Bigpac09 here

Well Naruto has ended (manga) and as a NaruSaku fan i was alittle bummed up but all together i liked the ending. The kids are cute and Sakura's kid has a thing for Narutos kid. Awesome. But thats beside the point. I posted a Authors Note long ago that i would be picking this back up. I dont even remember what was happening in my life at that time but it never happened.

In fact i will be going back and re-reading my own work to get an idea on where the hell i was going with the plot and story before i start posting chapters again.


I work Sun up to sun down Monday through fridays so expect a chapter every sunday. Give me a week or so to re-read everything and yea... Thats about it guys. I apologize for all those readers who enjoy this story. Its coming back this time.

Later guys (and gals?)