Carlisle started telling the story. "It hung on the wall of where he preached. You see Bella I was born in the sixteen forty's in London" I automatically did the math in my head. Carlisle was over three hundred years old. Wow. "My mother died giving birth to me so I was left only with my father, who was an Anglican pastor. My father believed strongly of evil or supernatural things; witches, werewolves and vampires. He would lead these raids and capture people they believed to be evil. A lot of innocent people were killed during those days. Once my father grew old he placed me in charge. I was not as quick as my father to cast judgment upon those who were accused, that were actually innocent. I used most of my time trying to figure out if such things really did exist, but one day I did and that was the end for me. I found out were a group of vampires were hiding. They were hidden deep into the sewers under London and only came out at night to hunt. I led a raid to the entrance of the sewer and waited for them to come out to us. One eventually did come out" Carlisle paused and I looked at him. He looked so deep into the story and I knew he was remembering. "He was very hungry and weak; he attacked immediately. He came right after me, sinking his teeth into me, but the people in the raid started attacking him and he turned his attention to them. They died instantly. He took off with one of the people and left me there bleeding and bitten".

"I knew immediately what was happening to me once the burning started. If I went back to my father there would be no doubt that he would kill me, so I climbed into the alleyway and found a cellar, where I hid myself for three days under rotten potatoes and I kept silent the entire time"

"Once I was finished I hated what I had become and I tried to kill myself and do everything I could think off; drowning, jumping from heights. Nothing worked at all. You see Bella we are immortal, so I have been stuck at the age of twenty-three for almost three hundred and seventy years" Carlisle said studying my face.

"Wow" I muttered. I really didn't know how I felt about immortality. Carlisle didn't even look that age. It meant they would never get old and die. One day I would die and leave Jasper here.

"So, I was down to starvation. I would not for the life of me kill a human. I was very weak when I came to find myself in a forest. A herd of deer ran by and before I knew what I was doing, the deer was drained at my feet. It was then I realized I could live this life and not hate it completely, because I would not have to kill humans"

"I was very smart and decided to study at night trying to learn everything I could. I then realized that I had found my calling; medicine, saving people's lives. It took me almost two centuries to perfect my self control to be around people who were bleeding and now I'm immune to the scent of human blood. I have never in my life tasted it." I was really impressed by that. Carlisle went against his whole nature just to be able to live a happy life and do what he loves. "It was when I was in Italy I discovered others of our kind" Carlisle moved us down to another picture who had four men in it. "Aro, Caius, and Marcus" They looked like painted Gods. Two of the men had long black hair and the other two had blonde hair. As I looked closer I realized the last blonde was Carlisle. "These are the Volturi Bella. They are like the rulers of our world. The Volturi help keep order, you could say"

"What do you mean?" I asked

"Bella, the Volturi only have one rule; do not let the humans know that we exist. If a human finds out they will either have to be changed into a vampire or killed" Jasper said from behind me. He had been really quiet the last few minutes.

"So, will I be killed?"

"No, Bella, we would never let that happen to you. You don't worry about them so much. The Volturi hardly check on us anymore. There are more important things going on in the world for them to worry about" Carlisle said. I just nodded. I trusted these people; they were already considering me family.

"I stayed with them for quite some time. They tried to make me change my ways about eating animals and I tried to change their ways of eating humans. It did not work I must say, so after living there a while. I decided to try out the New World; America it would become. You see I was very lonely and in need of a companion. I couldn't find anyone. I was in Chicago, 1918, I found Edward he was dying of Spanish influenza. He was the first person I changed. It was then about two years later that I found Esme. She was in the morgue with her heart barely beating. After that we moved to New York, there I found Rose in 1938 and she found Emmett, bringing him to me to change. We have come full circle. In 1950, Alice and Jasper found us and moved right in. Ever since then we have been a family" Wow, so Carlisle had saved every single one of his family members. "If you want to know more, that is something you will have to ask them. It's there story to tell". I nodded in understanding. I would eventually ask them, but I was kind of scared to ask some of them. It was after all something kind of private.

"Thanks, Carlisle for telling me. I have a complete understanding now" I said. "You have saved your family and help them live a life that they enjoy. You really are very compassionate" I reached over and hugged Carlisle. He hugged me back.

"Thanks Bella" He whispered in my ear "You really are part of our family now". I felt my happiness flowing through me. I pulled back and went to Jasper's waiting arms, where I belonged. He just smiled at me.

"Shall we join the others downstairs?" He asked. I nodded. I was ready to actually get to know my new family. We all walked out the room and made our way downstairs.

"Okay, so I have to ask?" I started saying. The both turned to look at me. "Coffins?" Carlisle and Japer chuckled.

"Myth" Carlisle said.

"Holy water?"


"Obviously crosses are to since there was one in your office. What about bats?"

"Myth too" Jasper answered

"Alright so everything Hollywood or any vampire book portrays is wrong. Okay, one more; sunlight?" I said chuckling a little.

"We can go out in the sunlight, but I will show you some other time what we look like" Jasper said. I just smiled and nodded.

"Is your beauty a vampire trait?" I asked

"Yes, once you go under the transformation your body becomes more enhance. You see if we were human drinkers, we could use our bodies to bring our intended victim to us" Carlisle answered and I nodded in understanding. They were all just so beautiful. I surely did not belong in the same room as them with my plain Jane looks.

"Hey, none of that, darlin you are beautiful" Jasper said. The way he said it made me believe that in his eyes I actually was and that was all that mattered. It sure was going to take some getting used to having a vampire boyfriend who could read my emotions like an open book, but it was definitely a good thing.

"What about your eyes, why are they all gold looking?" I asked we had just reached the bottom of the stairs in the foyer.

"Ours are gold, because we drink only animals" Jasper said then paused. "Bella, if you ever come across anyone with red eyes I want you to run or call me or my family. Vampires with red eyes are human drinkers" I gasped. I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner. Vampires really did exist and all this time I had been telling myself it was a myth, when in fact vampires actually killed my mom and dad. I remember those cold, red eyes of James looking at me. He was a vampire. It was getting to be too much again. I had quite breathing. I could hear muffled voices of Carlisle and Jasper. Black spots started showing up in my visions and then the darkness enveloped me again.