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Both men sat quietly in the car; one's head turned to stare out the passenger window while the other's eyes were glued to the twisting dirt road they were on. Trees soon lined the lonely looking path and blue eyes turned blazing fire onto his dark eyed counterpart.

"I don't know what you think this is going to help." He growled, his arms crossed over his chest as he stared down at the gold band that circled his finger.

The dark eyed devil turned his eyes momentarily from their stretch of road and glared at the blonde harridan in the passenger seat; sighing with barely controlled agitation.

"Look all we've done is fight and argue for the past couple weeks. I think that a little time away from everyone would do us good." He explained for the felt like the fourteenth time. "And if that don't work I'm calling the divorce lawyer when we get back. I just can't take this."

"What would do us good is if you would just stop jumping and kissing Vince McMahons ass and fight for some time at home."

"Well one of us has to pay the bills Chris."

"Are you suggesting Matthew Moore that you're the only bread winner in this relationship? Excuse me if I thought that the sales from my CD's, books and royalties from appearances were going towards maintaining the house."

"Look I didn't mean it that way…"

"Then what way did you mean it? Because from where I'm sitting it sure as hell sounded like you're accusing me of a being nothing more than a leech making it's living off of you. Which I know is completely untrue, if anyone has benefited from this marriage it's you." Chris spat nastily.

Matt shook his head and counted backwards from fifty, trying to keep his calm with his moody husband. Ever since Chris had left the WWE to run full time with his band things had been nothing but one fight after another between them. Granted Matt could see where Chris was coming from but the blonde refused to meet him halfway, it was either Chris Irvine's way or the highway. And quite frankly Matt was getting tired of doing it Chris' way. He had asked for a few weeks off, begging Vince and finally agreeing to do a stalker/infatuated storyline with Drew. The first full night/day they had together had been great; both of them curled up on the couch or snuggling in bed while basking in the afterglow of a couple rounds of marathon sex. The days after, however were filled with nothing but bickering. Someone had found out about the deal that Matt had cut with Vince in order to get his time off and called Chris; asking the notoriously jealous blonde how he felt about his husband being propositioned and fondled on screen by another man. That little gem was only the first of many fights; most of them being started by Chris while all Matt wanted to do was lock himself in his study and catch up on a few things that he tended to let slide while he was the road. During one of those loud and screech filled exchanges Matt secretly looked up ways to help a failing marriage; while most of them were aimed at hetero couples, the idea of a weekend away sounded nice and once Chris had stomped away and locked himself into their room, Matt looked up local bed and breakfast inns. A couple were rather pricey and didn't offer the seclusion that Matt felt they needed. It was by pure accident that he wandered across an inn called 'The Three Bears Hide-Away'. It was perfect, five cabins situated out in the woods and far apart so that if they fought they wouldn't be heard.

He had secretly reserved one of the cabins and without telling Chris anything but the bare bones they set out; Chris sulking in the passenger seat and shooting Matt condemning looks as they slowly left behind what little civilization Cameron claimed. No music played—mainly because they couldn't agree on a station or CD, so silence ruled the small enclosed place. Twice Matt's hand had snuck over and wrapped around Chris' but when Chris would lightly squeeze Matt would pull his hand away, the childish need to hold onto his anger ruling him. Of course that had started a new fight and for a few minutes they hollered and hissed at one another; both of them swearing that they had never met a more stubborn or aggravating man in their lives. Matt sighed again and looked at Chris from the corner of his eye; admiring the way sun played off his face and seemed to make his hair glow. He loved Chris, he honestly and truly did; but he hated fighting with him. It reminded him too much of his and Amy's relationship. Matt's melancholy mental wanderings were put to an end when the tress gave way to a large clearing that housed a large Victorian home with a faded, hand painted sign that proclaimed 'The Three Bears Hide-Away'.

"Really Matthew?" Chris bit out, turning to glare at Matt as the Southerner killed the engine and stared at the wide wrap around porch. "The Three Bears? What is their gimmick? They stand in the doorway and repeat "Who's been sleeping in my bed?" before they give us the room?"

"Look, all I know is that it's owned by two brothers and their friend. Just give it a chance; please?" Matt pleaded as he closed his eyes and pressed the heel of his palm to his forehead.

"Fine, but one horribly quoted nursery rhythm and I'm gone." Chris grumbled.

"Y'know what Christopher, here." Matt tossed the keys to the car into Chris' lap and climbed out of the car. "Leave. I know I could use a vacation if all you're going to do is bitch and moan."

Chris sat open mouthed as Matt slammed the door and headed up to the house. The moment Matt disappeared into the building Chris let out a shriek and all but flew from the car and up into the house. Matt was standing at the counter talking to a large man with auburn colored hair and intense green eyes that Chris could see perfectly clear from across the room. Not to mention the interested gleam in the large man's eyes as those electric orbs roamed his husbands face. Chris scowled and stomped over, moving behind Matt and wrapping his arms around Matt's waist; laying his head on Matt's shoulder and challenging the red haired interloper to do something about it. He felt Matt stiffen and he smirked as he bit down on the sensitive skin of Matt's neck and shoulder. What should have earned him a shiver and whimper instead got him a hand slap and Matt pulling away from him. Affronted Chris moved over to the side and glared as the green eyed desk clerk smiled.

"Mr. Hardy…"

"Irvine-Hardy." Chris sniped as he laid his on the counter so that his band winked in the light.

"Irvine-Hardy." He corrected with an eye roll before turning his undivided attention back to Matt. "The cabin you requested is currently under going some through cleaning. We had a few groups of College kids here over the last week and as a result we've had to not only clean but do some minor repairs."

"All of them?" Matt asked, his dream of lying by the advertised lake and basking naked in the sun crashing and burning.

"Unfortunately. But I can offer you and yer husband a room here in the main house. If you wouldn't mind that is."

"How many other parasites are sharing the house?" Chris asked, his lip curling.

"My brother and our close friend Paul Wight." He bit out, glaring at the shorter man. "You two were our only guests for this week."

"We'll take it, or rather I will." Matt corrected as he smiled warmly at the tall man.

"We both will." Chris chimed in; already not liking how this was going. "My husband and I will take the offer."

"Very well." He nodded and tapped on the keyboard in front of him for moment before reaching under the large ornate cherry wood top counter and pulled out two sets of keys; handing one to Chris and one to Matt. "If you both would follow me, I'll show you to yer rooms."

"Rooms?" Chris asked; stopping dead and glaring at the tall man. "Look pal—"

"My name's Mark."

"It doesn't matter what your name is buddy, my husband and I are going to be in the same room. I don't know if you get it or not, but we're," Chris pointed to him and Matt, slowing his words down and talking like he would to a three year old. "married. Meaning that we sleep in the same bed."

"Sir." A muscle jumped in Mark's forehead and he took a deep breath before continuing. "Sir all the rooms here in the main house are single beds. I'm sorry. But I did give you adjoining rooms."

"Unacceptable. C'mon Matt, we're leaving." Chris turned around and tossed his set of keys up on the counter, grumbling as he headed towards the door. "Matt?" He questioned when he turned around and seen that Matt was still standing by Mark; his face set in a grumpy scowl.

"No. I already paid for the weekend Chris. And there are no refunds. If you want to go back home, go. But I'm staying here."

Chris growled as the large mans eyes lit up and he stomped back over, grabbing his key and going to stand besides Matt; his cobalt eyes aflame as Mark bowed and motioned for them to follow.

"But I'm pushing my bed into your room and we're shoving them together." He grumped.

"Whatever floats yer boat. But if you scratch the wood flooring Imma take it outta yer ass."

He turned around and started up the stairs, Matt following quickly while Chris dawdled and mocked him.

"If you scratch the floor I'm gonna take it outta yer ass." He mumbled.

"I heard that boy." Came a menacing growl from the top of the stairs.

Chris looked up and seen Mark standing on the landing with his arms folded over his chest and his eyes trained on his every move. With a hard swallow Chris forced his cocky 'I'm-king-of-the-world' expression onto his face and stood his ground.

"I didn't say it just to hear myself talk."

Mark rolled his eyes and tapped Matt on the elbow and motioned to a room just to the right of the landing.

"There's your room. It has a nice view of the lake and also a private bathroom."

"Thank you Mark."

Matt smiled and ducked into his room, leaving Chris and Mark glaring holes at one another. With an annoyed sigh Chris pushed past Mark and stood in the door way; admiring the silhouette of Matt against the window as the gauzy curtain's danced on the breeze that ghosted in from the open window. The playful wind stirred the loose hairs around Matt's face as the sunlight slanted across; highlighting and deepening the warm brown and bronze of Matt's skin and eyes. Matt looked so peaceful and happy that Chris felt a wave a guilt wash over him for stressing Matt out. It wasn't that he wasn't happy Matt was home, but it seemed like Matt didn't want anything to do with him after the first day. Chris knew that there were things that needed his attention but Matt was capable of making at least some time for them; even if it was just a moment to pull him close and whisper 'I love you' in his ear. Stealthily Chris moved over and wrapped his arms around Matt's waist, kissing the back of his neck before peering over Matt's shoulder to see what he was staring at.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Matt breathed as he leaned back against Chris.

From Matt's window the lake glittered in the sun, pine trees lining the perimeter while a boat dotted the surface. Birds wheeled about in the thermal pockets, their cries sounding loud in the quiet of the forest and at the edge of the lawn a doe and her fawn grazed on the lush green grass before bounding away. Chris tightened his hold and puffed a warm breath into Matt's ear; smirking as the younger man shivered.

"It is, but not as beautiful as what I have in my arms right now."

The sound of a stifled gag made them both turn around and Chris glared as Mark made an exaggerated vomit face. Matt laughed and moved out of Chris' arms; going over and dropping down onto his bed with a wide smile. Chris smirked and looked around the room for the door that would lead to his; his fair brows furrowed when he only seen the door that led to the bathroom and the door he came in. The smirk melted away and he turned back to Mark; his lips twisted up in a sour grimace.

"I thought you said this was an adjoining room." He accused.

"Huh. Sorry, I thought it was." Mark replied with the barest hint of a smile on his face. "Well your room is just next door so I don't see the problem."

"The problem, you giant red headed moron, is that my husband and I aren't able to sleep together." Chris started; his eyes closing in exasperation. "Y'see there's this contraption here called a wall," He grumbled as he waved his hand at the offending object, "that is keeping me from being in the same room. Not to mention the fact that a missing door is preventing me from correcting the problem of single beds."

"Chris it's really not a problem." Matt piped up, his eyes dancing as he laced his fingers behind his head.

"What do you mean it's not a problem? We've not not shared a bed since we've gotten together."

"Chrissy, when I'm on the road you're not with me."

"Well true, but when we're together we're always in the same room—in the same bed."

Matt climbed off the bed and sauntered over; his eyes glimmering mischievously as he hooked his fingers inside Chris' jeans and tugged him close, grinning as Chris yelped.

"I still don't see a problem." He purred; his velvety tongue flicking out and tasting the ticklish skin of Chris' throat. "We can have slumber parties."

"Right, so I'm just going to let you two get settled in and I'll be back to let you know when dinner is ready."

The deep timber of Mark's voice barely registered as Chris leered and lowered his head to take Matt's lips; the blonde blocking out the fact that Mark still hadn't left and the fact that it was sort of a turn on to have a stranger watch him taste what was his. The sound of heavy boot tread slowly fading away made Chris smile against Matt's lips and he pulled away slightly; his lips kicked up in a lopsided smirk.

"Why don't we test the springs in your bed Matty." He murmured as he pulled his grinning husband towards the inviting looking piece of furniture.


"I see our guests have arrived."

"That they have."


"You'll see later."

"You're an ass."

Mark grinned and moved out from behind the counter; his key ring dangling from his index finger as his brother glared after him.

"And you are a bald, undersexed, creeper." His brother growled and Mark laughed as he stormed away. "What?" He yelled at his retreating back. "I thought we were stating true facts about the other." His brother turned around and shot Mark the bird; glaring as the auburn man laughed heartily. "Sorry Glenn, but you're not my type. I like mine with hair thank you."

"Fuck you Mark." Glenn spat at he turned away and headed up the stairs.

The booming sound of his brother's laughter floated up behind him and Glenn fought the urge to go into his room and saw halfway through the legs on Marks' bed. Although the image of his brother's face as the California King collapsed to the floor made him smirk darkly. He headed down to towards his room when the muffled sound of groaning underscored by the sounds of rapid thuds against the wall caught his attention. He tilted his head and backtracked to the room where the sounds seemed to be coming from and stood there for a moment; noticing that the door wasn't entirely closed and fought with himself about whether or not to peek in and see what as going on—not that the sounds didn't give it away. In the end Glenn gave into his voyeuristic nature and quietly nudged the door open further; biting his lip to keep silent as he watched the two men move against each other.

"Matttttyyyyyy…" The blonde panted as he arched up from the bed; his hands gripping tightly onto the dark haired man's biceps. "H-h-h-harder please?" The plea ended on a whine as the dark angel panted and gave in to his lover; his strong hips snapping harshly as he leaned down and bit, both of them crying out brokenly.

Glenn couldn't tear his eyes away—he didn't want to, his mis-matched gaze flicking over the sweating olive-tanned man. He fidgeted as he imagined his tongue trailing up the younger man's legs; swirling around the hard, throbbing length before he impaled him. Their tempo continued to rise and Glenn whimpered deep in his throat as the blonde released; just the sight of the pearlescent liquid shooting up over his stomach and coating both him and his partner causing Glenn to tremble violently as his twitching, achingly hard member spasmed in it's jean encased prison. His knees went weak and he came with a barely swallowed groan as the curly haired siren cried out and slammed into the panting man beneath him; his beautiful face contorted in pure pleasure as he arched his back and his eyes closed while he rode out his orgasm. Before either man could notice that they had been watched Glenn shakily finished the trek to his room; his pale brow shining with sweat and his breathing shallow as he dropped down into his bed. He groaned as images of the two men floated before him; his cock once more hardening as he let his imagination run away with him until he was crying out loudly and his own seed spurted repeatedly over his fingers. He fell asleep not long after only to be awakened mere moments later; at least it felt like only moments. In reality it had been three hours he had been sleep; his dreams cluttered with erotic images and phantom panting.

"Ugh, put it away you freak."

"Quit looking." Glenn grumbled as he pulled his sheet over his waist; glaring at his friend.

"C'mon ya deprived weirdo. Dinner's being served." He grinned as he yanked the sheet off of Glenn and let it flutter to the floor.

"Paul if I didn't love you like my brother I'd kill you."

Paul laughed and tossed Glenn's discarded jeans at him, making an exaggerated horrified face as Glenn climbed out of his bed still completely hard from his dreams.

"Put it away and come down. Mark's waiting on you and I don't know how much longer he's going to be able to cope with the mouthy blonde." Paul grimaced as he headed towards the door, "Also Mark told me to tell you to stop spying on the guests."

Glenn turned an incredulous expression to the slightly taller bald man; his mouth open slightly.


"He's your brother." Paul shrugged as he stepped out into the hallway. "Ask him."

Glenn hurriedly threw the still damp jeans into the corner and pulled a fresh pair from drawer, slipping them on and fixing them so that the bulge in the front wasn't as noticeable. He opted to go barefoot and with a few loping strides he was thundering down the stairs; the wooden slates creaking and protesting under his weight. He heard the sound of voices in the dinning room and stopped dead in the doorway; his eyes glued once more to the dark haired man. He was dressed simply in a button down white shirt with the sleeves rolled up the his elbows and the top three buttons undone, his smooth chest peeking out drawing Glenn's gaze to the column of his throat where a ball-chained pendant laid flush against his skin.

"Glad you could finally join us." Mark grumbled as he jerked his head towards Glenn's customary seat. "This is Chris," Mark pointed at the blonde; his lips tilted down in a scowl before turning his gaze to his partner. "and that's Matt. They're our guests for the weekend. And this is my creepy bastard of a brother Glenn." Mark finished; laughing as Glenn glowered at him.

"I can assure you, no one at this table is creepier than you Mark." Glenn retorted as he slid into his chair.

The simple statement drew a chuckle from Matt and Glenn colored slightly as Matt turned his espresso colored orbs on him; their depths glittering with life. The man next to him—Chris, frowned and laced their fingers together; somehow managing to get both their rings to catch the light and glitter in gold warning.

"I really don't see anything creepy about either one of you." Matt laughed as he leaned over and pressed a kiss to Chris' cheek. "Do you?" He asked as he turned his head slightly to look at his husband.

The blonde man stayed quiet; obviously put out that his lover was taking that much notice of them. Paul laughed but buried the sound in his napkin; passing it off as coughing when both Mark and Glenn turned serious gazes on him. Confused Matt looked between the three men; his head cocked to the side with his hair lying gently against his cheek and neck.

"What? Was it something I said?"

"Trust me kid, these two are the creepiest men you'll ever meet." Paul snickered; dodging Mark's tossed napkin.

"Ignore him. He's an idiot."

Glenn kept to himself for the rest of the dinner; sneaking peeks at Matt from the corner of his eye and watching the way he and Chris interacted. The blonde man seemed to completely ignore him unless he had something to say and if Matt's opinion differed from his, he would scowl and roll his eyes. As usual he was the first one done and he quietly got up and took his plate into the kitchen; running water over it and staring out of the large window over the sink. Night was falling; the pale lavenders and light blues darkening until soon all would be blanketed in inky blackness with the blazing pinpoint stars and half moon providing the only light. The sound of chairs scooting back caught his attention and he hurriedly turned his attention to the almost overflowing sink. With a mental growl he pulled the stopper and let some of the frothy, soap capped water rush down the drain; the low sucking noise as it gurgled and whooshed through the pipes soothing.

"If you get hungry in the middle of the night or sumthin the kitchen's always open." Mark said and Glenn turned around and dropped his eyes when he seen that Matt had followed Mark in.

"I appreciate it, and thank you for opening your home to us."

"Bah, don't worry about it. We can always use the company, can't we bro." Mark laughed as he set his plate in the water and clapped Glenn on the back.


Matt looked at him and tilted his head; his eyes flicking over Glenn's face and making the bald man shift nervously on his feet. With a smile Matt slid his plate into the water and nodded; leaving the two brothers to stare at him as he walked away, one completely taken with him and the other just wondering what it would take to entice the dark siren into his bed for atleast one night. Paul wandered in a few minutes later and watched passively as Glenn moved about the kitchen putting away dishes and placing left overs in covered dishes to store in the fridge.

"Paul, I know you're there. Are you that bored?" Glenn called from the depths of the fridge as he moved things around to make room for the dishes.


Glenn pulled himself free and turned around; leaning back against the counter and regarding Paul with his arms crossed over his chest. The two men stared at each other, Paul's eyebrows raised skeptically when Glenn looked away first. He didn't question the older man; he had learned early on in their friendship that if Glenn didn't want to talk then nothing was going to make him open up before he was ready. No more words were exchanged and after Glenn finished the last of his kitchen chores he tossed the damp dish towel at Paul and wandered upstairs; chuckling as Paul shouted a good natured threat at his retreating back. Once more he found himself standing outside of Matt's door; the sounds of his and Chris' voice nothing more than muffled murmurs through the thick oak door. He stood there for a few moments before finishing his walk to his room where he closed the door and dropped down heavily in his bed after stripping down to his boxers; asleep the instant his head nestled against the soft down pillow.


Chris lounged on the bed and watched as Matt put his clothes away in the antique looking dresser that sat next to the window; his lusty eyes roaming over the curvature of Matt's rear as it pulled the denim of his jeans taunt with each move. Jealousy reared it ugly head as he recalled the way that not only Mark stared but also his disturbingly quiet brother Glenn had ogled Matt; both seemingly looking for an opportunity to make a move of some sort.

"Why so serious love?" Matt purred as he crawled over Chris; straddling his hips and startling Chris out of his thoughts.

Chris smiled and tucked some of Matt's curls behind his ear; happy that atleast Matt seemed to mellowing out and reverting back to the man he had been when they first met. Playfully Matt nipped at his palm and Chris growled in his throat as he locked his arms around Matt's waist and rolled them so that Matt was being pressed into the mattress.

"Just thinking about the Brothers Creepy and their pet." Chris grimaced as he remembered the way the large man's eyes had roamed his face and chest.

"Aww, they're not that bad." Matt laughed before reaching up and placing a kiss on Chris' chin. "I think they're nice."

"Yeah in that 'It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again' way maybe."

"You're just mad that Mark was checking me out."

With a faux-suffering sigh Chris rolled his eyes; chuckling when Matt bit his forearm.

"Excuse me if I don't like my husband being treated like a hunk of meat."

"Ya well, their 'pet' was staring you down."

"Don't remind me. I like my men with some meat on them, but he's got too much for me. I like an appetizer, not a buffet."

Chris pulled his face up into a comical mask of disgust and they both dissolved into laughter. Chris laced his fingers with Matt's and held them above Matt's head; bending down and capturing his husbands lips gently before pulling away and placing moist open mouth kisses along Matt's jaw and throat; nuzzling the ticklish flesh and nipping the throbbing pulse.

"I should get to my room." He whispered between each kiss and nip.

"Why?" Matt panted; squeezing his hands to trap Chris's when he went to pull away.

"Because I don't want to find out if our 'den mothers' do bed checks." Chris grinned as he tugged on Matt's earlobe.

"Mmmhmmm." Matt whimpered. "How about we stay in my room tonight and then stay in yours tomorrow?" He rasped as he locked his legs around Chris' waist.

With a lecherous grin Chris reached over and turned off the light; both men happy and thinking that this was just what they needed to get back on track. Their passion crested quickly; each one crying out as they topped the mountain top then jumped, floating back down as sweat slicked bodies stuck together and lips tasted heated flesh while their eyelids slowly descended and their deep even breathing filled the room.