A Pirates of the Caribbean General/Friendship Fanfic

They were in love, once. It didn't last. What's special about the relationship between Jack and Anamaria.

Rated K because I hid all the references to anything.

Disclaimer: Ana and Jack belong to Zoe Saldana and Johnny Depp respectively, and the cast of writers who brought us this fandom.

A/N: I thought of the first line of this the other morning. It expanded into the whole story, from both sides, through writing, and the last line came out of the undertone I originally wanted for the whole thing. Also a response, in a way, to authors' obsession with this pairing.

(225 words)

He loved her, once.

They were young, and ruled by passions. They were carefree and neither had the face to break a mirror. He liked that, of course, but he didn't love her for it. He loved her for her sense of adventure, and her love of freedom. He didn't love her more than the open sea, and certainly not more than his beloved ship. He grew to love her nearly as much, but his timing was all off. He started too late and ended too early, but somewhere along the way he made a connection that lasted forever.

* * *

She loved him, once.

She loved him much too hard and much too blindly, and fell too far, eventually. She knew the connection they had was special, but she'd counted on it achieving the impossible. So when it failed, she turned to the one thing that had driven them apart finally, in hopes of some twisted comfort. In the end, it was from his mistress the Sea that she finally learned to live with the pain of loss.

* * *

They were in love, once.

It was a happy relationship, if full of deceit, lies, and a general lack of communication. But there was a deep-rooted understanding which lasted long after the relationship had died.


She never did forgive him for stealing – 'borrowing without permission' – her ship, though.