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"Your majesty court is beginning," her maid chirped.

Myra moved away from the balcony and back into the spacious room, her eyes heavy with sleep and tears.

"My lady," she cried, "what is the matter. What happened?"

Myra didn't answer for a moment, just walked like a ghost to sit in the chair by her vanity. The maid moved to her and comfortingly started to brush out her dark tresses.

"He didn't come to bed last night Nelly," she finally spoke, "He always comes, even if it is just to check on me." Her eyes were distant now, even as the girl pulled her hair into a bun.

"The king has been terribly busy lately, my lady," Nelly tried to soothe her. "Perhaps he fell asleep at his desk."

Myra shook her head, "he hasn't slept in our bed for a week now. He has a mistress." She said this with some finality, as if trying to convince herself.

"Lady," Nelly shrieked, "His Highness would never do that to you. I have seen the way he looks at you and I can say that no woman in court could ever break his gaze."

"Maybe when we were younger," she said staring into the mirror that held her flawless, youthful face. Yet all she could see was a hag of a woman.

"Were hardly children anymore. There are hundreds of younger women flocking about for his attention."

Nelly stared into the mirror directly into the intense green eyes of her mistress. "My lady please do not do this to yourself. Your love for one another has endured years apart and a war, no floozy of a woman is going to come around and destroy that.

Myra stood up and moved to the door her expression unconvinced.

When she entered the throne room the court fell into a hush. Each head bowed reverently down as she walked past. As she came to the throne she bowed but as she lifted her head, she refused to meet her husband's icy gaze.

Taking her seat beside him, she was sure to keep her eyes forward. Myra was so intent on ignoring him that she didn't even notice the woman that came to kneel before them until she spoke.

"Your Majesties I have come to speak to you about a very delicate matter," she said eyes fixated on the Demon King. Myra felt a rise of jealousy in her throat, but she could hardly blame the woman for being so infatuated. Shinou was practically a god among men with his captivating cobalt eyes and strong, sharp features.

"And what is it you wish to speak about," he asked in his light voice.

"I have come before you your majesty to bring you your son."

The hall broke out into gasps of whispers. Myra felt her heart stop.

So she had been right.

In an instant Shinou was on his feet his body tense with anger. "How dare you suggest such a thing, woman. I have never seen you in my life much less had a son by you."

"Please milord you can forget me but certainly not him, not your own flesh and blood." The woman's voice was shaky now and from behind she pulled a boy no older than five from behind her skirt.

Myra couldn't help but let out a whimper of pain as she saw the boy. His hair was blonde and golden despite the dirt that covered it and his eyes were colored a sky blue. How many times had she run her hands through that same hair. How many times had those same eyes stared at her with such intensity.

Had the court been shocked by the news of a son they were ablaze by the sight of him.

Myra felt dizzy and without thinking she stood up. His ears flickered at the sound and he turned to look at her. This time she held his stare for a moment, desperate for him to see the pain she felt.

"Myra I would never…" he whispered to her.

But she did not wait for him to finish, she may now be a disgraced wife but she could never forget that she was a proud queen. With natural-born elegance she stepped down proudly from the throne, without looking at the woman or child. She kept her eyes on the entrance door, terrified that if she moved her eyes the tears that she held would spill over.

"Why did you leave," he asked his voiced strained with hurt.

Myra did not look up from the bed, keeping her back turned to him.

"Myra I would never hurt you like that." The blonde fell onto his side of the bed, forcing her to look at him.

Finally, she spoke. "Please just stop denying it. I saw the child; the whole court saw the child, Shinou. He looks exactly like you."

His blue eyes flared. "There are thousands of blue-eyed blonde men in the world, Myra. Just because the boy is, does not make him mine."

"Really," she laughed miserably, "that woman seemed awfully sure of it. I don't blame you either, she was beautiful, what man could resist."

"That's enough, Myra," he snapped angrily, "I don't have to explain myself here."

"No of course not Great Demon King. It would be beneath you to try and explain such an affair to your lowly wife."

The man lifted himself from the bed and stormed to the door, pausing only for a moment before leaving, his cloak snapping angrily behind him.

Myra stared at the doorframe for what seemed like years. He had never left like that before.

For as long as she could remember, she was always been desperate to have a child. When her lover had become King the desire of wanting one had turned into the desperation of needing one.

Months passed and still there was no child.

She had lay in bed for weeks too grief stricken to move.

One day the king could no longer stand to see her like this. That night Shinou had woken her from a half-sleep and without warning and took her into his arms like a small child.

"Shinou," she whispered, "where are we going?"

"I have something to show you," he said. He looked down at her such love and warmth that she didn't questioned him further. She enjoyed being in his strong arms and huddled closer into his hard body to escape the castle's chill.

He smelled so good with traces of the woods he loved to ride in and the mix of potions he was constantly stirring with his mage.

Shinou always had a smell that was distinctively his own. Even as children she remembered closing her eyes to take in his grassy scent.

"Look at that moon, Myra," he said his head turned up in wonderment.

Her eyes opened and as her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she realized he had taken her out onto the balcony. Without thinking she slid her arms around his neck for comfort, lifting her eyes to where he was staring.

The moon stared back at her with a white brilliance. It was full and beautiful that night, bathing the world in its cool glow.

"It's beautiful," she gasped. The moon looked as if it shone only a few feet from the balcony.

"Myra," he said.

"Yes," she looked up at him, with a smile for the first time in weeks.

"It doesn't matter to me. Having children I mean. Moments like these, with you, are more precious to me than a baby could ever be."

"Don't say that Shinou," she sighed staring back up at the moon, "you are a great king and all kings need a son to carry on their legacy."

It was then that she felt his calloused hand beneath her chin. Gently, he tilted her head upward to him.

"Son or no son I will always have you, Myra."

"Not if the Noble Families have their way. What is the point of me being queen if I cannot produce an heir?"

That night Shinou had held her closely, whispering sweet nothings into her ear. She had fallen asleep to his quiet breathing, her mind at ease for the first time.

The next day she had woken to an empty bed. As she had dressed that day Nelly had informed her of the meeting the king had with the heads of the high families. Myra felt her heart sore as she was told how the king gave them a sound lashing for their threats to her and she couldn't contain her laughter as she was told of the lords running home with their tails between their legs.

Myra never doubted her husband's love for her, but how could she have been so stupid as to believe that he didn't care about an heir.

Finally, Nelly could take no more of her lady's moping and forced her out her bedchambers. Myra couldn't bear to face the court or her husband today. Instead she found herself walking through the garden, her mind whirling in a pool of thoughts.

"What's the matter lady," came a high voice from behind her. Myra turned to see the blonde boy who had stood before her in court only yesterday.

"What makes you thing something is the matter?" She asked a little too sharply.

The innocent smile of the boy faltered a moment, pulling on her heart. It wasn't the boy's fault for causing her so much pain. He was nothing more than a helpless child, caught up in the schemes of adults.

"What are you doing out here in the gardens?" She asked quickly in what she hoped was a kinder tone.

"Mother isn't feeling very well, so she sent me out here to play. She hasn't been feeling well a lot lately," he said, scuffing his shoes on the cobblestone.

"Would you care to walk with me—?" She looked down at him for a name.


"That's an interesting name," she smiled starting to walk down the path.

"I know, other kids say that all the time," he said beginning to walk beside her.

"Oh. Do they pick on you," she asked worriedly. She couldn't understand why this bothered her so much but it did. The very idea of the angelic boy getting picked on made her feel sick.

"Yeah. But they don't mess with me anymore," he said proudly puffing out his chest, "Too tough."

"Is that so," she smirked. Without realizing it the boy was growing on her. She had always wanted a son; he looked so much like Shinou that it was difficult not to imagine that he was hers.

"I saw you yesterday, you know, next to the king. You didn't look very happy."

"Well your arrival came as a bit of a surprise to me, Seely," she said gently.

"Oh," he nodded accepting this, "So what's your name."


"That's a pretty name. Bet no one teases you about that."

Myra tried not to laugh at the thought of someone teasing her. Some of the subjects could barely sum up the courage to speak to her much less mock her.

"Would you like to play a game with me Miss. Myra," he asked hopefully.

"What kind of game?"

"It's called—"

"There you are milady, the King has been asking for you," Nelly shouted from the other side of the bushes.

She almost laughed at his audacity to call for her after walking out the way he did last night.

"How come the King wants you," Seely asked a little annoyed at having his playmate taken away.

"I'm not sure," she said thoughtful, and then an idea hit her, "would you like to come with me?"

"Yeah," chirped the boy excitedly.

She could only imagine the look on her husband's face as she walked in with his love-child.

The king was waiting for them in his study. Myra had walked this hallway many times, but for Seely it was a whole new experience. His head swiveled as he looked over the hundreds of tapestries and paintings hanging from the stone walls.

"Wow," he whispered. Myra knew that it was wrong but somehow she couldn't help but like the boy.

"Is this the king's study," he asked wide eyed.

She nodded.

He then asked confused, "how come you were sitting with him yesterday? Are you guys married?"

"Yes," she replied watching as his blue eyes grew even wider. Turning the brass handle she opened the door and beckoned for Seely to step in first.

The king didn't look up at first, his cobalt eyes were fixed on the paper he had in his desk. Myra's frowned as she noticed his forehead was wrinkled in almost pain. As she looked closer she noticed he was gripping his arm tightly, his hand flexing ever so often.

"My lord," she said coolly, drawing his attention to her. In an instant Shinou placed both hands atop his desk, trying to hide a grimace while doing so.

"Myra I want to talk about last—Hello." His intense eyes slimmed in confusion as he noticed the boy hiding shyly behind her flowing skirt.

"Myra what is this," he asked annoyed. Seely slinked further behind her, hoping the mountain of material would make him invisible.

"Seely was walking with me before you so kindly interrupted us, milord. His mother wasn't feeling very well today so I took it upon myself to look after him."

"Is that so," he said eyes narrowing. He wanted the child as far away from his wife as humanly possible.

"Is there something that you want?" She asked in a disinterested tone.

"I would prefer it if I could speak to you alone," Shinou stared pointedly at the child.

"Shinou if you want to talk about last night you mine as well forget it," she said quickly.

"Myra, please, I need to know that you believe me when I say that boy is not mine." His voice rose with each syllable.

"Not your what?" The boy asked curiously, all thoughts of shyness forgotten.

Shinou stared at the boy a moment, his mouth set in a strict line. "My son. You're not my son."

"I know that," Seely giggled as if what he said was the most absurd thing he had ever heard of.

"What do you mean, Seely?" Myra asked lowering herself to his eyelevel. She felt her husband eagerly couch behind her, his usual light breathing, uneven.

"My daddy got very sick last year," he looked at them sullenly, "then one day he wouldn't wake up. I don't really remember him but Mommy always said I looked just like him."

Myra felt as if a fist had just released her heart and massaged it into beating again. Slowly, she turned to look at Shinou, her eyes shining with happiness. But as she looked at him, she noticed him frowning.

"Shinou," she questioned, "what's wrong."

"This doesn't bother you."


"I just nearly had you ripped from me, by a complete stranger. She played the court for fools and nearly destroyed us, Myra," he growled standing to his full height.

"Shinou don't—"But it was too late in a fury he left the room, an aura circling around him. She did not follow or try to stop him. She knew where he was going.

Myra stood out on the balcony for a long time that day. Her mind was far away and she never noticed when her legs turned numb and night fell upon her. She didn't move from that spot until she heard a familiar set of footsteps.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, her eyes fixed on the endless gape of stars, "I should have trusted you."

He did not say anything and as she felt familiar hands wrap themselves around her waist she smiled.

"It nearly killed me to see you stare at me like that. Like I was some sort of monster," he said his voice weighed down with thick emotion. "Never do that to me again, Myra. Just remember that sometimes you're the only thing that makes me wake in the morning and you're the only one I have any incentive to protect. If I lost you…"

Myra turned around and looked up at him, her heartbreaking smile silencing the powerful Demon King.

"Shinou, I'm so sorry. Ever since we met as children I have loved you and yet I could never understand your reasons for loving me. What am I to you? Then I began noticing other woman and the way they looked at you. What was there that was keeping you with me?"

Shinou tightened his hold on her pulling her closer. He moved his mouth till only inches from her ear and whispered, "There will never be anyone but you, Myra."

He then moved his mouth down kissing her face gently down all the way until he reached her mouth. The kiss set a fire in her body and warmed the icy jealousy she had been holding onto. When finally they broke apart, Myra leaned forward and placed her head on his muscled chest.

"Thank you."

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