Kiri's Susanoo

Every Story has A History


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"So it's settled" Hashirama Senju said calmly while signing his name across the bottom of the scroll. The shine in his eyes almost seemed to forcefully calm the people around him. "As the leader of the Senju clan I ask that you… Madara Uchiha, please sign this treaty and bring peace and strength to our clans".

Madara's eyes blazed as he glared at the man. After everything he had been through, even his own people turned to Hashirama's side leaving him to stand alone. "You have a way of turning even a loyal dog against his master… Hashirama. You know as well as I that the Uchiha and Senju are like oil and water… they'll never mix even with your strange ability to change people".

"Madara understand… This isn't just for our people, it's for the whole world to learn from our example. There's no more bloodshed needed when peace can be achieved finally! Why fight when we can grow stronger to protect the both of our clans".

"Right now I am! protecting MY CLAN!" Madara yelled. All eyes where now on him as he stood across from the Senju leader… "Everything I've done was for my people everything my brother sacrificed was for our people and look at them. They kiss the miserable soil you walk on!" He yelled only to see Hashirama's second in command and loyal brother Tobirama step forward.

"Madara that's enough… You're embarrassing your name and your brothers… This is a time where we should come together and sign this scroll… If you don't do it someone else will, and sense your brother isn't with us".

"Don't you dare bring him into this…" Madara said in a low tone followed by a gust of wind blowing past them… Tobirama glared at the man but felt his brothers arm raise across his chest.

"If I may" a man with light red hair stepped forth. On his armor was the Senju clan emblem. His eyes where Dark blue with a green tint to them and on his back was a long spear… "Hashirama-Sama in a way I agree with the Uchiha"

"Uzu" Tobirama said only to see Hashirama's take a step forward cutting his sentence short. "Care to explain why peace is such a troublesome thing? What have we been fighting for all our lives?"

"Too much blood has been spilt by these men. Its not like this is the first time we have tried to stop our rivalry… each time we approached them all we got in return was cries for battle. The Uchiha are like Madara said, a warrior Clan… and I will have no part in this" the man said followed by a large group splitting from the Senju to his back… Madara looked at them in amazement before looking back to Hashirama who glanced at the ground.

"It's nothing personal… sir… It's just in my blood as it is in you and your brothers. I always looked up to you as our leader and I still do… but we have families to think about and I will not let my son be raised along side these… so called men and there demonic eyes" The group turned there backs from everyone and began walking towards the wilds. Madara noticed most of them held blue spears on there backs and knew they where elite warriors from the Senju clan… he would know from all of the battles they've shared.

"Farewell then old friends" the kind Senju leader said earning shocked look from his brother and several. others. "We're letting them leave? But brother they could".

"They wouldn't… you know that man as well as I do, he has a good heart and is doing what he feels is right for his family and friends, just as I am" the man spoke while looking back to Madara… "Now… Please Madara… if you do not sign I will get someone who will".

Time passed and other clans learned of the joining of the two strong clans, and like Hashirama predicted, They two began to come together, but know he would take things to another level. He spoke of creating the first hidden village.

"Konohagakura no Sato… The Senju and Uchiha both have one thing that drives them… That my friends is the will of fire!" Hashirama called out to the people who all continued to love him… except for Madara who's temper only continued to grow… but the day the village chose their First leader… Their Hokage, was they day everything Madara thought he had… was lost.

Madara's followers soon fell prey to the Hokage's words and one by one walked away from the fallen Uchiha leader…

"So you'll all leave! What about our clan! We deserve to be the leaders of this village not them!" he screamed as they slowly left him. If only he was like Hashirama with his words… but he wasn't. "We're warriors… My brother was a warrior… We deserve power… We deserve honor…"

"Your power hungry Madara" one of the men said before walking out… How could this have happened to him? He and his clan had it all. He was the most powerful… "No" Madara growled "I am the most powerful… Ill take the seat as Hokage if I have to"

And he tried, but failed. Even with his ability to control the tailed beasts… Even with the power of the Nine-tailed fox he had lost…and the world thought him to be dead… but he wasn't. Hashirama gave his life to win the battle that would be known as the Valley of the End and his brother was given the seat as the Second Hokage and once again wronged Madara's clan in doing so. The Second Hokage gave the Uchiha the 'noble duty' of being Konoha's Elite police force… but Madara knew the secret behind that. They where keeping tabs on the clan… The Uchiha where turned from honorable warriors to powerless dogs with no political power… The council controlled there every move. Even with the clan heads in the council the Uchiha still had no power…

In the condition the Senju leader had left Madara in, he couldn't stand against his brother… so he fled to the east where he learned more of what Hashirama had been doing. He gave a tailed beast to each village as a peace a offering or… an act of good faith.

The current village Madara walked through was known to have the three tails beast within it, and it was sealed into a young boy named Yagura. Madara felt a chill run up his spin as he smiled to himself. He walked to one of the shops of the village known as Kirigakura no Sato. On a table was a mask with black flames across it and a single hole in it… he lifted it and placed it over his face.

"Do you like that piece sir?" the shop keeper asked earning a nod from Madara… "It's one of the old hunter masks from the wars… those warriors in particular where known to be devious in nature but very intelligent. There tactical advantages in battle where one of a kind"

"Is that so?" Madara asked before pausing… "How much is it?" he asked as the clerk turned his back and grabbed a scroll "Its about 20" but the man stopped while turning around to see Madara nowhere in sight…

"Ill start a few wars… only this time… ill wait. Hashirama wanted peace but I won't allow it. It will corrupt the east and spread through the world bringing forth the second Great Ninja war… But first… I need an army"

It took many years for Madara's plan to come into play but after waiting so many years he finally managed to get into the Kiri strong hold and take the position as Mizukage… and he did it with good timing… He had intelligence on The second Hokage and his team on a mission near his territory… if he couldn't end the mans life his new force of Hunter Shinobi would be more then enough to handle them all… little did he know the man would give his life and name one of the Sarutobi clan as the Third Hokage…

-restart here-

Today was the day Madara would meet with his council members. The man was dressed in the Kage robs and hat that shadowed his face showing only his long raven hair hanging over his shoulders.

The room was large and meant for royalty he could tell… To the left of the room the main branch's of the village sat together and on the right there seemed to be a few civilians. In the center several elderly men and women sat smiling at him.

"Greetings Mizukage-Sama" the speaker of the group said while standing and gesturing him to sit. He said nothing and took his chair. He was interested in hearing why he was there, and what he would learn as the Mizukage. He already knew a great deal about the village and how it was run but… there where small details he couldn't figure out. Like where they got the extra funding and some of their missions…

"We have called you here today to tell you all the secrets of our village so that you may be prepared for whatever is in our Future" He said only to here another voice over power his own.

"Please can we hurry this along? We swordsmen don't have all day" a man with long black hair said only to see the Mizukage's head turn in the voice's direction. There sat four men sitting together and glaring back at the Mizukage. They unlike the others weren't as welcoming to there new mysterious leader.

"I'm catching a few unwanted vibe from your little group… may I ask your names?" Madara asked only to see the long hair man smirk. At his back two blades crossed his back.

"My name is Raiga Kurosaki of the seven swordsmen of the Mist" he said only to feel a hand grip his shoulder tightly and pull him back down into his seat. He looked back to the man at his right only to let out a sigh and nod back at him. He stood towering over the group and looked over to there new Leader…

"I apologize for my comrades loud mouth Mizukage-Sama… he is a lover of battle and we could be on missions at the moment which seems to be getting to him" The man explained earning a nod from Madara.

"I am Kisame Hoshigaki also known as the Monster of the Hidden Mist" Madara now got a good look at the man. His skin was blue and his facial features where like a sharks.

"To my right is Mangetsu Hozuki and this is" Kisame was interrupted by a tall man wielding a blade taller then himself. He stood and began walking to the door with his back turned to the Mizukage and council.

"Zabuza" Kisame said in a mellow tone only to see him hold his hand up. "I don't trust him… we know nothing about him so don't expect me to put my neck out for some no body"

Madara felt his mouth curve as he looked at Zabuza walk away… he knew all about the skilled boy…

"Your name is Zabuza Momochi also known as the Demon hidden in the bloody Mist, you reached Anbu at age 16 before being placed in your rank right now, people call you a prodigy among your class mainly because you killed all 100 of your classmates thus ending our village's traditional graduating ritual… how does it feel to be 17 years old and the youngest man among the Swordsmen of Kiri" Madara paused as Zabuza stopped and glanced back at the man.

"Does it frustrate you Zabuza-Kun? That I know everything about you, and yet you know nothing about me?" Madara continued only to see the man walk through the door letting it close behind him.

Kisame seemed to be smiling at the Mizukage as he turned back around in his seat. He liked him… unlike the last Mizukage who everyone seemed to love, he was too weak.

"So… is there something you where supposed to tell me about?" Madara asked the speaker of the council who nodded. Kisame took his seat while glaring at Raiga to keep his mouth shut.

"The world is unknown about many things our village hold secret mainly because only we know this land and can move through its mist's freely, as well as its… whirlpools" the man paused surprised that there was no response from the man.

"Have you ever noticed anything strange about our village? The funding we get, the missions that are sent to use?"

"I've actually thought into that a bit but I always draw a blank… care to fill me in?" Madara asked calmly even though the man was starting to annoy him. Madara watched as two men walked in holding a large scroll with two Names. Kirigakura and Uzugakura…

"This is the scroll signed a few years after the villages where formed. The First Mizukage came across another clan of Shinobi who had a village just as magnificent as our own. They said they would remain hidden from the world but didn't want any territorial trouble with Kiri so they asked that there be a treaty signed between the two. We kept each other safe over the years and even traded missions and a few shinobi joined our ranks" the man said only to see Madara stand and begin to walk towards the man. He opened the scroll quickly and began reading over the names… 'It can't be' He thought before looking back to the elderly man. "What is there weapon of choice" he said a bit aggravated.

The old man babbled a bit before answering "Um… I believe they trained in both Blade and spear sir… but why does that matter?"

"Because you've allied our village with Konoha spies… how foolish" Madara mumbled already having thought of a way to destroy this treaty. He didn't care if he ripped new army in half he would not lend any aid to a Senju village.

"But how would you know something like that my lord?" He asked only to see Kisame stand while smiling. "Why would you question our Mizukage on something so serious?"

"But these people have been nothing but kind to use over the years" the speaker argued along with most of the civilian council. "He speaks the truth… Kisame I'm a bit shocked that you would side with this man" Mangetsu said while standing along with Raiga.

"I love battle but to go against people that have helped use for so long would be disrespectful… there a sister to our village it makes them our family" Raiga said swiftly "Zabuza would agree as well would the others"

"What does that matter" Madara said while glaring at the two men "this is our village and we shared our secrets with Konoha spies… Those spear wielding men are related to the first and second Hokage if I'm right about this. We could be in danger of attack"

"This is ridicules" the speaker of the council said only to feel Madara's hand stretch out and grip his neck. He slowly pulled him from the floor while glaring up at him from the shadows the hat set over his face… "You are foolish old man… Your last Leader was weak and I refuse to be such a thing… and I refuse to have someone like you speak for the people and this council"

A loud snap filled the room as his neck broke leaving his limp body handing from Madara's hand… The Uchiha dropped the man's limp body to the ground and looked down to the scroll. He held it up in its hand and let out a small burning breath to catch flame to the treaty. "We will not be fooled by Konoha. They wanted use to think we were strong and safe, but in truth we are weaker then we have ever been. Push any merchants of this Uzumaki clan out of my village… If they fight back kill them"

And history tells itself… Madara's reign over Kiri is one to be remembered. The clans around Kiri felt that they where in danger and began to flee to Uzugakura. Along with the swordsmen of the mist except for Kisame who stayed loyal to the Mizukage. Kiri was split into two factions. Those loyal to the swordsmen and those loyal to the Mizukage.

The Uzumaki joined sides with the swordsmen and there army and prepared for battle only to get word of the Mizukage's ace in the hole.

"Boy" Madara said while looking down at the young man before him. He removed his hat revealing closed eyes as he crouched down… Suddenly his eyes shot open and he glared into his eyes. Yagura's felt his body tense as sweat dripped from his chin… "You will go… and destroy every last person in the village. Use your powers like I have told you before and destroy them"

Chakra began to encase the boy's body before Madara shut his eyes and placed the hat back over his head… "Now go"

"What!" Zabuza yelled while standing up in the room. A massager had run into the Uzukage's meeting room and handed him a letter.

"What is it Zabuza?" Mangetsu asked only to see the man hand him the paper. He read over it only to let out a sigh… "The Mizukage is getting desperate. He's sent his entire army our way, and its being led by Yagura"

The Uzukage remained silent while listening to the men talk.

"What will we do? We should be able to push them back, but lately Yagura has been more… powerful for some reason. As if something was controlling his beast"

"You may be right about that but… what are we going to do? If we stand and fight our forces will take a great hit… we might not be able to make our move" Raiga said only to see the Uzukage stand.

"You and your men will go around there forces with a few of our sailors. We will evacuate our villagers to the western shores where they will stay until it is safe. Me and my men will stand and fight while you force your way into the heart of Kiri and rid the world of the Mizukage. This is what must be done" the said only to see all six of the swordsmen look up at the orange haired man. He looked to the door to see his Young son ready for battle and behind him his sons' lovely wife stood alongside his grand daughter Kushina.

"Daddy's going to stay with grandpa? But I want to stay to!" She said only to see both the men smile over at her… "Young Kushina… you're a strong young girl but I need to make sure our people are safe. You'll go to shore with your mother and let me and grandpa fight"

"Are you sure about this?" Zabuza asked earning a nod from the older man "me and my people at one time have stood against the Uchiha in battle… Your Mizukage knows that, and he knows our origin which frightens me a bit but… we will stand and fight none the less. You and your men must not fail, or our lives will be lost for nothing"

They younger orange haired man looked over to Kushina who was walking away with his lovely orange haired wife… they looked so much alike…

"We won't fail…" Mangetsu said while popping his neck "And Kisame-Sensei is mine"

Kushina could see the flames through the mist along with loud beast like shouts coming from the village. She let out a small cry while thinking of her father and turned to see her mother smiling and holding her arms down at her.

"It's alright child" She said softly "We are strong people… When I was younger my mother told stories of a man who's people where a rivalry in blood to us. One day she heard him say his people where a warrior clan and we where not… he was right and wrong when he said that. We are lovers my dear, not fighters… but when it comes to what we love we will fight for it no matter what the chances are" She said earning a smirk from Kushina "Like Daddy and Grandpa are?" she said only to see her smile and nod…

"They love use with all there hearts, and they love these people… and the land that is ours… they will do whatever it takes to make sure we can go back to it just as you will do one day"

Madara could hear the doors through his tower crashing open one after the other. He sat in the council room surrounded by the bodies of his council which he wasted no time in killing once he had heard the news… His plans had once again been spoiled by the damned Senju, but he wouldn't die…

"My lord" Kisame said walking from the shadows covered in blood that didn't belong to him… His blade was unwrapped which was a surprise to the Uchiha.

"Kisame… why are you still here, you should be fleeing and hiding out for awhile" He said calmly.

"I ran into Mangetsu… He wasn't as… understanding as I hoped he would be. Suigetsu won't be too pleased about it" Kisame said before walking away… "Ill waits for you to call for me… until then… farewell"

With that Kisame vanished into the shadows in time to avoid the doors crashing open. Standing in the door where the swordsmen with many of there followers at there back. Zabuza was the first to charge towards the Mizukage who didn't seem to move. He pulled one of his smaller Katana's out and sliced at the man only to see him move suddenly… But it was a foolish move. Several Blades pierced his back as he fell to his knee's the men pulled there blades back. His hate fell from his head as he looked up to Zabuza and caught his eyes…

Zabuza swung his blade down on the man killing the man in front of everyone… The room roared with the cheers of the men as Zabuza kicked his body away and signaled a group of Hunters to take his body away and destroy it. It was done… and Kiri was once again in need of a leader.

By the time the swordsmen returned to the hidden whirlpool, it was in flames… The villagers still waited at the shores but what Zabuza and the others found was shocking… The Uzukage lay bleeding in the lap of his son who sat panting with the sleeping body of Yagura at his side.

"T-the boy passed out when we battled… which I'm thankful for… but my father… and many of our shinobi are dead. I sent the survivors to get the villagers and make sure there safe. We'll be relocating after this" he said earning a nod from one of the swordsmen… "I'm sorry for your loss Uzumaki" Zabuza said earning a nod from the man…

"Very well… We will take him with use" the swordsmen said while lifting the younger boy from the ground "We are having to pull together a new council… the Mizukage killed them all… even the Clan heads are dead which shocks use all. They where not in any way pushovers…"

"What of the Mizukage's body?" The Uzukage asked

"Destroyed… I let the hunters take him… He's on his way to hell right about now" Zabuza said while turning away… "We're keeping what happened here to ourselves… the world will never no of your existence"

The Kage nodded while standing with the help of his spear "Agreed… and your people will not be seeing use for… a very long time"

When Yagura finally awoke his head was cleared of the strange control that had held him. The new council chooses him to be there next Kage and he accepts it but… despite all they had been through… It didn't end. Yagura… after building a hate for the Sharingan began to hate all bloodlines outside of his village... And thus the age of the blood purging began. The swordsmen disbanded and went there separate ways and the Uzumaki family was never known or heard of sense then. Time passed and the next Great Ninja war was started.

Zabuza met Young Haku and takes him in under his wing to use him as the ultimate Shinobi tool. After which he tries to rid the world once again of a Mizukage… but failed and vanishes from the world with Haku.

In Konoha a name raises throughout the ranks along with The Three legendary Sannin. His name was Minato Namikaze and he alone was one of the deciding factors of the ending of the war and was now the youngest Hokage in history taking the place of Sarutobi as the Yondaime Hokage… but in his world was a secret more precious then any scroll in Konoha… Her name was Kushina… and she was with Child.

(Slowing things down a bit)

The three bent with each breath taken by the crimson beast as it slowly stomped over the forest. Its eyes burned with uncontrollable rage and its mouth dripped with saliva as it looked in the distance…

'K-Konoha' The beast thought to itself before taking another step… he would be there in one day…

"Sensei…" a tall blond man said softly while knocking on the door of his master's home in Konoha. He glanced back smiling at the beautiful women at his side. Her belly was round and seemed like it would burst at any time… She smiled at him and looked to the book in his hand. "You think he'll be exited Minato-Kun?" She asked earning a wide smile from the man… a smile that made her skin tingle…

"I'm not sure… but knowing him he'll have something perverted to say about it…" Minato said before taking her hand in his and holding it tightly. "He'll most likely pick on me for being so fat" she said earning a sigh from the man as he knocked again…

"Kushina-Chan! You're not fat… You're amazing and beautiful" he said still smiling… "I only hope our boy's going to be so lucky and find someone like his dad"

"We can only hope" a voice came from the other side of the door before it slide open revealing the pure white hair and the short red marks sliding underneath his eyes.

"How long have you been there?" Minato asked earning a toothy smile from the man… "Oh long enough to know your expecting me to say a few perverted things today… I promise not to disappoint"

Kushina flashed a smile at the old man earning a raised eyebrow from him followed by a knuckle coming down on his head. Minato seemed to shrink into a ball in the distance as the women let out her raging hormones.

"Bring it old man! Do not MESS with me!" She yelled earning a constant laugh from the man as he held his hands up in his defense… "I never knew how attractive an angry-"

"Sensei" Minato broke his concentration and stopped his words while taking back Kushina's hand and sighing… "We came to tell you something… so can you try and not get yourself killed. The last thing we need is Kushina going to get Tsunade"

Jiraiya felt his blood go cold while picturing Tsunade's fists flying around…

"Well come in then kid… ill get some tea"

Minato sat at the table as Kushina stood looking out the slide open door at the beautiful garden. "Being a sage helps knowing what Nature wants… I once told Minato that using Natural Chakra was more then just getting the strength of it… but knowing it… understanding it" Jiraiya said while walking towards them with a plate of cups. Kushina smile and nodded before taking a cup and smelling the warm liquid. Her eyes closed as the aroma of the fresh air and the steam of the tea filled her thoughts…

"You always make a good brew don't you" She asked earning a nod from the man. He took a seat across from Minato and got comfortable before taking a drink…

"So kid… what's this all about? I know you didn't come here for my tea and good looks even though I was going to come see you after I rested up… I just got back after all" Jiraiya paused while thinking of the three young Shinobi he had trained before looking back up to Minato…

"So spill it" the older man said only to see Minato smile over at him and raise the book in his hand… "Tails of a gutsy Ninja…" Minato said softly before pausing earning a blank look from his teacher.

"After you sent me a copy of your book I couldn't stop reading it until it was done… and after I finished it me and Kushina both came to a conclusion." Minato paused while opening the book to the last page where a word was underlined and slide it across the table…

Jiraiya lifted it up and read what was underlined before looking back up at the man only to see Kushina standing by his side holding her belly…

"Naruto?" Jiraiya said earning a nod from Minato… "That's right… Sensei… We've decided to name him after your character. When he's born his name will be Naruto Namikaze"

Jiraiya's eyes went round with shock as they smiled over at him. "A-Are you sure? I mean… Really?" Jiraiya said in a mumble before looking back down at the book… "When I was writing this book… I had put you in the place of the main character"

Minato remained looking at his sensei as he spoke. "The troubled life you've lived through… Constantly dodging Shinobi assassins… Your attitude… Even your life"

"But that's now how I read it Sensei" Minato said catching his attention. Jiraiya looked up at his blue eyes and could see the happiness in them…

"I picture a man with the pride you have… the determination I have… and the attitude and heart of Kushina. I pictured Naruto Namikaze"

(Fire Temple)
"We've got to alarm Konoha!" a monk yelled while dodging a huge hunk of stone falling from the sky along with huge tree's and flames. In his hand was a scroll with the head monks seal wrapped around it… It would go directly to the Hokage. The Monk came to a sliding stop at the massager hawk's room and looked to see all but one had flown out through a huge hole in the wall…

The monk stumbled at first as the ground shook again followed by a bone shacking roar filling the air. He leaned against the wall before placing the scroll in the hawk's bag and lifting it from his arm… "Go! TO Konoha! Get the massage to the Hokage! They must be warned!"

And with that the hawk opened its wings and flew from the hole in the wall… The monk fell to his knee's before wincing in pain and looking to his stomach to see a shard of sharp wood sticking in it… he hadn't even noticed it… "At least… they'll know… The Kyuubi's coming"

Minato sighed while sitting in his office. Dealing with Jiraiya's was easy when it was just he and him alone but put A pregnant Kushina in the mix and it made it worse then having Tsunade, especially when she had her spear in arms reach. He quickly created a few clones and watched them do the paper work while he sat at the window and looked over the village… In the distance he noticed a bird flying pretty fast for its small size and then… he saw the bracelet on its leg and raised an eyebrow. He was accepting it to turn and head to a scouting tower but it headed towards the Mansion... He opened the window and held his arm out for the bird to land. He quickly pulled the scroll from its pack and noticed the seal on it… 'A blood seal' He thought before biting his thumb and smearing it across the seal. In a puff of smoke it opened. He sent a clone to get Jiraiya as an Anbu appeared from the shadows… "Sir is everything alright?" he asked only to see Minato reading down the scroll… He noticed blood on it and cursed silently before reaching the end and plopping down in his seat…

"This is impossible" Minato mumbled to himself while looking down at the finally few words… "How… why… what could cause such a force to…"

"Sir" the Anbu captain yelled catching his attention. He looked up to see Kakashi standing before him… "What's wrong?"

"Call back all the shinobi… everyone last on and get them to the village now and start evacuations" He yelled only to see Jiraiya and Sarutobi walk in hearing him shout…

"What's going on?" Jiraiya yelled "Your clones freaking out"

Minato opened his desk and pulled out a scroll and put it on the table "Send alerts to the surrounding smaller villages tell them to head out of the path of it" He said to Kakashi before opened the scroll and spreading blood across it and throwing it out the window… In a huge puff of smoke a large toad appeared in battle armor looking through the window. Jiraiya gawked for a moment as he listened…

"You called?" The toad asked

"I need every boss Summons to be ready if I call for them! Can you do that for me?" He asked only to see the toad nod "But for what reason"

"Minato" Jiraiya said with worry in his voice… "What's going on…?"

Minato lifted the scroll in his hand and tossed it to the older men who read over to and stopped… "It can't be"

"That's right… The Fire Temple has fallen… The Kyuubi is coming to Konoha and destroying everything in its way"

Minato stood in his home grabbing all his scrolls and Ninja tools while explaining things to Kushina… but he didn't want to bring up the Kyuubi…

"You'll go with the civilians and that's final" Minato said while looking down at Kushina who looked up at him with pain in her eyes. She remembered the last time she was told to leave with the villagers was by her father… and she didn't want to feel like that again… especially when she's due at any second to start her birthing process.

"Minato Namikaze!" Kushina screamed interrupting him and gripping his shirt puller his face close to his. "I'm stressed! I'm having a hot flash! And I'm pregnant! If you think I'm having our child in the woods your out of you damn mind do you understand me!"

Usually this would work on the sarcastic and easy going man… but he stared down at her with a stone expression… "You're going and that's final. The village isn't safe and I won't have you both put in danger"

"What could be so dangerous that Konoha and the strongest Hokage in history are so scared of!?" She yelled only to see the man grip her cheeks in his hands and look deep into her eyes. There usual shine was clouded with his tactical mind trying to work out a plan…

"Baby" he said softly as he expression went blank. He never said that unless it was serious but… 'What could it be' she mumbled while feeling a small rush of fear in her gut…

"I just want to know you and Naruto will be safe… Tsunade's even going to be with the civilians incase anything happens… She'll be able to deliver him if it happens" He said before giving a faint smile and kissing her soft lips.

She broke the kiss while feeling the fearsome spike of pain in her gut and looked down only to feel water running down her leg… Minato felt hands tighten around his arms and looked down only to share the same expression…

"You've got to be kidding me" he mumbled while helping hold Kushina up… "He's coming…" She said with a soft smile… "Minato its time"

"No its not we've got to get you out of the village!" he yelled before pulling her into his arms like a bride and ran out the door…

"What do you mean? Take me to a hospital!" She yelled only to see the same stone look on his face… "Kushina! The Village won't be here after nightfall! The Kyuubi is on a rampage and is heading straight for use! It already hit the fire temple and destroyed it this morning!"

Jiraiya stood ready in the office only to see the door kick open revealing Minato holding Kushina in his arms as she let out a shout of main. She was gripping his shirt tightly and her jaw was flexed as her shouts seethed through her clenched teeth.

"What's going on?" Jiraiya yelled only to see Minato's eyes with a scattered gaze in them… 'He doesn't know what to do' Jiraiya said while pulling a chair out "Put her down… Is she going into labor!?" Jiraiya asked only to see him nod while putting her down.

Jiraiya stayed calm while taking her hand and gripping it tightly "Take deep breaths Kushina…" He said as she nodded her head and fought back tears.

"Anbu" Jiraiya said as a man appeared from the shadows.

"Yes Jiraiya-Sama"

"Get Tsunade here this second and tell Shizune to have a hospital room ready for a delivery" he ordered followed by the man nodding and vanishing from the room.

Minato's eyes fluttered as he looked at Jiraiya but was answer with another glare from Jiraiya before he looked down to her "It would be foolish to deliver the baby in the wild… Hopefully she has it before the Kyuubi arrives… We have the Uchiha preparing along with the Anbu. Our Genin teams being placed in teams of 6 commanded by 1 Jounin" Jiraiya said as Minato passed back and forth still trying to think of a solution.

"There is no other way… I can see it in your eyes kiddo but you've got to calm down. This is just like when Obito died… there's no going back now"

"But… I don't know what to do Sensei… I'm not scared for myself I'm scared for my family! I won't let them die!"

"And neither will I! This is exactly why you must calm yourself!" Jiraiya yelled finally catching the man off guard followed by him kneeling down next to Kushina and looking into her eyes. They where filled with tears and fear…

"Everything's going to be alright" He said while smiling at her…

"But… what if"

"No" Minato said calmly "You and Our son will be fine I promise… and you know how I am with promises" He said earning a smile from the women as she nodded. "I trust you… but please… be careful"

At that time the door flew open revealing Tsunade and Sarutobi…

"Get her to the hospital now"

Sarutobi sat in the hall with Jiraiya who seemed to thinking of something that wasn't to pleasant…

"What's on your mind…" he asked only to feel the building shaking a bit… But Jiraiya didn't even move…

"I think" Jiraiya paused while it shook again, only this time the screams of a new born filled the halls… "I know what Minato's was considering when he was having scattered thoughts Sensei"

Sarutobi stood in his battle armor before looking down at Jiraiya… "As do I… but we won't let that happen… if it comes to that it should be you or I who does it"

Jiraiya remembered the look in his eyes and stood seeing him step from the room holding a crying blond baby covered in a cloth… His face was lit with tears and a smile as he looked down at the child… Jiraiya's expression grew softer and softer as he looked at the child… 'Naruto' he said to himself…

"He looks just like me" Minato said laughing a bit "Its my boy"

"That it is my kiddo… That it is…" Jiraiya said placing a hand on his arm… "Let Kushina take care of him now… we have to deal with the Kyuubi"

Jiraiya put his arm around Minato and walked him slowly into the room where Kushina sat smiling at the group…

"He's beautiful" She said while looking to Minato who was crying… "He's your son… our baby boy… Naruto"

Sarutobi turned his back on them and walked into the hall, tears flowing from his eyes… He had a bad feeling about this all…

"Watch over him… Ill be back when its all over. Tsunade you should take them up to the civilian shelter. The Kyuubi got here sooner then we expected and I'm sure the Anbu are already having trouble with him, they'll fall back to the Uchiha soon"

She nodded before looking up at Jiraiya who nodded at her "be careful will you? You know how I hate blood…"

"I know" Jiraiya said while smiling "Just take care of them…"

She nodded while Jiraiya walked from the room. Minato leaned down and kissed Naruto's head as he cried out and then Kushina's lips… "I love you…" he said softly

"I love you to… please be careful…"

Jiraiya stood along side his sensei and student on the wall of Konoha lined with Uchiha as they quickly made several hand signs… the Kyuubi slowly made his way towards them.

"Lets do this boys" Sarutobi yelled while biting his thumb along with Minato and Jiraiya… "Summoning Jutsu!" They yelled followed by smoke covering the village. As it cleared it showed three great toads dressed for battle except for the toad Minato stood on.

"Where's your armor at Gama!" He yelled only to here the toad grunt… "I don't need it kid… In a fight with the Kyuubi… if we take a hit we might as well be done for even with the armor. This way ill be faster"

"Oh great… you guys actually listen to this nut!" he yelled to the other toads who simply shrugged and drew there blades.

"Thank you for the Toad Jiraiya" Sarutobi yelled while standing atop the summoned beast. At his side was a large monkey dressed in battle armor…

"No problem Sensei… Make sure you obey his ever command understood?" The toad sage asked earning a nod from the toad.

Minato looked back at the Uchiha who seemed to be done with there hand signs…

"Uchiha ready! On my mark release Konton Jutsu's… Toads ready oil! Sarutobi-Sama mind giving use a little dragons breath with it?"

"No problem! Ill even have our friend here help you add a little wind to the mixture" he said while nodding his head towards his beast summons who simple smirked…

The Kyuubi glared at them while growling only to see the Toads mouths grow full of something… "NOW!" Minato screamed as the bosses hit there guts sending oil flying through the air towards the Kyuubi… Sarutobi made several hand signs before slamming his hands together. The ground in front of them began to rise like a second wall. He then through several more blinding Hand signs together before making several more… he took a deep breath while closing his eyes… and then opened them while releasing his breath… The night seemed to light as his flames touched the oil.

"Wind!" Minato yelled while holding his hands out… With a loud shout a gust shot from his hands wrapping around the flames… "UCHIHA NOW!"

Several screamed filled the air… "Konton" it screamed "Fire Ball Jutsu!"

The flames shot out like missions towards the crimson beast followed by liquid fire falling onto the beast like a tidal wave. Smoke filled the air as the Kyuubi allowed the flames to hit him… The heat filling the air was enough to blackout the image of what happened to the fox… All they could do was wait…

'The Kyuubi is a fire creature…' Minato said in his mind 'Damn, damn, damn! Its got to work…'

The steam began to clear only to reveal the Kyuubi's massive tails lashing out at the flames almost putting them out completely leaving only to burning oil.

"Damnit…" Jiraiya cursed only to see Minato fall into a sitting possession on Gama's head…

"What is it boy!" Sarutobi yelled only to see that he was actually smile… He Looked up to Jiraiya with a different look in his eyes… a clear look… like he knew what had to be done truly…

"Sensei… Naruto is the only way" he said getting a shocked look from both Sarutobi and Jiraiya "Ill seal his Ying inside of Naruto but Sensei ill need your help with the second Part… I need a toad key" Minato paused "We'll seal his Yang in it…"

"No! It will kill you! Let one of use do it!" Sarutobi yelled only to see Minato shacking his head.

"No… I'm the only one who can get close enough to him. Even in your Sage mode Sensei Kyuubi would crush you and Sarutobi-Sama… lets face it you've gotten old" Minato said shinning a small sad smile.

"Then seal it inside of one of use! Not your newborn!" Jiraiya yelled only to see him shake his head…

"You know I can't do that Sensei… His yang will need to adapt to a Chakra network… Naruto's hasn't yet developed so it will bend to the Kyuubi's making a perfect container for it. He will be a hero…" Minato said softly while looking down to Gama… "Please old friend… old him off until I return"

"You've got it kiddo… but you better hurry… we can't hold out for long" Gama said as Minato Jiraiya and Sarutobi jumped from there heads…

"Sarutobi there's a cave to the east… get it set with all the right seals that's where we will place Naruto" Minato said followed by the old man nodding… "And make sure they make him a Hero… Make sure everyone knows what has happened today… My boy isn't a monster he's the monsters jailer. Without him we would be dead"

Sarutobi nodded again before vanishing leaving his summon among the toads to help fight.

"Your sure about this?" Jiraiya asked while looking to the Uchiha who had drawn there Katana's…

"It's the only way… Now…" Minato paused "Uchiha! Hold him until I return! Try to push him to the east side of the village! That is where I will be ready to take him down! Understood!"

"Yes Sir!" they screamed while jumping into the tree's with a loud battle cry.

And history tells itself… Minato takes his child after saying his goodbyes to his lovely wife and uses his Hiraishin no Jutsu to get close to the Kyuubi and seal his soul away inside of Naruto… But as the beast fell he crashed onto the cave holding Naruto before his body vanished and crushed it with its huge mass.

For three days they looks through the rubble for a body of the boy…and on the third say Kushina had given up… after seeing her love give his life, and now… losing her child fled Konoha returning from which she came without telling anyone…

The next day came to pass and Jiraiya still sat among the rubble exhausted but refusing the stop the search… The sun had just peaked over the horizon and… finally… he noticed a crimson glow bellow his feet. In a panic he dug through it prey to Kami the have mercy on the child…

And Kami heard him…

Jiraiya lifted the boy into his arms. He had a hard Crimson Charka shell around his body and a seal on his gut that burned with Chakra. The Baby was sleeping soundly in the orb as Jiraiya held it… "You're alive…. Naruto" he said followed by the orb cracking and vanishing in his hands… "Naruto…" He said again a tear falling from his eyes…

"Minato… damnit kid…" he said while crying and hold the child "Know what do I do"

"We raise him" a voice came from behind to show Sarutobi standing over the crying man… "Naruto Uzumaki will be his name… and he will be the hero of Konoha"

Or so they thought


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