A/N: Alright dear readers we have reached the end of another tale. I do realize that this probably left more questions than answers, but this is where it wanted to end. There might be a sequel, but I can't promise anything. Anyhow, thanks for reading and staying with it even though at times it appeared that I had forgotten about it. xxxxxxxx

Dinner that night was a quiet affair; each man lost to their own thoughts as their eyes wandered and landed on those that took up the most residence in those drifting contemplations. Time and time again Paul's gaze fell on the two men across from him and he struggled to keep his lips from twitching into a leering smile. Glenn noticed the twitching in his cheek and nudged Paul's foot under the table, shooting him a quizzical look when he turned to look at him. He slightly inclined his head to the married couple and mouthed 'later', grinning when Glenn rolled his eyes and went back to his meal. After shooing the two away when they offered to help clean up after the meal Paul waited for Mark to retire to his room for the night on pins and needles, his mind whirling with fevered thought as he ran his proposal over and over again in his mind. Finally the auburn haired man wandered off with a pat to Glenn's shoulder and mere seconds after the door swung shut on his large frame, Paul hooked his fingers in the belt loops of Glenn's jeans and pulled him close, purring in Glenn's ear when he leaned back against the expanse of Paul's chest.

Knowing that they may only have the scantest of minutes to be so close Paul placed hot open mouthed kisses along the well muscled stretch of throat that Glenn offered by tilting his head to the side. Before all his careful planning could go flying out of the window Paul pulled away and turned Glenn around, pressing him lightly against the counter and grinning at him almost wolfishly.

"What's going on in that mind of yours Paul?" Glenn asked as he took in the grinning countenance suspiciously.

The grin turned into a wicked smile and Paul wasn't able to hold back the evilish sounding laugh that bubbled in his throat.

"What would you say to having your own sub?"

"Are you saying that you don't want to......" Glenn's sentence trailed off and his face fell; his mis-matched gaze clouding with warring emotions and his bottom lip trembling ever so slightly.

"No now I'm not saying that at all." Paul wrapped his arms around Glenn's waist and squeezed, trying to reassure the teary eyed man without words that he wasn't being replaced or that their union was being disbanded.

"Then what are you saying Paul? Are you wanting to switch? Do you want to be the sub?"

"No." Paul shook his head and nearly laughed at the confused expression that Glenn wore.

"Then what?"

"I want to keep our guests." He said simply, smiling as he laced his fingers with Glenn's and used his thumb to swipe slow passes over the ticklish pulse points of Glenn's wrists.

"K-keep them?" Glenn repeated; his head tilting as he tried to make sense of the sentence.


"They're not dogs Paul, we just can't lay claim to them. They have family, friends, careers." Glenn pointed out in a steady tone that one would use to explain to a child that it wasn't their birthday so they didn't get the gift.

With a laugh Paul placed a kiss on the end of Glenn's nose.

"But we can. I know you liked having the control over Matt. I could see it in the way you moved, the way you carefully made sure you weren't doing anything outside of his comfort zone."

"So? I was just being courteous. You would have done the same thing."

"Yea I would, but I have to admit that seeing you standing there, handling that flogger and making him cry out like the pathetic bottom he is, made me hard." Paul growled, his hand moving down to cup one of the taunt globes of Glenn's ass. "It made me real hard love, and you know what happens to you when that happens to me...." Paul purposely let the sentence trail off, his eyes gleaming as he watched the play of emotion on Glenn's face.

Their moment was interrupted by a soft throat clearing and they sprang apart, Glenn's head dropping down to hide his blush and Paul's face colored slightly. In the door way Chris stood, his own face a light red color as he scuffed at the floor with his foot. The completely out of character movement made Paul quirk his eyebrow as he stared at the shorter man.

"Can we help you?"

"I can't do it."

"Do what?"

"I can't do what I went to do." Chris' face turned red and he dropped his head, his embarrassment ringing loud in the room between the three men. "I can't be what he wants....."

The smile that had been on Paul's face intensified and he cut his eyes over to Glenn, his wheels turning in his head as moved over to the shorter man, wrapping his large, tree trunk like arm around his shoulders and holding him close.

"Y'know what I might be able to help you with that, but then I think you already knew that and that's why you came to tell me." The red color on Chris' face went three shades deeper as he mumbled softly. "Aww, you don't have to pretend there blondie. But truth be told, I knew you'd never do it. You have to face the facts, you're just not a dom. But don't worry, I have the answer to your problem."

"And what's that?"

The leery waver in Chris' voice coupled with the wary glace made Paul laugh as he bent down to whisper in Chris' ear. When he pulled away he worked hard to conceal the triumphant smirk on his face when he seen the wide blue eyes and slowly working, silent jaw. Chris's silence was telling and Paul knew before he even squeaked his answer what it would be. The predatory gleam in his eye shone brighter as he led Chris over to the table and barked at Glenn to ready the room for play. Once Glenn ducked from the room Paul looked over, offering Chris a lecherous, toothy grin.

"Now, how do you want to go about this?"


Matt stretched out on the bed, his brows knitting together when he didn't feel Chris next to him and groggily he opened his eyes, scanning the room before palming the crusted sleep from his long lashes. He listened for the sound of running water but when no sound filtered through to him, he climbed from the bed and scrabbled around on the floor for his boxers; stretching his back and whimpering as sickly sounding pops filled the air. He grabbed a pair of jeans from the floor and pulled them up, leaving the zipper open and the button popped as he scraped the hair away from face and bundled it in tight ponytail. His fingers brushed past the skin warmed lock on the collar and he let out a soft sigh; his eyes sad as he moved to look in the mirror. The reflection that looked back at him was grim portrait in crushed dreams.

With a shaking hand he traced the beautifully worked leather and the intricate heart that rested in the hollow of his throat and watched a silver tear work it way down his cheek, hanging precariously before dropping to it's splattering death on the plank flooring between his feet. More joined the soulful rain until Matt's feet were moist and he palmed the rest away, his mind forcing the dark desires that where clawing him back into thetiny cage in the deepest pit of his being; the action both mentally and practically physically painful. As he battled within himself to grasp on to the tattered charade that he taken to living he missed the telltale sound of shoe's scuffing against the flooring and the large arms that wrapped him were more a surprise than the growled voice in ear that commanded him to stay silent.

"So obedient..."

Matt stayed quiet, his body vibrating as his eyes caught held the mismatched gaze boring into him from the reflection in the mirror. One of Glenn's large hands moved from his waist up to his throat and tugged on the collar, his lips curled in a satisfied grin.

"So beautiful wearing my collar too. It's a shame that you'll be returning it to me later this evening when you and your husband leave."

"I would like to keep it." Matt said softly, his own hand going up to feel the leather cuffing his throat.

"Is that so? What would you do to keep it? If I offered you the chance would you take it?"

Glenn's voice was low and sultry, his hands grabbing Matt's thick waist and holding him place as Glenn bent down to growl in his ear, tugging on the lobe with his teeth as he watched each tiny movement of Matt's face. The tiny ticks were revealing and with a mental laugh Glenn knew it wouldn't take much to convince the dark eyed man to leave his life behind and start a new one, one where his every desire is fulfilled tenfold, where his need to be what he craves to be is center stage in his life rather than hidden away like some teenagers stash of porn.

"Wha-what about my husband? I can't leave him...." Matt whimpered, his internal battle losing to the drowning sensations of Glenn's hands and words.

"Don't worry about him." Glenn turned Matt around and crashed their lips together, groaning low in his throat as Matt yielded to him easily; the need in the shorter man's body loud in clear in the whimpers and cries that were swallowed away. "Follow me pet, follow me and take up the mantel of your true life...."

The walk to the end of the hall was a short one, but each step weighed heavily on Matt's mind; dividing the already torn feelings and thoughts further. At the door Glenn turned and pointed to the floor, the silent command to kneel and without hesitation Matt did so, the reaction still ingrained after all the years of being stuffed into a corner of his soul. A warm hand cupped his cheek and Matt looked up slowly, his bottom lip being chewed to pieces as he waited for the tall man to say or do something.

"Before I push this door open I need to tell you that your word goes in here. Think about the offer I'm laying on the table and make your decision wisely, no one will pressure you or look down on your for choice. Understand?" Matt nodded and Glenn rubbed his thumb over the satiny smooth tanned skin. "Good, now rise pet and follow me in."

Glenn pushed the door open and walked in, moving to the side and using his foot to keep the heavy oak door open. Matt moved into the room and waited patiently, his eyes flicking around the black curtained room again before landing on the bed where an assortment of toys and harnesses sat in order. Near the bed in a large wing-back leather chair Paul sat, his chest naked except for a black vest and pair of black pants which Matt knew without touching were both crafted of fine leather. A warm hand pressed in the middle of his back propelled him forwards towards the seated man. At about four feet Matt was motioned to kneel and he did so quickly, his hands placed under his knees and his head slightly bent.

"Breathtaking...." Paul breathed before clearing his throat. "Matt, I presume it's short for Matthew?" He questioned.

"Yes, Matthew."

"Well Matthew, I have to say that I was surprised the other day at your performance for my lover. It was clear to anyone that watched that you knew what you were doing, that you were no stranger to this life. I'm extending the offer on behalf of my love for you to take the place as his sub. There's no pressure here, I'm sure Glenn explained that to you, only merely the offer to live the way you need to in order to feel fulfilled and complete."

"As tempting as your offer is......sir, I must decline. I have a family, a husband, a brother and elderly father than depend on me not to mention a career that funds my lifestyle." Matt bent his head lower, one lone tear working itself free from the deep prison in a silent plea before crashing to the carpeted floor beneath his knees.

Paul nodded and slid from his chair, kneeling in front of Matt and lifting his head up so that their eyes caught.

"I hear your answer Matthew, but what is louder than that is the shattered slump to your shoulders that say so eloquently that you'd like to take up our offer. If I were to guarantee that your family would be well cared for, that they'd never go without would you reconsider?"

The offer, now sweetened considerably tugged at Matt's mind and his lips wanted to form the one word that wash away his self hating shell and leave him once more vibrant and full of life. But one the thing that kept the three letter word from slipping from between the plump petals was the heartbroken expression that Chris' face had worn when he had seen what had gone on between Matt and Glenn and then the fully satisfied smile that graced the blonde's lips after only a small taste of what Matt craved so deeply.

"My husband, he wouldn't understand." Matt said quietly. "I can't leave him, as tempting as the offer is sir, I still have to decline."

"A man of strong loyalty, willing to be miserable for the love of the one that so clearly holds his heart. It's an admirable trait to be sure, but I think this might even wash away the last objection and if you still decline then I understand I wish you and your family the best of wishes for the coming years." Paul twisted slightly and clapped his hands, a tiny grin on his face.

Matt had no time to wonder what was going to happen; one of the black curtains swished and Chris stepped out from behind it, naked except for a leather restraint harness. His impressive length was held close to his body by three straps while another was buckled around his sack. On his wrists were leather cuffs much like the ones Matt had worn during his play with Glenn and around his neck was a collar similar to Matt's only instead of a heart the silver pendant from Matt's ball chain necklace dangled. Paul beckoned Chris over and motioned for him to kneel facing Matt and what little bit of Matt's breath was stolen when Chris dropped gracefully, his head even bowed in deference.

"Your husband came to me Matthew, told me about how you shared how this life makes you feel and entrusted me with the knowledge that he'd like to be taught the ways of the sub instead of the dom. The only thing is, he doesn't want me nor Glenn to do the teaching, he wants you as his master as much as Glenn wants you to be his sub." Paul trailed off and moved back into his chair, relishing the power that he had over the kneeling dark eyed man even if Matt wasn't aware of turning over any. "What's your answer Matthew? Do you stay and have the life you need and crave or do you go back and hide behind your false smiles and laughter?"

Matt's earthtone eyes flicked over the erotic sight of his husband then up to the tall man next to him, his mind running in circles. It sounded good, damn good to Matt but the actual dynamics sounded shady and when he finally raised his head to stare at Paul he spoke loud and clear.

"How's that going to work exactly. If Chris is my sub and I am Glenn's, what does that make us to you?"

"You are nothing more than the playthings of my lover. I will never call upon you to service me in bed, that place of honor belongs to Glenn and I'll not take that from him. You two are to do what he says, Chris following your directives before Glenn's of course." The confused look on Matt's face made Paul laugh and he shook his head. "Lemme put it this way, if this were a three way, your husband would be on the very bottom while you are in the middle, still able to give orders but not really in much position to do anything else. Understand?"

"I still have concerns."

"And those are?"

"One is my father and brother. We live in the same small town and for my husband and I to go missing will result in them calling the police, the FBI anything to track us. And secondly, my job. I can't just up and not show up, they would also be calling to find where I've gone and they might possibly also call in law enforcement."

"Those worries will be mine pet, I will handle those should you hand them over to me. For now, why don't we have a taste of what can be if you want it to be."

Paul rose from the chair and after Matt gained his feet he lead Matt to the far corner of the room and grabbed a long silken tassel that hung from the ceiling. With a yank to the cord, one of the black curtains whooshed the side and an 'X' made of chains was revealed. They were bolted to a sturdy door frame like contraption and Matt eyed them with eyes so wide that Paul thought for a moment that they'd pop from Matt's head.

"You've had exprience with a St. Andrew's cross Matthew?"


"Well this is my take on it. I have a normal one, but I always wanted to do more than one on one play with one, but the wood would stop me from sliding deep into Glenn while someone orally pleasured him. So this is what I came up with."

Matt's wrists were grabbed from behind and stretched above his head, the supple leather cuffs that were attached to the chains, buckled around the strong wrists as similar ones were buckled to his ankles. The loose jeans were tugged down along with Matt's boxers and a surprised gasp leaked from Matt's lips. He gave a slight tug on his restraints to see if there was any give and with a groan he felt himself responding quickly; a blush settled on his cheeks as his shaft started to harden and jut away from his body.

"Tsk, and you haven't even been touched. Such a responsive body you have Matthew."

Paul's voice sent shivers through Matt's skin, the nerve endings tingling and his body flushing a light shade of pink. The first soft strike to his exposed backside made Matt yelp and he arched into the cold chains, the frigid metal sending skitters across his skin.

"Attend to him."

The words were followed by the feel of a warm, moist mouth wrapping around his turgid member accompanied by the feel of a suede tipped flogger dragging up from the pert globes of his ass to his back then striking back against the full rear. Matt's whimpers and moans were silenced when a ball gag was shoved into his mouth; the stretchy plastic strap slipped over his head before being settled in place. The strikes to his back became harder and soon Matt could feel the tingling of his skin, the heat seeping slowly through his veins to pool in his groin, the warm mouth sucking harder as the head throbbed and twitched.

"I think maybe something alittle harder will make him cry more...."

The smirk in Paul's voice was audible and Matt swallowed as the soft suede was abandoned. The mouth around continued to work and Matt dropped his head to stare at the bleached tips of his husbands hair. His hips jutted forwards, the action sliding the sensitive twitching vein on the bottom of his shaft over the curled, slick muscle of Chris' tongue. Both whimpered; Matt's head falling back and Chris' muffled noise vibrating up the stiff flesh and making Matt thrust forwards again. Chris' warm hands kneaded the hot, sweat slicked flesh of Matt's thighs; the fingers digging in and leaving long red scratches where they were drug down hard. The cold metal of the chain links was a mind spinning addition to the storm of sensations that Matt was drowning in.

A stinging slap followed by a loud crack sent Matt arcing again into the chains and a hand wrapped itself in Matt's hair, pulling his head back and to the side so that his neck was exposed and his back was bowed in a beautiful arc. Another sound slap rang out and the hard feel of a paddle being scraped against the pinkening skin pulled more primal growls from the southerner. The feel of water being trickled down his spine made Matt twist, the cold liquid slipping between Matt's ass cheeks and dripping from the smooth skin of the swollen sack that was being rolled gently as Chris continued his oral ministrations. Matt's stomach was in knots and his skin felt as if it were hooked to jumper cables, each touch of Chris' tongue and the paddle sizzling through his veins until Matt cried out; the ball gag doing nothing to quiet the screaming as his body twisted and convulsed.

Commands were barked but Matt heard nothing as his head lolled forwards against the chains; his entire body limp against the slightly warmed metal. He had the faint feeling of being carried but he couldn't get his mind process anything that was happening. The weightless feeling fell away only to be replaced by hands kneading and caressing his body, working his stiffening muscles gently. The slurred words were still droning on in the background but they were slowly beginning to work themselves out.

"....to be dominated and cared for, to dominate and care for........you know you can't get this anywhere else Matthew......." The kneading of the hands were soon accompanied by featherlight kisses being deposited over his body and he shivered violently. "Give in Matthew, give in to the twisted desires that your body is craving, even now, in the afterglow you're craving more; more pain, more understanding of your bodies wants and needs. We can give it to you Matthew, we can set you free. Do you want that?"

Matt blinked his eyes slowly, his mouth working wordlessly. Chris loomed in his line of sight and Matt's eyes drifted down to the collar, the familiar silver pendant dangling and swaying slightly with each breath Chris took.

"Please Matty?"


"Let us care for you Matthew."

Matt chewed the inside of his cheek, his eyes catching and holding Chris' oceanic orbs, searching them before sighing and nodding, a weight lifted from his shoulders as his eyes dropped closed. A smile spread across his lips as he slipped into a deep sleep; happiness and peace envolping him completely.


Down in his study Mark tipped a nearly empty bottle of Jack to his lips, the fiery liquid burning down his throat to explode warmly in his stomach. With a growl he hurled the now empty glass container into the fireplace, tears working themselves from his sage colored eyes. He had come to the conclusion during his three bottle indulgence that there was no way that he'd ever confess or give into his urgings for his own brother. There were just some lines that shouldn't be crossed and that was one. The liquor that was coursing through his body soon caught up to his mind and Mark slumped in his chair, his auburn hair hiding his face and the sad countenance that it wore. The last thought in his mind drowning him in a desolate sadness a lot more potent than the Jack he had swilled.